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  1. Mines made in the USA
  2. Pete Verrando is awesome. He just did some work for me on a schoeps cmc4 and it only took a day and super low cost. I highly recommend you contact him as well.
  3. Yeah, $185 is steep. For some reason all of the boom boxes in the world are expensive. I made my own for about $20
  4. Prices listed as $649 and $899
  5. Happy Birthday Jeff
  6. I've used clear dry bags in the past and they work great. Went down the Colorado river with a full 788t package and it worked great. With wing and it would be even easier. They make ones that are pretty big and would easily accommodate a working sound bag.
  7. I had to tape the switches so they wouldn't accidentally get changed, since it's super easy to do.
  8. I don't think there is any green screen. If you watch through them you will notice that there is always a minivan and then a sprinter that is following. I have also noticed that a lot of the segments of singing occur at stationary moments such as stop lights or heavy traffic. They do occasionally cut to the van shot from behind and you can see the go pros attached to the outside of the vehicle.
  9. Thanks everyone for your help and input.
  10. It's a SX-S with the added comm module. Need to have a couple faders replaced as well as a couple gain pots and spring switches on the comms module.
  11. Thanks Mike, I'll give them a call. Philip, yes. It sounds like they are just taking a few repairs here and there so I have to look elsewhere.
  12. Does anyone have any leads on in depth Sonosax mixer repair here in the U.S.? None of the usual suspects on the west coast do in depth repair and the guy I had isn't really taking any more repairs. Any help or leads would be appreciated. Ryan
  13. I think the Meon LiFe would be 240 watt hours based on it being 20 amp hours and a 12v output. They don't specify on the website other than this numbers and the maximum amp output. Definitely can't ship that via air. Maybe they can source Life batteries in the different locals so that the battery-less units can be shipped via plane.
  14. I've had varied experiences. Most get about 10 hours but sometimes shorter and sometimes longer.
  15. Finally got a chance to snap pics of my lav boxes.