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  1. - rant on - Are we going for reality, or are we trying to tell a story? Mumbling in film, as in life, makes it hard to hear words. Mumblecore is utterly and indefensibly ridiculous. A genre driven by dialog that you can't hear. I hate actors who mumble and think it's all dramatic. Yes, I hate them. I don't care how nice they are, if they mumble and I have to record them, I hate them. When I watch something and the actors mumble, I hate them too. If Mumbling were a country I'd want to invade it and erase its entire cultural history. Mumbling is only appropriate if the speaker is insecure about it, or wants you to not hear then. - rant off - Dan Izen
  2. I found that hilarious too. But damn. Ghost cities!
  3. John B... my hero!
  4. Mirror has actually provided some help too. In the production world, there are people you will encounter who's egos are so swollen they truly believe the world revolves around them. They have a sense of entitlement that is laughable. Production not only attracts these types, it often rewards them. Mirror does a really great job representing this type of douche, and is a fantastic resource for building up thick skin. If you don't have a thick skin you'll just be miserable. I should know, because I have very thin skin! In fact my friend, after all the technical and networking crap you do to become a Professional Sound Person, this will be your biggest challenge: dealing with crazy douches who control your cash flow. At least that's been true for me and every other soundie I know personally. And, amazingly, this is the ONLY area where being a soundie can actually help your Real Life Skills! In other words, if you can learn to negotiate with irrational people in production, you will have a better life outside in the real world. Dan Izen
  5. Yes thanks I have that and it works, but it needs another adaptor to work with USBC connector, and also I don't wanna have to keep unplugging stuff. That OWC thing would literally be everything I could possibly use, including ethernet! I should get one.
  6. Apparently also called "Thunderbolt 3" connectors. Has anyone used these with Thunderbolt 2 HDs? Should I wait for G Tech to make USB-C HDs or take the plunge on the Thunderbolt 2 drives? Seems dumb to have to use an adaptor for brand new stuff. Thanks! Dan Izen EDIT: Nevermind no one has Thunderbolt 3 and it might be a while... USB 3 seems like the fastest for now...
  7. Hey Mista Alan - how'd it go? Got an update for us?
  8. This thing is supercool, except that it doesn't have FW800... Damn! Gotta try that OWC thingee.
  9. Yeah I posted uninformed (as usual!). I read an article that talked about how the real benefit to thunderbolt 3 is the ability to have lots of stuff going through one adaptor, since no hard drives are that fast. So, instead of one 40mb/ hard drive (that does not currently exist), you can run multiple usb3 drives at 10mb/s as well as plenty of other crap. So I'm just gonna spring for a usb3 HD, whenever I find the time to research that crap. Dan Izen
  10. Hello esteemed fellow sound peeps, I have a question about tradition. That question is: Who's supposed to ring the bell? Just like how it's supposed to be the key PA who quiets the set, yet nowadays it's us who have to work with locations - is this another thing production is supposed to deal with? The mentality is that I show up to record sound, and nowhere in my job description is quieting the set, so it would seem ringing the bell would be a courtesy, a favor, and not actually part of the job. I feel like I asked this same question years ago so if that's true, apologies! Dan Izen
  11. Ah! Thank you Mista Sharman, and also Mista Davies! (Here in NOLA "Mista" + first name is the proper term of respect!) We are in complete agreement about quieting the set not being our department, but now there's that grey area of the bell & lights. Their sole purpose is for production, but I guess sound dept. inherited the duty? Similar to props and the chairs? Oh well, I guess I'll run it then...
  12. Okay, so "traditionally" it is supposed to be us? Darn.
  13. Sorry but being aloof has negative connotations, it's what people who "stand on the sidelines" do, or that girl that won't talk to you does. I think you may just mean "calm and professional." And BOY has it taken a long time for me to learn that shit! But it's so much better. Poster above is so dead on when he says if he lost his cool, he's already failed. Of course sometimes you do have to freak out, but hopefully not more than once per show ha ha! (For the record I've been on this NCIS gig for 1.7 seasons and I have not freaked out yet. Maybe I've matured!? Nah...)
  14. Johnny is a gentleman with a kind heart, and I can't see him disregarding your gear. I only worked with him once for about five weeks on a non-jackass movie. I cannot speak for his pals tho!
  15. This looks awesome!!
  16. Philip you gotta use the quote function, I want to see the offending post! If someone spoke to me that way I might laugh at first (even though that would not be the best response), and then tire of it very quickly. I'd do what I do now with difficult talent - hand it off to the producers. I'd tell them to mic him themselves, and complain to HR about a hostile work environment. I agree with John B. btw.
  17. I guess I've been asleep, this looks badass! You don't need a computer and you get the touch screen. Sounds brilliant, can't wait for more info! Like the price... Dan Izen
  18. Great thread! My show uses at least four Teradeck transmitters and even with PW helicals they mess with the sound txs. Moving the antennas to a better line of sight helps a lot, but changing freqs does not. I'm on Lectro blocks 22 - 26 and 24 seems to be the worst one. Luckily the Comteks @ 216 are fine. I'm not fancy and don't use an rf scanner so I don't know what freq spray there is. The worst is when the cranes come out and they're on their coms. Those coms are death! Dan Izen
  19. Thanks for the tip but I'm loving the six SB3s I've got! I hope they will be available for a while...
  20. If you want 100% waterproof tx + wire, go the route that reality shows do - liquid electrical tape. It's like a plastic paint that you paint on and shortly thereafter it hardens, making a water tight rig. Paint around all connectors and seams, really you can just paint the whole thing. When you need to change batts you have to cut and peel it off. I have not used this stuff, but my boom op was just telling how he was on a reality show where the talent kept jumping in the water. Apparently it worked like a charm... Wire must be a B6. What I could really use, is something to keep sweat off the element. Mid-take and the voice gets more and more bass, the highs disappear and eventually the voice is muffled or if it's a B6, all sound ceases. Last night our actor kept dripping sweat onto the element of a COS-11, so my third went and put a little paper towel buffer between the mic head and the body and it worked. But not a sexy rig!
  21. I plugged in the SB3 like usual, and no incoming tc was detected. The green numbers were still. I swapped SB3s and tc cables with the same result. I did a factory reset too. Then I swapped Devas and the second deck did not receive anything. The most likely suspect of course is the cables, but the second cable I tried was brand new. I have never, ever plugged in a sync box and not had the tc show up. Help! Dan Izen
  22. Deck #1 should reach its home tomorrow, and I asked if instead of repairing the lemo, they can just move the i/o to the BNCs. I'd love to not have to suss that out myself ha! UPDATE: Deck #1 is fixed and modified as dreamt of! Should be back in my arms Monday or Tue. They made it happen, after Glenn's attention Howy graciously took time out of his busy schedule to pull it off. Hat's off to you. This whole thing with both going down at the same time made me realize just how much I adore and rely upon these Devas! Seriously, I'm running these into the ground. They're going home as many times as they need to because I love them so much. Thankfully it's not very often at all, and there are backups for when they do. Even for this episode, there was a Deva 16 available to stuff in the bag. It would have been crowded with the addition of that fatass output cable, but would have worked great. Anyhoo, thanks fer watching and I'll see you all on the next emotional roller coaster! Dan "Say No To Lemo" Izen
  23. Johnpaul you da man!!! I'm going to even do one up and use BOTH BNCs for an in and out! I do not need the WC OUT for the bag rig. I'm excited to have tc in and out via ole' reliable BNCs...
  24. Being a mini lemo connector hater, I hate this box. What is wrong with the 1/8" in and BNC out? Throw in the lemo if you must, but forcing that connector on us just sucks. Otherwise it looks great. This has nothing to do with my recent lemo connector problems with Devas. Dan Izen
  25. Right! And there I am staring at the unused full sized BNCs for the word clock and wishing they were tc. I have always, always hated the mini lemos connectors. Deck #1 is sent off, as soon as it comes back deck #2 will follow.