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  1. Wow that's a lot of wireless mics over a large area.
  2. I have this one of the setup underneath the mixer.
  3. Here is a cart I saw at NAB a couple years ago. I believe this is Fernando Delgados cart.
  4. My hands are fairly normal size, I guess
  5. I was able to see them at NAB so I was already knew how big they were. They are a fantastic size. I'll upload a picture in my hand
  6. Just got my double pack today. Here's everything they come with plus a user guide. Also charged and ready to go.
  7. That's pretty amazing John. Really amazing to see how far recorded sound has come. One thing that I found interesting in the article is that he never intended it for playback but rather for the study of sound.
  8. Here is an article I found about early sound. Apparently this year marks the 200th anniversary of the man who invented recorded sound. http://www.npr.org/sections/alltechconsidered/2017/05/22/529550254/at-the-dawn-of-recorded-sound-no-one-cared
  9. Loved that. Now where can I get one of those helium filled blimps!!
  10. If you use the 688 with an SL-6 you can route the SL-6 Audio to whichever input you want, but the xlr and ta3 inputs are still 1 to 1
  11. Yamaha was showing the update for the CL/QL series boards, Avid was demoing the Atmos integration into ProTools 12.9 which is really nice alongside their new MTRX interface, Rycote had the newer mounts for the miniCMiT and 4017 even though they had already been released. Orca bags is testing a new harness with a rigid spine and will also have a mount for mounting antennas from a bag. The mount should be available around June/July. On a side note, Sony had their Bravia OLED TVs on display with their acoustic screen technology. Amazing looking displays with impressive sound
  12. They gave away about 6 of these at the jwsound party this year and I was a lucky winner. Upon inspection it looks just like a 416 but it is heavier. When looking closer you can see the differences between it and the 416 such as the tip of the microphone design, the splattered paint, the points where the preamp meets the capsule. The connector does seem solid though which is a plus. I don't ever plan on booming with it since it is significantly heavier than my other mics but would make a great on-camera mic. I haven't listened to it yet but plan on doing so soon and will report back.
  13. Mines made in the USA
  14. Pete Verrando is awesome. He just did some work for me on a schoeps cmc4 and it only took a day and super low cost. I highly recommend you contact him as well.
  15. Yeah, $185 is steep. For some reason all of the boom boxes in the world are expensive. I made my own for about $20