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  1. allan

    Correct cable for T3F to XLR

    got a whole roll, so there will be a couple hundred feet leftover if anyone here needs some. Thanks
  2. I need to make up cables for some Audix M1250B mics - what cable is best for this? I've got some Ream RT3FC-B ends, and i'm looking at Canare L-2T2S, L-2E5, or L-2E5AT. I've got a roll of L-4E6S, but they need something smaller. I'm leaning towards the L-2E5AT as its $183/roll - looks like that's for permanent install rack wiring though.
  3. allan

    Correct cable for T3F to XLR

    Thanks guys, think i'll go with the L-2E5 as long as thats fine for running 48v through.