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  1. Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2017

    Gotham Sound has a bunch of deals going on. For post guys there are some great deals on UAD plugins.
  2. Looking Into Buying Zaxcom IFB

    I run both cart and bag in mono. No reason for me to send mono dialogue into 2 channels
  3. Looking Into Buying Zaxcom IFB

    I am currently using the sennheiser IEM system for my boom ops. I have a rack mount SR300 on my cart and then a SK300 in my bag. It allows me to seamlessly switch from cart to bag. Everyone else on set listens through Comteks. I considered Lectrosonics IFB and Zaxcom ErX but decided against them because I could get the whole sennheiser system for around $1200 at the time. There was a sale so I decided to pick them up and try it out. I've used the lectros a lot in the past and they do get really good range but they sound just okay to me. The zaxcom system was just so expensive to get into since I don't use zaxcom recorders or wireless and I was always worried about the range without amplifying the signal. In the future I will probably upgrade to the new Lectrosonics duet system. As far as video village and everyone else though, they will stay on comteks. I have a blend of Comtek and listen Technologies Receivers and never get any complaints and they get really good range with a BST75-216 with mini mite set at high power.
  4. Guessing this is bad idea.. induction loop in car...

    The new Rogers system actually sounds pretty good. I had a chance to listen to it at the last NAB. I was pretty impressed. If you choose earwigs these should definitely be considered for better over other earwig systems.
  5. Any experiences with Lectrosonics VHF IFB?

    If none of the usual suspects have them to rent or demo you could try reaching out directly to lectrosonics. Your regional sales rep for Lectrosonics should be able to help out.
  6. Sony MDR 7506 coiled cable

    I wonder how well it works in reverse?
  7. Lavalier outer jacket repair

    You can also find 3:1 or 4:1 heatshrink to get it over the connector or mic end and then shrink it down. Try heatshrink.com
  8. Ursa Strap

    Thanks Glen. That’s great to know. It is certainly easier to buy locally.
  9. SD688/CL12 Maximum Allowed Power Consumption Warning!

    My understanding is that the headphone ports on the cl-12 are completely separate from any of the electronics and are just pass throughs back to front. They shouldn't affect any power consumption on the cl-12.
  10. SD688/CL12 Maximum Allowed Power Consumption Warning!

    I used the 688/CL-12 recently on a series and never used the additional USB power. The only thing I noticed is the LED lights don't get as bright as I would like mostly when outside and I believe they get brighter when plugged in to USB power. I never had any problems during the run with it. I've thought about using the USB power though for the brighter LEDs.
  11. Folding Bag Cart v1.0

    It's probably a part from backstage. I'll see if I can find it in their catalog
  12. I did the same as Jon. Sold it as soon as I heard it was probably going away. There is a lot of 600mhz gear for sale now and it all sells for less than something similar in a lower block. Start selling now and if you buy used gear it helps offset some of the pain.
  13. Which Schoeps mics for documentaries?

    Cinela mounts and wind protection are extremely light. The Rycote WS4 windjammer weighs about twice that. For your mk4/41 you could look at using Rycotes newer baseball windscreen and get the fur for it. It has worked well for me and you can take it outside in light wind. Don't bother with the W5D. You won't be able to use that even in light wind.
  14. Boom op-less

    Never take less for yourself and your gear in order to get a boom op. It devalues what we do as mixers and makes it hard to make a living. Productions should be educated on what it takes to capture good production sound and that includes decent rates for mixers, boom operators and our gear. It's hard enough working without a utility on a lot of shows.
  15. 664 panic

    You can always tell the clients that they can just purchase your card if they don't want to transfer on location or get it back to you reasonably soon.
  16. Which Schoeps mics for documentaries?

    If you're having trouble booming the subject during a steadicam shot, you should work on your booming technique. Changing your microphone won't help if your mic placement is off. Boom operators used the 416 for years and even today on all types of moving shots. An Omni mic isn't going to help all that much since you will be picking up a lot more background noise.
  17. Transport options for SRc & transmitters

    I leave my receivers in the bag and carry the bag on. I have transported it in a pelican as well with receivers left in place in the bag. Lectro transmitters are pretty much indestructible but I won't leave them just laying in a pelican. I keep everything stored in zippered pouches for ease of use and organization. One note on the receiversis I either fold down the antennas or take them off during transport.
  18. COS-11D SMQV transmitters gain issues

    Yes remove the resistor and wire the white wire to pin 5 for servo bias wiring. Shouldn't assume, early on I had issues getting lavs through b&h
  19. COS-11D SMQV transmitters gain issues

    And that's why I normally don't buy through B&H
  20. Best mic for specific location

    Would be worth trying out a DPA 4080 as well. Just have to be more careful with the directionality.
  21. Lectrosonics SMWB coming soon?

    I am also confused why they chose 44.1. Makes it fairly useless for recording anything for picture sync. I do like the wideband and IR sync. Will pair nicely with the Venue 2 and SRc
  22. Is a new Sound Devices MixPre-10T coming soon?

    6 series had different mic pres, more complex routing options depending on the model, dual card record, higher end build quality, mix assist, 688 has EQ, interface with CL-12, cl6, sl6 There are lots of things. You could call or visit your local dealer to get a fuller side by side.
  23. Cleaning a Schoeps CMC 4/5/6 and capsules

    These are instructions straight from Pete. It would be good to clean the circular groove contacts of your various Schoeps accessories using denatured alcohol (not isopropyl alcohol, which contains water). I use a toothpick, shaved down with a razor blade to resemble a small flat-blade screwdriver. I then take a small amount of cotton from a swab and wrap it around the blade, so that it fits snugly inside the grooves, and dampen the swab lightly with the alcohol. Be careful to clean the actual metal contacts only vertically, never side-to-side, which can bend them. I typically do two rounds of alcohol dampened swabs, then use a dry swab. I then inspect the connector against a backlight and remove any remaining fibers with a small brush, or use masking tape to "lift" any remaining lint or fibers off the contacts and grooves. Canned air works well, too. Hope this helps.
  24. Family Guy last night

    This one is pretty great.
  25. Is a new Sound Devices MixPre-10T coming soon?

    $1799.00 the Timecode addition makes this more useful for professional users