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  1. M/S mic for documentaries

    The Sanken CMS-10 is apparently "designed for camera mounting" according to the description. -Mike
  2. NYC accountant recommendations

    Hey all, Does anyone have an accountant in the NYC area that they would recommend? I have one that I've used for the past couple of years and haven't been totally satisfied, so I'd love to look around a bit. If anyone has someone that they use and like and who understands our business I would love to hear about it! I am incorporated as an S-corp, if that matters. Thanks! -Mike
  3. Easily portable mats/carpets/alternatives?

    You could also get a couple of bathmats. They have memory foam ones that deaden sound pretty well, and one or two of those rolled up will be light and not take up that much space at all
  4. A question on MS recording for film

    Phase issues will be a huge problem if you do it that way. -Mike
  5. NEW: Timecode Systems | UltraSync One

    Thats true, however there are other ways to go about it. If you are a mixer who is buying these as your first sync box, then you would have to get all of these cables for the first time anyway, so its not really anything more than you would have to do with any other sync box. If you're picking up these boxes in addition to or to replace other sync boxes, then you likely already have some standard cables. You could do like I did (at the suggestion of someone else on this thread) and simply pick up some BNC female bulkhead to Right angle 1.0/2.3 DIN male RG179 SDI cable jumpers (from Amazon, at $10.99 each https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01LYG69P5/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1), which will allow me to use these boxes with all of the cables I already had which are terminated in BNC connectors. So I can still use the BNC terminated cables I already had for Sound Devices, Red, and Arri cameras, and I only spent $44 for the four adapter cables I needed for two Ultrasync One's. All this to say, there are other ways to go here where cables don't have to be such a huge expenditure. -Mike
  6. Is he booking you during normal business hours? Then charge whatever studio rate you normally charge for other types of work. If he's booking you on a more flexible, nights and weekends schedule maybe cut a deal but remember that no matter what this is taking up studio time that could be used for other paying projects and you deserve to be compensated accordingly. -Mike
  7. Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    No this is not possible. On the MixPre-3 you only have 3 inputs available at a time. In order to use the aux inputs, those channels must be assigned to one of the three faders first, replacing the xlr input on that channel. They can be iso'd or sent to the mix from there. The MixPre-6 can record all 6 inputs and the L-R mix simultaneously. -Mike
  8. Audio waveform search and match in ProTools?

    There's no automatic waveform matching in Pro Tools. If you don't have timecode on the original files, unfortunately the only way to do it is manually. That said, could you use Pluraleyes for this? Not sure if it works on audio only with no video. -Mike
  9. Signing out comteks

    I'm wondering if tagging each Comtek unit with one of those RFID wallet/key finder things might be helpful. Something like this: TrackR pixel - Bluetooth Tracking Device. Item Tracker. Phone Finder. iOS/Android Compatible - Multicolor (16 Pack) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B075FXPR9V/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_uKxoAbMMZNNFV Limited to Bluetooth range so probably won't help if someone walks off the set with a unit, but may help find them all faster after wrap. And if someone still has theirs on them the dinging sound will be a reminder to give it back! -Mike
  10. Ok fair but until I can pay my rent in bitcoins, or pay for groceries in bitcoins, I still think the OP was correct in holding out for other currency. We're not in this business to speculate - if we wanted to do that we can always play the stock market or invest in bitcoins in our own time. We do work, and expect to get paid a fair wage in hard currency. -Mike
  11. Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    Thats correct. If you choose to embed timecode as metadata then it will work like any other production sound recorder on the market, and the editor can sync it up just like normal in his/her NLE. If you choose to record LTC as audio, you will have to have another piece of software that converts audio LTC to timecode metadata first, like the Tentacle Sync software does. -Mike
  12. Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    You can set the MIxPre to do either one. If you set the "aux in" mode to timecode, then it will read the incoming LTC and embed it as metadata. However if you setthe aux in to line input, it will just read the LTC as an audio signal and you can route it to any track to record to. -Mike
  13. OT: Best all-round DI box?

    The Radial DI's are built like a tank and sound excellent. I've used those in bands for years. -Mike
  14. Cos11 tie-clip alternates

    It works perfectly on the ADR stage though! -Mike
  15. Cos11 tie-clip alternates

    This is the Auray Mic clip for the Sony ECM-44 on a COS-11/Hushlav. -Mike