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  1. I just used both RX4 and Unveil on a trailer mix. Unveil has a demo you can download and try. They both work, differently, but they both worked. RX4 seemed to work better for light amounts of reverb, but produced artifacts more quickly that Unveil. Unveil didn't sound great when used lightly, but worked better than RX4 when more reduction was needed. YMMV - no reason not to try both. -Mike
  2. I usually do basically the same thing, but using topstick. The hush lavs can be pretty quiet, so sometimes I'll even put the topstick directly below the hush Lav and let it move freely with the clothing. -Mike
  3. Professional Sound Services in NYC does Sonosax repair. They're great - that's where just about everyone I know goes. They take great care of my old SX-S. -Mike
  4. Equipment manufacturers and manuals can be great sources of information too. Some of them are really great about giving explanations for why their gear does what it does in the manuals, from which great info can be gleaned. Lectrosonics is particularly great about this, and I see you've already mentioned their wireless guide. I've seen great usage guides from Schoeps, DPA, and Neumann too. Rycote and Sound Devices both interview mixers who use their gear and publish that regularly. I'm sure there are many more examples I'm not thinking of right now. There are also trade magazines like Sound and Picture which have excellent articles. -Mike
  5. Somebody get shavin' them hogs! -Mike
  6. Oh wow!!!
  7. Cool! How would this compare to a super softie on those mics? Less wind protection, more transparent? -Mike
  8. Well Aaton's a French company so I bet it would use a bidet... -Mike
  9. I thought this thread was going to be about fart jokes...
  10. You could try the "breath test" (gently). From Gearslutz: "What you should try is the "humidity test" or "breath test" to see if their is enough dirt on the capsule to get it to collapse. You don't want to spit on the capsule but you want to speak into without a pop filter and breath on it a bit to get a very tiny amount of moisture on the capsule. If the capsule is in bad shape the moisture from your breath will trigger conductivity across the dirt and this will show up as horrible loud thundering or crackling and the signal will cut out. Now, the breath test may also cause a good capsule to shut off for a second or two as well, but you won't hear the horrible noises a bad capsule will make when its shutting off and coming back on again."(jmikeperkins - 22nd December 2009, 08:49 PM) -Mike
  11. Hah! Love that you look totally unfazed. -Mike
  12. Correct. Most often, isos are recorded of each microphone pre-fader, so that the adjustments you to do create the mix track do not affect these recordings. Post gets all of the isolated tracks as well as the mix track you create on set, so they can choose what to use. -Mike
  13. I was able to download Mavericks from the Apple App store. If you had purchased it anytime when it was newly available before, it will be in your purchase history and available for re-download. And the update to 10.9.5 here: -Mike
  14. The Tascam DR-100 Mkii has a remote that comes with it. -Mike
  15. Are you hiding the lav on the talent? I'm sort of assuming not by your post. If not, I like to put lavs in a Garfield Hush Lav and then use this clip to attach it to the talent's shirt/coat/tie: The clip is large and easy to open and grip. The wire that holds the lav is meant for a much larger mic though, which is why the Hush Lav is necessary. I use this for ADR sessions all the time and it works great. I mostly use it with COS-11s, but I think a 4060 would work fine too. -Mike