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  1. Thanks.. still up in the air though.
  2. Anyone have any NAB passed for the exhibits? Thanks
  3. Thanks Phil.. New territory here.
  4. Very interesting. Thanks Nick
  5. I finally retired my old 744 back up. I got another PIX recorder. This is probably a stupid question, but I saw someone on set hit the record button, and both recorders went on record. How did they do that? Yes, I read the manual. Seams like several ways? rs232 remote plugs? Though eithernets? Remote plugs? Timecode? Whats the standard here? -Richard
  6. Look for the model numbers with "L". Perhaps this means lamp, or LED?? It's also called "Power Indication". Cant tell you how many times I've found a house power, only to find it not working. Plunging it in, and see the light right on the male plug is nice.. Then for quick troubleshoots, you loose power, you can look down at the LED on the female end of your stinger. -Richard
  7. FOUND IT. Texted grip Butch over at Disneyland. I asked him if these were Disney broadcast stringers.. He said 'yep'. Gave me a model number. It's actually Leviton 5269 PLB. The Leviton site has it as a 'power indicator'. They have this LED light on both sides, female and male. Just in case anyone wants to know. (I found this interesting, anyway) -Richard
  8. While the Leviton works.. I just don't like the big yellow.. Looking for Hubbell either white or black. Thanks everyone.
  9. While working on a gig last week, I was helping wrap some stingers for the gaffers. When I got to the end, I noticed a Hubbell female plug at the end, with a small green LED built right into the plug. I thought, to myself.. Oh, I would love to have this, so that I know the stinger is 'hot' or not. Currently I have 3 stingers, and I want to replace the old Hubbell plugs, with these new Hubbell plugs. Has anyone ever seen these on set yet? Hubbell Model numbers, so that I can buy these? Thanks -Richard
  10. They sell adapters. Why not use these? -Richard
  11. ...well, that too
  12. Got one from LSC, so I'll check it out.
  13. Im in awe, at how the transit van's in Hungary, are so much smaller than the transit vans here in the US. The ford transit T-150 "low roof" is like 7' foot tall.. theirs are like 6 foot. That 1 foot difference means you get under parking garages here. aaahh. -Richard
  14. There's a new Yamama card out.. Any pros, cons? Anyone try the new one in there 01V yet? DANTE-MY16-AUD2
  15. At the risk of sounding like I'm beating you up.. I'm not here.. But.. I'm still reeling at your quote.. "And I have been bitten by these decisions - we have ended up with poor audio or we have lost audio on a couple of occasions. Nonetheless I still fundamentally wouldn't change our approach" Isn't this the very definition of insanity? Doing the same thing, over and over, yet expecting a different result, and not learning from it?? If you won't learn from your own mistakes, why are you here asking what we think? Sorry.. not meaning to be harsh. -Richard Best reply EVER!