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  1. Vid Chat: Whit Norris

    Great info from Whit!
  2. DPA 4061 + MKH50 compatibility

    Just because 2 microphones are both wired "in phase", doesn't mean you won't have phase issues. Phase is about the relationship each microphone shares from the point of the source. You can have a sanken cos11 wired "out of phase" and use it with a shotgun microphone wired "in phase" and have them both be in phase with each other. It's all about placement from the source.
  3. Large blimp vs smaller blimp

    The rycote blimp you reference is the same style that Rycote has had on the market for a long time. The cyclone is Rycotes newest blimp. The cyclone offers greater wind protection than the previous models. The cinela is an excellent windscreen. What other types of gear do you have? Your money may be better spent upgrading microphones, wireless, or recorders. If it is working for you is it really worth $900 plus for a new blimp?
  4. How hot do IDX NP-L7S batteries get when charging?

    I can't recall the thread or the exact cells but it is possible to recell the NP1s. And I don't believe it's that hard either. Getting the case open without breaking it is the hardest part I think
  5. Ursa Strap

    I received my order from Wendy's Broadcast in the U.K. I have to say it was quite painless and quick. After initially inquiring about shipping to the states I emailed back and forth with them about what I wanted to order. I transferred the money to them with Transferwise. I chose the faster shipping and it was here in less than a week. Anyone looking to get URSA straps in the states can buy from dealers out of the country until they become available here locally. Glen stated you can go through Trew Canada and Wendy's Broadcast is also willing. Cant wait to use them as the wardrobe on the show I'm doing is super skimpy and tight. Any help I can get will ease my daily pain.
  6. How hot do IDX NP-L7S batteries get when charging?

    I don't think that it should get that hot. Sounds like that battery needs to go into retirement or be re-celled.
  7. Deva 24 seminar

    There is a control surface that will be available to use with the Deva 24 so you wont have to use the knobs to mix.
  8. Ursa Strap

    I contacted Wendy's Broadcast and I am currently working on placing an order. Didn't seem to be any problems with shipping them to the states when I asked. I'll let you know how it goes.
  9. DPA 4098 - first impressions

    Glen, I would love love to hear a demo of the new uniflex 4080 vs 4098 vs CUB or Schoeps in a car setting. I'm sure I wouldn't be the only one. Maybe there is a possibility of a blog post on trew audio? I really like the idea of something more forgiving than the 4098 with head turns and placement. And as everyone else has stated the 4098 really only shines when placed close to talent and pointed well on axis. That is my experience. It has worked for me in instances but definitely has its limits.
  10. PSC Powercon/Speakcon

    Powercon/speakons are pretty easy to make. The main difference is that powercon is specifically rated for A/C power max 20amps and speakons are not rated for A/C power. I use several of both and they are great because they lock so you don't have to worry about them getting pulled out. I order connectors from markertek. They stock both.
  11. Tablet running Wireless Designer

    I bought an HP Spectre X2 with the M5 processor and it is running Wireless Designer quite well. Only was $440 and it came with a detachable keyboard and a USB-c to USB-a adaptor. Will see how it stands up over time.
  12. Tablet running Wireless Designer

    Was wondering if anyone is running Wireless Designer on a tablet with any success. Just bought a Venue 2 and want to utilize the software aspects but wanted to see if anyone was using a tablet before I buy one and test it. Hoping to only have to buy one and not go through a few tablets before finding one that works well.
  13. Stolen SD 688

    I sent Rdsound a private message since he hasn't visited here recently. Hopefully this reaches him.
  14. Tablet running Wireless Designer

    Thanks for your response we David. I've thought about trying out one of the mid range HP Spectre X2 tablets with it. It's a closer version to the surface pros from Microsoft but a little cheaper. I could also use it for ACN and lockit control. I'm glad you mentioned that.
  15. What Car Do You Drive?

    I've got an F-150 that I mostly use to pull my trailer but I have a tonneau cover. It's the bakflip and I've liked it. It has 3 folding sections and folds up against the back window. It can also be removed fairly easily if you wanted to take it all the way out. It is a hard cover so it offers more theft protection then a soft cover. It can only be opened if you open the tailgate so fairly secure. I do get a little bit of water if it rains hard so it's not 100% water right. Mostly leaks close to the tailgate at the edges. Mine is the version that installs with rails to the bed. There is also another version that sits more on top of the bed sides that is even easier to remove. Can't comment on that one though as I have not used it.
  16. How often do you get clean lines on lavs?

    Don't beat yourself up. There are just wardrobe choices that are not lav friendly. Just have to do your best and try to work with wardrobe Dept to not have that wardrobe choice used again. Boom usually sounds best anyways
  17. New 80/20 Follow Cart

    Just finished the main build for this cart today. All 80/20 profiles with Rackman Aluminum Drawers. Still have a few things to add but it's functional for now. Booms go on the left side, carpets on the right.
  18. Here is an article I found about early sound. Apparently this year marks the 200th anniversary of the man who invented recorded sound. http://www.npr.org/sections/alltechconsidered/2017/05/22/529550254/at-the-dawn-of-recorded-sound-no-one-cared
  19. New 80/20 Follow Cart

    I haven't weighed it but I would guess empty it's around 100lbs
  20. iPower 520 Mah Li-Poly for FREE

    I'll take some.
  21. Boompole's cable options for SILENT run&gun

    The newer vdb poles are pretty quick to change the cable on. Less than 5 minutes. No soldering required.
  22. Yamaha QL1 Soundcart

    I'm guessing that the rig I posted is setup for full time shore power but has the APC for backup in case of loss of power. I would think that it is a fairly power hungry rig with the QL1 and Mac mini setup.
  23. Microdot or Hardwired Connector on DPA

    If they are for theatrical then I would switch them if you don't have a specific need for the microdot.
  24. Microdot or Hardwired Connector on DPA

    I have a lot of microdot DPAs and I have mixed feelings on them. Most of the time when doing basic narrative work I don't experience any problems with the connectors. If the actor is extremely physical in a scene I can occasionally experience problems and need to tape the cable to the connector. I also do some musical theater on the side and we tape all of our connectors. We experience lots of problems in the theater with connectors coming loose. We have multiple systems so the microdot is nice when we have to switch around packs but otherwise I would have done hardwired connectors. It really comes down to how physical the actors are imho.
  25. Wow that's a lot of wireless mics over a large area.