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    I'm a sound mixer located in the beautiful state of Utah. Narrative film and TV are my bread and butter but work on commercials and ENG/doc while in between shows.

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  1. ryanpeds

    Sports Headworn Microphone

    https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/CM311A--crown-cm-311a-headworn-microphone Maybe they are thinking of the crown headset mics? Shure also makes a similar mic.
  2. ryanpeds

    LT/LR vs SRc

    You can buy a plate for the SRc that has a battery mount on it. You just need to decide if you want the battery on the bottom or top of the receiver.
  3. ryanpeds

    6 series trim knob -CL12

    What size are the end caps you are using?
  4. ryanpeds

    Rycote Baseball

    I’m not sure anymore because I have one of each size and they are both red.
  5. ryanpeds

    L.A. Soundies: Mileage "zone" question

    Hi Jeff, I’m local to SLC and have worked shows where I get mileage as well as shows where I don’t and wouldn’t expect it. Union shows have a bunch of different rules for mileage based on location and other factors. Non union shows usually follow the union show rules in SLC. Would be great to meet you sometime. I live in Sandy and I’m always up for a lunch meetup. PM me if interested. We can chat more about working as a mixer in SLC and mileage if you’re up for that. I start a show May 14th but I’m mostly free before that.
  6. ryanpeds

    NEW: Ambient | NanoLockit

    Cheap and authentic doesn’t exist. Only Lemo makes authentic connectors and they aren’t cheap. There are knock offs that are cheaper.
  7. ryanpeds

    When Production doesn’t rent your kit

    I can see them as both needing to be provided and as personal items. I also think that without any kit rental that the provided equipment should have everything included that would be needed, harness and HP. If you want to use your own for personal or hygiene reasons then that is your option but it should be included with the rental. When I bring my kit I don't expect headphones and harness to be provided by someone else. I bring them because they are part of a kit rental.
  8. ryanpeds

    Nomad Cart NEBTEK

    Awesome I will have one in my Sun Valley location soon. Are you building these in SLC or SoCal? I'm up in SLC and can easily stop by NEBTEK.
  9. ryanpeds

    When Production doesn’t rent your kit

    I’m the same as AFMY. If you don’t want to rent my kit then I’m not the man for the job. That’s usually the first sign of this job is going to be a headache because they are cheap. Usually means they are going to cut corners elsewhere and I don’t want to deal with that.
  10. ryanpeds

    Wireless upgrade Lectrosonics?

    Yes, any quality equipment costs a decent amount of money but there are lots of reasons why. There are lots of threads here describing the different wireless systems including Lectrosonics. Try doing a search on what you are looking for. Also try going to one of the usual suspects and use and listen to them. You’ll know why they cost more money but hopefully understand what they will offer in terms of quality and reliability.
  11. ryanpeds

    Nomad Cart NEBTEK

    Gaylan, I’d love to come by your shop and check that out. Some cool features I like on it.
  12. ryanpeds

    Sound Devices acquires Audio, wow!

    It sounds like from the announcement that Sound Devices and Audio Ltd will remain as 2 separate companies. They state that the headquarters for Audio will remain overseas along with their directors. I would imagine that allows them to still have recording transmitters. However, I could also be completely wrong.
  13. ryanpeds

    Mics on women

    I have mixed feelings on the hide a mic bra holders. I’ve used them a bunch and I find that the mic doesn’t usually come out if placed firmly into the holder. I have had it come off the bra however. That is the bigger issue. The clips are also susceptible to bending too much to the point where they are almost broken. If placed gently on the bra in the right spot it shouldn’t come off if the person isn’t doing anything super physical. I have found that they are ideal for people that don’t have any experience putting a mic on themselves. It’s hard to not get it in the right spot. If it seems to come off I will have them put a piece of tape at the bottom to help hold it to the bra or their skin. Overall they are great to have in the kit.
  14. I'm heading to Atlanta next week to start my move to the area and I am hoping to network a bunch while I am there. I fly in Tuesday and would love to meet and get together with as many people as possible. I'm going to hang out at Trew Audio a bunch but can meet anywhere. I plan on joining local 479 as a boom operator and will be available for work immediately although union membership will take some time to get finished up. I'm sure a bunch of you are currently working on shows and if able I would love to even visit you on set. I've been based in Salt Lake for the last 7 years and feel like it is time for a move and something new. You can message me on this forum or email me at ryan@soundspeedingut.com
  15. ryanpeds

    BLK 24

    I also did the same as Jon. Got good prices for everything and sold overseas. Most people have US addresses and they take care of all of the customs stuff. I have noticed that most block 24-26 stuff is selling now for less than other blocks.