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  1. Thanks Mike, I'll give them a call. Philip, yes. It sounds like they are just taking a few repairs here and there so I have to look elsewhere.
  2. Does anyone have any leads on in depth Sonosax mixer repair here in the U.S.? None of the usual suspects on the west coast do in depth repair and the guy I had isn't really taking any more repairs. Any help or leads would be appreciated. Ryan
  3. I think the Meon LiFe would be 240 watt hours based on it being 20 amp hours and a 12v output. They don't specify on the website other than this numbers and the maximum amp output. Definitely can't ship that via air. Maybe they can source Life batteries in the different locals so that the battery-less units can be shipped via plane.
  4. I've had varied experiences. Most get about 10 hours but sometimes shorter and sometimes longer.
  5. Finally got a chance to snap pics of my lav boxes.
  6. If anyone is looking at picking up a sennheiser ew300 IEM System before may 1 sennheiser is running a promo on the 2 systems they offer. One with the single receiver and one with 2 receivers. I believe pricing is $799 and $999.
  7. We try really hard in Utah to have all the professional sound mixers and boom ops charge a similar rate according to experience and gear. But we also have those "hobbyists" that low ball what we do and it makes it hard. We try and educate those that are entering the market so that we can stay competitive and fair. It's easier here since there are only about a dozen of us and we are all friends. There is one guy here that has a couple of RED camera packages that now has a 633 and is charging only $25/day or something insanely low. It's hard to compete with that.
  8. About 3 years from the end of the auction process.
  9. There is no difference in which code that you use. They probably do use them for tracking though.
  10. It will be really hard to use and look at an iPad while booming.
  11. They include sound data specs for each fan. Is that measurement when they are at full speed? They look like they might work if not working too hard and baffled.
  12. You can still sign up for exhibits only passes for free with exhibitors free codes. I think the one I used is LV6385
  13. I've had microdots fail. Just happens. They replace them if under warranty.
  14. Most rack mounted drawers latch shut and have optional locks as well
  15. I would be cautious to use that adaptor. The DPA mics are designed to receive a certain voltage. Couldn't find any specs on the voltage output of those adaptors. The XLR adaptor converts 48V phantom power to the proper voltage for the DPA mics.