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  1. Hey all - I went into my local dealer today intending to order a Hawkwoods NP1 cup to use with my Sonosax mixer and Sound Devices 788t. When I mentioned that I was going to use it with the Sound Devices, the sales rep said that he had heard of some issues with the Hawkwoods cups and the SD 788t - that somehow the Hawkwoods wasn't compatible with Sound Devices. Does anyone here have any thoughts on this or experience either way? Thanks! -Mike
  2. Ah, thanks everyone that makes sense. So it's just that it's possible for the 788t to trip the internal fuses because it can consume too much current. Steve, how would you mod the fuses? It is something that you can just switch to a fuse of a higher value? Or remove it entirely? Thanks all! -Mike
  3. Just imagine how much more stuff they could blame the soundies for if we recorded the picture too!
  4. Great sound starts at the source. Yes that means the actor/subject first but for us that also means that the microphones we use are the first way for us to get good sound. If the mics are subpar, nothing further down the line will improve the sound. So if I were you I would first and formost be looking to upgrade microphones. The 416 is a great outdoor mic - that and a good wind protection system are great choices. I would also invest in a great indoor mic too - something like the MKH50 or Schoeps CMC641. Then you'll have excellent quality mics for just about any situation. The SD633 is a great choice too, and yes, out can definitely run your 302 into it if you need more mic channels. I'd just start with the mics first and work from there. -Mike
  5. Super cool, thanks! -Mike
  6. I got the OWC kit and installed dual SSD's in my Mini. I did a clean install of OSX 10.9.5 and went from there. To do that, I downloaded the OSX installer on the old drive, and made a bootable install "disk" out of a USB flash drive. Then when I had the SSD's installed it was a simple matter to boot the computer from the flash drive and install OSX onto the SSD. Works great! -Mike
  7. Hey Simon - Just curious if there is an ETA on this - I would love one of these mounts for my 4017C - it would solve several issues.. -Mike
  8. I think it was just a crazy deal B&H offered to catch customers. Not indicative of anything happening at Sennheiser IMO. -Mike
  9. Yeah I believe the sale ended at midnight EST. Hope someone took advantage! -Mike
  10. Hey guys - If anyone was thinking of picking up a 416, B&H has a deal on them for $599 right now! Just spreading the news! -Mike
  11. I'd suspect the difference you're experiencing is more due to the advancements in the software between RX version 3 and RX version 5 than it is due to the difference between standalone and plugin formats. -Mike
  12. I agree that you'll probably have a hard time collecting, whatever it is. I also think that going after someone for an interest fee on a late payment is a quick way to lose a client. Sometimes it's worth it - if it's a client you don't care to work for anymore anyway then go for everything you can get. But if it's a client whom you have a good relationship with and whom you see yourself working with again in the future, going after someone for this will lead to some hurt feelings at the least. -Mike
  13. Hey all - I was wondering if anyone here had experience with a metalworker/metal fabrication place in the NYC area that they could recommend. I have a steel Gator rackmount drawer that I'd like to have modified a bit. Basically I believe it would involve detaching one side and re-attaching it with a hinge and latch. Maybe not too complex but I don't have the experience or the tools for the job so I'd love to leave it to a pro. I had found a couple places just by googling and reached out to them but have either received no response or a negative response. So any recommendations you guys might have would be awesome. Bonus points if they are somewhat familiar with our industry. Thanks much! -Mike
  14. I'd be curious to hear what someone from Sound Devices says about what MartintheMixer posted. After all it's all speculation until we hear from them.
  15. If it was a card glitch it seems pretty strange to me that both cards would mess up at the exact same time in the exact same way. IMHO I'd be doing some more testing to make sure there isn't another underlying issue somewhere. -Mike
  16. It's not totally useless - I'm sure it's a great guide track for adr! Seriously though, plane noise is one of the hardest things to compete with because even if it's there only a little bit once the show is edited the noise inevitably sounds chopped up, which is extremely distracting for a listener. Steady noise can be dealt with or even ignored, noise that comes and goes and fades in and fades out like planes is a bigger issue. Find a different place to shoot. -Mike
  17. I've used the MKH50 in some hybrid situations such as shooting in a garage with the garage door open. The actors were mostly inside the garage but once in awhile stepped outside for a moment. Wind wasn't bad though and my Super Softie did the trick perfectly. I agree though the 50 is primarily an indoor mic. -Mike
  18. There's a Digi 003 in the rack on the desk and some sort of Pro Tools HD hardware immediately below it - so yeah, looks like storage for old equipment rather than anything that's actually set up to use. Looks cool though! -Mike
  19. No comparison IMO. Izotope wins every time. -Mike
  20. Not to derail the thread but what do you use now? As much as the thought of switching back to Windows pains me I may be in the same position as you after my current MBP dies. -Mike
  21. Thanks, Crew. I know that rental houses give a 3 day week here in NYC but until reading this thread it had never occurred to me that we as mixers might be expected to do that as well with kit fees (not labor of course). Glad to know that is not the case! -Mike
  22. Reading through this old thread brought up a thought - do you guys give productions a 3-day week on kit rental as a matter of course, or only if a producer asks, or never? My jobs are usually one or two day shoots so this hasn't come up for me personally yet but it would be cool to know what you guys do. -Mike
  23. Not sure how helpful this will be but from an audio post perspective, running at 24 frames is no big deal. It's definitely less common these days than 23.98 but any edit house/mix stage will be able to deal with it no problem. If doing post at 24 frames simplifies your workflow now (which it sounds like it does), then I can't see a reason why that would be an issue down the line. -Mike