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  1. Yes you can. It's a little kludgy to do this on the MixPre itself but wayy easier with the wingman app. With Wingman you can very easily name tracks, rename files after recording, and add metadata both before and after a recording. You can name tracks before recording by tapping on the channel name in the channel setup screen (the screen that lets you adjust gain, panning, linking, etc). After recording you can navigate to the file and tap "Edit" and then you have options to edit the recording name, add notes, or add or rename the tracks right there on the MixPre as well. It works fine on the unit but it's a lot of little screens to navigate - like I said this is all way easier to do with the wingman app. -Mike
  2. No, with the indoor foamie. Like Glen said, the INV-Lite mount is meant for indoor only, and not designed to be used with a softie. -Mike
  3. Is it real? It is kind of awesome! -Mike
  4. I love the INV-Lite mount with my 4017C. It works perfectly for me. -Mike
  5. Mine does the same. All equal on all 3 channels. -Mike
  6. Good to know, thanks! Is it possible to rig them with an internal cable? -Mike
  7. I like the Pelican 1620 with the Mobility kit for my 633 rig. I live in NYC where I have to roll it around a lot, so the big wheels on the mobility kit really come in handy. I can fit everything I need for a full day of shooting in there, including boom pole, slate, and even rain protection if needed. I also have the lid organizer on it where I keep small things like audio adapters or Lav mounting supplies. It can get a bit heavy when fully loaded but I can set it around the city on the subway myself pretty easily I used to use the 1560 with mobility kit, which is a bit smaller and lighter but I recently got the K-Tek stingray bag and harness for my 633 and that is a bit too tall to fit in the 1560. It worked fine with my older Petrol mixer bag though. I couldn't fit my boom pole in the 1560 either. -Mike
  8. Awesome, thanks so much for the insight everybody. I figured B-format would be the way to go but I wanted some confirmation so it sounded like I knew what I'm talking about And soundpod and phillip - thanks also for the note about the front of the camera - that definitely seems important and it hadn't occurred to me! -Mike
  9. Agreed! -Mike
  10. Hey all, I was curious if any of those members who are experienced with soundfield/Ambisonic recording could share a bit about their delivery workflow. Obviously I know each client is different, but in general how have you been asked to do things? Some of the questions I had were: As a sound mixer do you just deliver the A-format files and be done with it? Or have you been tasked with converting the files to B-format after recording and delivering those? If so, do you bill for that time? Have you ever been asked to deliver 5.1 or 7.1 (etc, etc) files? Any other thoughts you have are appreciated! Thanks! -Mike
  11. What are you using for wind protection? Even if you're indoors you should be using at least the foam that comes with the mic. -Mike
  12. First you have to decide how many channels you are going to need. If it's not more than 3 or 4 you could get one of the new Sound Devices MixPres and put the extra cash toward better mics and better wireless. -Mike
  13. I would bill just one day, however I would bill from airport to airport and anything that goes over the agreed on 10 or 12 hours is charged as OT. -Mike
  14. Yup - I just picked up one of these to try with my BDS today - we'll see how it goes: There are also some unregulated cables out there like the one dgirtsman linked to, and an unregulated (and cheaper) version of the cable I linked to above, but it seems like those unregulated options will not work for the MixPre's. -Mike
  15. I just asked Sound Devices about powering specs again and they replied that, "The maximum voltage for the L-Mount connection on the MixPre-Series is 8.4 volts. Anything above that voltage can damage the device." Based on that answer I don't think the MixPre's can handle the full 14V or so that a fully charged NP1 will produce. Of course I asked specifically about the L-Mount adapter so I'm not sure of the specs via the USB-C port, but I think most USB ports are 5V so I wouldn't risk plugging that directly into a BDS either. -Mike