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  1. Sound Devices acquires Audio, wow!

    It sounds like from the announcement that Sound Devices and Audio Ltd will remain as 2 separate companies. They state that the headquarters for Audio will remain overseas along with their directors. I would imagine that allows them to still have recording transmitters. However, I could also be completely wrong.
  2. Mics on women

    I have mixed feelings on the hide a mic bra holders. I’ve used them a bunch and I find that the mic doesn’t usually come out if placed firmly into the holder. I have had it come off the bra however. That is the bigger issue. The clips are also susceptible to bending too much to the point where they are almost broken. If placed gently on the bra in the right spot it shouldn’t come off if the person isn’t doing anything super physical. I have found that they are ideal for people that don’t have any experience putting a mic on themselves. It’s hard to not get it in the right spot. If it seems to come off I will have them put a piece of tape at the bottom to help hold it to the bra or their skin. Overall they are great to have in the kit.
  3. I'm heading to Atlanta next week to start my move to the area and I am hoping to network a bunch while I am there. I fly in Tuesday and would love to meet and get together with as many people as possible. I'm going to hang out at Trew Audio a bunch but can meet anywhere. I plan on joining local 479 as a boom operator and will be available for work immediately although union membership will take some time to get finished up. I'm sure a bunch of you are currently working on shows and if able I would love to even visit you on set. I've been based in Salt Lake for the last 7 years and feel like it is time for a move and something new. You can message me on this forum or email me at ryan@soundspeedingut.com
  4. BLK 24

    I also did the same as Jon. Got good prices for everything and sold overseas. Most people have US addresses and they take care of all of the customs stuff. I have noticed that most block 24-26 stuff is selling now for less than other blocks.
  5. Ideas for equipment

    I’ve heard of productions giving larger sums up front in order to purchase gear for use on the show. My my biggest advice is be careful about going into debt to purchase gear. You most likely pay more through interest and can put yourself into a tough situation financially. There are are lots of differing situations though that we adjust to in our profession.
  6. Comtek “compand” switch missing

    I checked mine and they don't have switches
  7. Why won't my 633 jam TC to Alexa Mini

    You should be jamming the Alexa using the TC out Port of the betso not the word clock Port. Make sure Timecode rates are the same and also that the camera is in regen mode.
  8. TentacleSync E review

    Totally agree it's not nearly as cheap and simple but it works well and gives lots of info
  9. TentacleSync E review

    The ambient ACN network allows you to see the entire set if using a master lockit.
  10. North Korea microphone surplus.

    Surround Sound setup or the sound guy is paranoid of getting shot for not being able to hear the supreme leader
  11. Martin, I assumed you you ask politely as well. You don’t get far with the AD staff if you’re not. It seems to really depend on the show. Some shows it was never a problem getting room tone at the end of the scene. More recently there was a show where it was the last priority for the AD and director and I was constantly shutdown when it came time for room tone. I eventually stopped asking and if there was a location that I felt room tone would be useful to post I would go back some other time and get it even though it wasn’t 100% the same but usually really close.
  12. I should rephrase and say I talk with the 1st AD and say I need RT. I go about it politely. Usually talk with them early at each location. Maybe I should switch and say we should do it first thing instead of last. Still doesn’t fix PITA directors though. Fully agree with phil about priorities and mike that it should take less than a minute usually.
  13. I’ll ask for roomtone but 9 times out of 10 I’m told there is no time. I was on a shoot and the director was previously an editor. I got the go for RT and rolled and about 5 seconds after rolling the director yells cut and no one moves because they were so confused since roomtone lasts longer than 5 seconds. Director ruined the roomtone and I never asked for it again.
  14. OT: Best all-round DI box?

    I’ve used both and prefer Radial these days because of the diverse range of DI boxes they offer. Although I have no issues against countryman. Passive vs active really depends on your source.
  15. NEW: Ambient | NanoLockit

    I asked them when at NAB and they said you would have to send them in and have them replaced. Not user replaceable. But they can be replaced which is good and not a throw away device.
  16. Lithium batteries on board

    I recently flew out of Oakland and they stopped me at security and said I couldn’t take the batteries on board. I tried explaining the rules and they sent it up to their supervisor. She had to call the airline to see if they would allow them onboard. They eventually let me through after asking if they were for a hover board. They didn’t are about capacity and didn’t even know the rules concerning lithium batteries in flights. I even showed them the rules and they didn’t care. They really need to train their employees (airlines and TSA) on what the rules are. Ive noticed that it really depends on which airport as some don’t care at all.
  17. ISO's vs. Mix Track

    I’ve wanted to try out the Dugan in one of these situations but haven’t had one in a little while. Next time I will for sure try Dugan auto mixing out.
  18. ISO's vs. Mix Track

    No, I’m mostly referring to narrative work. In the situation you mentioned I do my best give a good mix but I have the ISO’s they can use when I screw it up.
  19. 4018c or a second 641

    I should correct my previous post about my CMC 4 vs 6. I should say that the CMC6 is still a great sounding mic and I do still use. The CMC4 has a little bit of a different sound to it that I prefer over my CMC6. There is another mixer that I have worked with that has a pair of CMC4s and his sound very similar to mine. There seems to be a quality in them that smooths out the low end more that I prefer.
  20. 4018c or a second 641

    I have both CMC4’s and 6’s. I personally think that my 4 sounds better than my 6 preamp.
  21. Timecode question

    Make sure you know the Alexa settings. For example, the camera needs to be in regen mode not preset
  22. Looking Into Buying Zaxcom IFB

    Something with the company that was building it didn’t have the proper licensing in place and they weren’t able to get another supplier. They did have a handful available for purchase if you called gene. They may still have some.
  23. I was wondering if someone with greater knowledge on this topic could fill me in on what this new standard means for us going forward. I was reading the new guidelines and transition paperwork from the FCC and ran across this section that caught my eye. It is talking about the adoption of the new ETSI emission mask standards and that Lectrosonics was concerned about adopting these new masking standards because it "would require a change in design that could render its legacy models incapable of operation with newer models." It's on page 14-15 of the FCC 15-100 document. I'll try and attach it. I was hoping for some clarification from Lectrosonics on what legacy would mean. Does this include current digital hybrid mode tx's and Rx's or is this just for older "legacy" equipment? how will this affect users going forward in the future? Also with the removal of the 600MHz spectrum they seemed to have added additional options for available frequencies in different areas of the spectrum. If I have read this correctly we have the following available as licensees. 169-172MHz, 944-952MHz, 941.5-944MHz, 952.85-956.25MHz, 956.45-959.85MHz, 1435-1525MHz, 6875-6900MHz and 7100-7125MHz Are any wireless microphone manufacturers planning on utiliziling these new bands? FCC-15-100A1.pdf This document seems to be a simpler and quicker read. DA-16-526A1.pdf
  24. ISO's vs. Mix Track

    You should always gain stage the Transmitter properly to get a good S/N ratio. I run all my receivers at line level and adjust the gain on the mixer. Prefader refers to the main linear fader (or fader pot for bags) that controls levels sent to the mix. The gain pot for each channel controls levels sent to each ISO track. Since we we are taking about isos vs Mix track I'll throw in my 2 cents that I don't do split mixing and record a mono mix track and isos.
  25. WTB 4 Channel Recorder for Tetrahedral Mic

    Can you link the inputs on the Sonosax sx-r4? That could be a possibility