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  1. BDS Battery + AC

    That's pretty cool! -Mike
  2. ISO's vs. Mix Track

    Like @Rob Neidig, I've been burned too often (well, twice but still), by editors who leave my split mix panned hard left and right, that unless I know who is doing audio post and have a conversation with them beforehand, I will always mix in dual mono now and deliver that along with ISO's. Dual mono meaning that I mix in mono, and record it to both the L and R channels of the mix track, to dummy-proof the mix as much as possible. I do have a split headphone preset set up that I use quite frequently with boom on the left and lavs on the right. I do find that its easier to pinpoint something being off that way, even while mixing to mono. -Mike
  3. Sometimes things slip through

    Its good to know I'm not the only one who has this problem! -Mike
  4. Portabrace “Silent” audio bags.

    The $99 price may have been a mistake. I saw it on the website this morning, but now the 1.5 is listed at $139. -Mike
  5. Yup, this has been my experience. There have been several situations where I've gone with option C - brought my own wireless lavs and let the house do their thing, and me do mine. These are usually live events where I am providing a mix for a livestream, as well as a recording of the event for later editing. Its funny because when there are issues with the house system, the audience members still look at me as if I can fix them, even though my recording is going just fine! -Mike
  6. ADR with BG noise

    I've done that in ADR sessions from time to time when an actor needs help. You can can also use the volume of his/her headphones to "trick" the actor into giving more or less projection - louder backing track in the headphones usually means they will naturally speak louder to compensate and vice versa. I always prefer to work work with an actor and guide or ask for what I want first before resorting to tricks like these... but sometimes they're the best way to get results. -Mike
  7. Remote Audio BDSv4U Connection

    There's also this thread with some good info: -Mike
  8. Is a new Sound Devices MixPre-10T coming soon?

    Yes, notes field for MixPre shows up for me the same as for my 633. However the @Fernando is right that the "Reports" section of the Wingman app is greyed-out and unavailable when connected to my MixPre-3. Is there a reason that sound reports are not available on the MixPres? -Mike
  9. Neumann RSM 191 Matrix box needed?

    Good call! From the RSM 190 manual: "The side signal is constituted by a transverse figure-8. Two opposed single capsules are arranged closely behind the interference tube capsule." -Mike
  10. Neumann RSM 191 Matrix box needed?

    There was some talk a few years ago, either on a Neumann forum or possibly on Gearslutz, about trying to build a smaller power supply only for the mic -without the M/S matrix in it. Not sure what came of that, I believe the idea was eventually scrapped as being too difficult and expensive, and not really worth it as the matrix box works well. But some judicious googling should turn up that discussion if you're interested. I have and use an RSM 190, and the matrix box isn't that big of a hassle. Totally worth it for the sound of the microphone IMO. -Mike
  11. Neumann RSM 191 Matrix box needed?

    The box actually provides power to the microphone, which uses a different powering scheme than phantom power can provide natively. So yes, the box is needed. You can still output discreet M/S from the box and do your matrixing in the 633, which is what I do. -Mike
  12. MixPre-6 or a second hand 552?

    +1 on this. To the OP: you have to figure out what your primary need is. If you primarily need a mixer, and sometimes need recording functions, then the 552 is awesome. If you primarily need a recorder, that happens to have some mixing functions, go MixPre-6. -Mike
  13. Is a new Sound Devices MixPre-10T coming soon?

    +1000 to this! And Paul, thanks for clarifying on the copy scheme. That was what I was hoping to hear. -Mine
  14. Is a new Sound Devices MixPre-10T coming soon?

    From Sound Devices' instagram page, this is a good look at the size of the new unit: