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  1. DPA Slim or 4060/61?

    Hey Ryan, its not the 4060 that overloads. I think myself, Nevo and Constantin use Lectro smv and with that transmitter the 4060 is quite hot. With very loud shouting actors it's the transmitter that clips, not the mic, the 4061 being 10db less gives you more headroom to play with. I can't speak for other wireless systems. If you let us know what wireless system you're planning to use them with then we can advise.
  2. NEW: Ambient | NanoLockit

    Thank you. Not quite a tentacle but I guess there's a lot more inside the box. Hope it has some interesting projects coming up!
  3. DPA Slim or 4060/61?

    I also use smv and I have mainly 4060 but I have started to replace them with 4061 as the 4060 are a bit too hot with very loud actors so I'd recommend the 4061 if you're using Lectro.
  4. NEW: Ambient | NanoLockit

    The next question will be how big is your hand! A picture would be very helpful if possible thanks.
  5. NEW: Ambient | NanoLockit

    Nice! Looking forward to getting some. Haven't seen them in the flesh yet so I'm curious to their size, are they bigger or smaller than you thought?
  6. DPA Slim or 4060/61?

    Yep I'd agree with Constantin, Slim is a useful tool but if I were you I'd start with a 4060/4061.
  7. Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    Sounds good on my phone :-).
  8. NEW: Ambient | NanoLockit

    Hey Klaus, Like Edward I'm wondering how the nanos work with the tiny Lockit. Can I have a tiny Lockit attached to my recorder and wirelessly transmit to 2 nanos on 2 cameras. Will they constantly receive updated Timecode from the tiny Lockit? If so, I'm in :-) Thanks.
  9. Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    Thanks Chris I just saw that. A lot to like about these little machines at the price point I think...
  10. Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    Can it decode and record M/S stereo? Sorry I don't see it anywhere. Looks like a very handy machine!!
  11. Who's moved from a 788 to a 688?

    Hey Whit, thanks for that reply. I've gone ahead and ordered a 688 and an Aliha cl-12, looking forward to not having to patch things around all the time at the back of my cart and not loosing a channel for my comms mic! Also looking forward to trying the Penny and Giles faders Also congrats on your new cart, I use a similar setup to you and your cart is very inspiring!
  12. Who's moved from a 788 to a 688?

    Hey John did you use a 688 and cl-12? What was it you didn't like? The Cantar X 3 looks amazing, quite a big difference in price though!
  13. Hey, I've been using a 788 and cl-9 happily for a number of years on my cart. I find I'm doing scripted drama with higher actor numbers and I do wish I had more channels available. Like many of you I've been waiting for a replacement to the 788 but there's none presently forthcoming (NAB 2016 anyone?!?). I'm just wondering has anyone been in my position and made the move to the 688 and a cl-12 and if they would care to share their feelings on it. Thanks in advance!
  14. SRc leaked on Dutch site

    Any updates on when we will get a European release of the SSM? Would love to try one!
  15. Yep that's a 'wow' all day long. My back feels better just looking at it....