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  1. joinwooHK

    Lav on Fireman suit?

    I got a Drama shooting job involve some fireman scenes ,full suit ,with hamlet talking and going in Rescue . I would like to ask any advice on lav on fireman suit, I guess best way is in the Hamlet pointing down ? seems the fireman suit seems thick and noisy . Thanks Guys.
  2. joinwooHK

    Gear rental China

    Oh really , i am local people. Pretty much sound man have professional standard gear ,and in fact many are using wireless boom even 1 man band .
  3. u seem picking only the noise floo and sensitive , but how abt the sound quality o chaacteistics of the mic u seems igrone
  4. joinwooHK

    Zaxcom Nomad new version

    same thing here. But should i glad that before the rec button totally fail , the lcd display just broken after a freeze on the machine ,which is just sit tight in a bag on cart. After the reboot, white screen all the time. I send back to Zaxcom for repair
  5. joinwooHK

    Remote Audio MEON Hi-Q batteries

    i really like to know why this batteries are exactly the same with audio root one , even outfit
  6. joinwooHK

    RF Blocks in Hong Kong

    feel free to contact me if u need help in Hong Kong
  7. joinwooHK

    RF Blocks in Hong Kong

    Block 21 work pretty work, You could be fine .But just in case u may need some real good antenna , as HK is Busy RF in most Region
  8. joinwooHK

    NAB rumor, speculation, and dreams thread

    for the mini pip , does it drive by AA battery?
  9. joinwooHK

    Zaxcom TRX 742 and AKG Blue Line SE 300

    yes , when i touching some place of the cable rf will reduce lot, but when i touching the female connector it is much much larger rf noise but rf still exist when it leave out of my hand
  10. joinwooHK

    Zaxcom TRX 742 and AKG Blue Line SE 300

    but it is fine when i directly plug the mic into thr trx . my dpa 4017b work fine in same cable and set up
  11. joinwooHK

    Zaxcom TRX 742 and AKG Blue Line SE 300

    all my connector are Neutrik gold or sliver , but not EMC one And i try pulling out the mic from shock mount , it is the same . And in fact do any kind of cable can eliminate RF? i try out the Ambient QAT , DPA cable(4017BR Set), Star Quad Cable , think Sommer Cable ....... I am going to buy some EMC to try out if i saw that in shop
  12. joinwooHK

    NAB rumor, speculation, and dreams thread

    I hope there is small lithium battery can be added to TRX , as back up power , just hold for few minute until we can have the battery swap in some critical situation .
  13. Hey guys, I recently bought a AKG Line SE 300 to swap my boom mic (originally 4017 work like charm) ,but i experience a crazy RF pollution while i plug the SE 300 (even without the capsule mod) into short cable (no matter it is soldered to shield of the connector or not , i try both ) into the TRX 742 , it got very noticeable RF noise no matter i switch to Any Transmitting mode on The 742. However , it is fine if directly plug the Se300 to the 742 and go though a coiled cable boom , The RF noise gone. However i do put the transmitter at the top of boom while i do Drama shooting. Anyone can advice how to eliminate the problem ? Thanks Guys
  14. joinwooHK

    Sound Devices 664 Battery and adaptor help

    audio root if u located in Europe .Nice System
  15. joinwooHK

    Help identify this lavalier?

    It look like Sennheiser without caps