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    I have a Deva IV I want to sell if you're interested. PM me.
  2. Guessing this is bad idea.. induction loop in car...

    Phil Palmer can jump in to verify, but my understanding is in Wayne's World, the Bohemian Rhapsody song was done with a loop. Like above have said, big amp, don't expect perfection. Hopefully it's towed and not actor driven.
  3. Looking Into Buying Zaxcom IFB

    All can be problematic depending on set/location. I've used all 3. If you don't like Comteks, you really won't like ERX. Range is horribly inconsistent without big antennas/amps. Lectro is best more often.
  4. macOS High Sierra: AFS File Format

    The AFS/APFS file format only applies to SSD drives. Everything else stays the same, even Apple's Fusion Drives.
  5. NFL sideline mic

  6. NFL sideline mic

    In what capacity? News reporter on the sideline? Boom over bench? Know that ANY rf has to be cleared thru the rf coordinator.
  7. Ceiling mic

    I've used the Shure MXA910. 2' x 2' panel replacement "tiles". 8 lobes. Dante controlled. Pretty unbelievable, must say.
  8. Mic Bra mod

    I'm getting ready to embark on a project that will require wiring a lot of sweaty bodies so I'm playing with a few ideas. 1) NeoPax Mic Bra. I cut a small hole in half of the material and inserted the wire into the strap. No more loose wire. 2) I'm gonna lay a small bead of hot glue, like on this knee brace, and see if that helps it to stick. I got a URSA strap. It is sticky. It is expensive. It is too short (nothing more than a 40" chest).
  9. Ursa Strap

    Got a URSA chest strap from Trew (Thanks Glen). It does indeed stay up better than the Neopax mic bra. However. 1) It's expensive compared to the Neopax 2) It's only 40" long total. If you consider 2" for velcro, it's 38". I have a 40" chest and it just fits. My vision for this was to use it on football players, coaches, etc. They don't have 40" chests. Hopefully they will make a larger size, and drop the price. Or Neopax will put sticky stuff on a new version of their mic bra.
  10. White space hustle

    Thanks Larry. Good read.
  11. High temperature lav mic technique

    Boom mic???
  12. Zaxcom Deva V or 5

    If he wants a backup, I have a Deva 4 for sale. And the FireWire port works great! I'll even include a CF reader/writer.
  13. Control surface vs mixer

    I have a Zaxcom Cameo mixer I'll make you a deal on. Outstanding routing options.