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  1. I've had microdots fail. Just happens. They replace them if under warranty.
  2. Most rack mounted drawers latch shut and have optional locks as well
  3. I would be cautious to use that adaptor. The DPA mics are designed to receive a certain voltage. Couldn't find any specs on the voltage output of those adaptors. The XLR adaptor converts 48V phantom power to the proper voltage for the DPA mics.
  4. It should also be noted that if an actor is going to change the level of their performance drastically, the well seasoned and well trained actors will give the sound crew a heads up so that they are not surprised/deafened by the change of their performance. If an actor doesn't do that it can be a good teaching moment.
  5. I'm pretty sure you have to send them back to lectro to have firmware updates done.
  6. Looks like it supports more sample rates and bit depths. The first version card was only 48 and 96k and only 24bits
  7. I also use a c stand everywhere. Turtle base so it breaks down to something reasonable.
  8. I haven't heard of an Omni input but Omni outputs are commonly found on digital consoles. They are omnis because the user can patch or assign any type of output to that connector such as a main out, matrix out or as a monitor send.
  9. I've been using 2 systems. One is an HMa on the end of the pole and the other is the ambient QWB with the UMPII and an SMV. Both work equally well and I don't mind the extra weight. The pole is lighter without the cable in it. Of course I'm using Panamic poles which aren't the lightest but with the weight on the end they are still nice and stiff.
  10. I just did an A/B test with an SRc and a 411a. As far as RF goes there doesn't seem to be any difference as far as range goes. Maybe if you really pushed them to an extreme you might see a difference but in normal situations there doesn't seem to be any. When the SRb was released I also did a range test against a 411a with just whips and I pushed the range limits pretty hard and didn't see a difference and the SRc is supposed to be better than the SRb. Range shouldn't be a concern if thinking about switching to or buying an SRc We tested the audio side using a CMC4/41 through an SMV and into a Sonosax mixer. The SRc sounds great but it seems to not be equal to a 411a. It is a slight difference but the 411a seems to have a bit more punch to its sound. The difference to me and a fellow mixer isn't enough to not buy an SRc. When using it with lavaliers I'm sure the difference wouldn't even be noticed. When at NAB this last year I talked to one of the Lectro reps and asked if the SRc was 2x 411a's and he said no. He said the RF performance was negligible. Given the size, weight and price of an SRc I think it's a great add to any kit whether bag or cart and would stand great on its own or mixed with 411a's
  11. You can change the frame rate in wave agent. Timecode is just a metadata tag at least from sound device recorders and can be changed with wave agent
  12. You could also use the Ambient QWB rain pouch. It's designed to be used with their wireless boom accessory but would probably work for your application as well.
  13. Generally these days your experience is common with sound being last on the list. Camera gets whatever they want, most of the time. As far as your boom op goes, they should be seeing rehearsals. Sometimes there are private rehearsals that sound may or may not be included in, but there should always be a public marking rehearsal. The boom op needs to see the rehearsal to see blocking and who needs to be lav'd and if there are plants or second booms needed. The DP shouldn't be determining when a boom op can come in. Some directors will talk all over scenes but not usually during dialogue. A kind reminder can be given but they will do what they want. Some directors will not talk during scenes. And the boom op should always be in before first team to check for shadows, etc. ADs and camera don't like it when sound causes delays.
  14. Lectro has great build quality. I had an actor get pulled off a raft into the Colorado river with an SMQV transmitter on. I got him out within about 30 seconds and immediately dried off the transmitter, blew out the connector and opened the battery door. I've never had any problems with the transmitter. The only real weak spot is the audio connector. The rest of the unit is sealed tight. Not sure how much of that sealed design was brought over to the L series.
  15. I'll let you know what the exact model is for the caster plates. I bought them from 80/20 as well. I wanted my equipment recessed back a little bit more than mounting right to the front of the 80/20. It's also a lot easier to mount to the rack rails than dealing with mounting to the 80/20 imho. I'm going to add some rubber bumpers to protect the equipment more so when riding in the trailer.