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    With over 13 years experience in video production, Joe Pfeil has developed a serious talent in audio engineering. Born and raised in Alaska, he has worked extensively across the county as an audio engineer Outside of sound engineering, Joe has worked 8 years on the high seas of Alaska as a commercial fisherman.

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  1. joepfeil

    Lectro SRc field reports?

    I switched from 3 SRb's to 3SRC's as soon as they were available. I've run them extensively in ratio and switch mode with 2 to 6 channels (a few times with an added 4 411a's for additional tracks). I've run them with LT's against SMQVs, SMV, SSM and the HMa. I've run them with walkies and in super extremely RF crowded events in NYC. I've recently inserted the Zaxcom Micplexer 2 in front of the SRC's using both whips and the RF Venue Diversity Fin Antenna. That all said, the SRC is a big improvement over the SRB. The SRC handles RF mayhem about as well as the 411a. Often times the SRC outperformed the 411a in switch mode, using whips. The power consumption on the SRC is up a bit from the SRb, still much less than the 411 per channel. The SRC's produce noticeably more heat than the SRb. The wideband transmitters have been performing about the exact same as the SMQV. I run the LT's and the SSM as my primary. I almost always run the boom through the HMa. The SSM with it's peak output of 50mW gets enough range and is my favorite piece of audio gear; it's just stellar. Tuning all the wideband transmitters through infrared is extremely efficient and has seriously sped my setup processes.
  2. joepfeil

    Kangaroo PC

    Jose uses the Kangaroo PC
  3. joepfeil

    Any real world comments on Rode Lav MiCon durability?

    Owned a Rode lav and had the connector completely fail after a small amount of work. Cheap, weak wiring.
  4. joepfeil

    Any Lectro rumors?

    2 years! My looooooord that's a lotta days! In that case, I'll be needing an SRb BK21 in the next half year.
  5. joepfeil

    Nomad workflow tweaks

    Can we revisit these idea regarding playback flexibility?
  6. joepfeil

    Congratulations to Jan McLaughlin!

    Jan, you inspire me to be a better mixer. Keep it up! Regards, Joe
  7. joepfeil

    Sound Mixer Meet III - NYC

    Next time I'm bringing my makeup kit, gonna add about 20 years to the face and dye the hair grey. Everyone trusts the grey bearded sound guy.... :-)
  8. joepfeil

    Sound Mixer Meet III - NYC

    Hey guys, it was great to meet you all! Lets do it again. Regards, Joe
  9. joepfeil

    Sound Mixer Meet III - NYC

    If I'm not working I will join and have some sound beers!
  10. joepfeil

    UGH, Red Epic wireless input cables

    I've read on a few of these forums involving the Epic that the 1/8" out from the G3's would not pass any audio to the Epic as they are currently wired. One posted wrote that you have to bridge the ring and sleeve on the Epic end. Does that make sense? I thought it was a balanced input.
  11. joepfeil

    New clients

    I rode around in several choppers up in the Yukon of Alaska/Canada this summer. Some of the smaller choppers would give you a flat rate of $5000 for a full day, but that means a few refuelings.
  12. joepfeil

    Cold weather clothing... gloves?

    I use these: http://www.amazon.com/ColdGear-Liner-Gloves-Under-Armour/dp/B000VJ0NDE They're great, the grip is perfectly calibrated to my needs.
  13. joepfeil

    Sanken COS-11 Lav Dissection

    Amazing experiment Pete, that was really interesting. Thanks for diving deep into something we wouldn't dare destroy unless it's already destroyed. I would like to see dissections of other quality lavs and miniature mics to see what interesting engineering accomplishments they've come up with. The never ending creativity and craftsmanship from brilliant minds keeps me happily engaged with sound engineering.
  14. joepfeil

    Yet another Bag DC powering option?

    I have had 3 Tekkeon MP3450's and they have ALL FAILED MISERABLY! The customer service guy treated me like an idiot while I explained that it kept shutting itself off from overload protection (even with no load on it). Do NOT buy Tekkeon batteries, if you search around you will see that a lot of people have had bad experiences with them.
  15. joepfeil

    Noise-Cancelling Headphones....again.....

    I've used QC2 and QC15 on a feature with great success. The guilt of using consumer headphones though outweighed the wonderful sound they created and I eventually got a stellar pair of Sennheiser HD-25II's, which are pretty awesome. One major difference that makes the Bose an iffy choice is the weak build quality. You can only drop kick them 11 feet before they break!