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  1. Thanks Ryan.
  2. Curious at what the new iPower 700’s run time is in a Lectro IFB. I have the 520s, and they're older. They are good for about 8 hrs. Will the new ones make it through a 12 hour day?
  3. Nothing like a good RF discussion to get Larry to dust off the keyboard. Thank you kind sir for your expertise and knowledge.
  4. Hey Cleve. Since you know this gentleman, request a version that has the connectors at the large end. That's how all of us use it. Just a thought. Please and thank you
  5. Question for those that know more about this than I do - Could you put a connector at the larger end of the Antenna? Looks like the trace runs from one end to the other. Scrape away the Epoxy (or whatever it is) and solder to the other end?
  6. Sorry Mike, after I read my post I should've been more descriptive. If you are shipping a pelican case full of lithium camera batteries, FedEx and UPS want you to do it via ground. Discussion about this at Super Bowl amongst the equipment guys at NFL, VER, etc. It may not have been implemented yet.
  7. FedEx and UPS are not allowing shipping of lithium batteries overnight. i.e. in an airplane. You have to ground ship them. Pretty soon we will all be going back to nickel metal hydride batteries
  8. I am old school and not a fan of wireless anything unless I have to. I use the Denecke time code boxes. A SB4 is on my list and it will soon replace my older Denecke boxes.
  9. A reboot of the separate mixer, recorder. I.e. a new cameo mixer, and deva update or nomad recorder. I'm not a fan of the control surface. Used to be... I would have the deva on the cart, and if I had to do a bag shot, I would unplug the deva from the cameo, and Away I go. The deva 24 looks massive and too "computery" for me. My 2 cents.
  10. Will the Betso's cross jam?
  11. I use a plate I got from the camera brothers. I think it's called a "Preston Plate". The side plate that mounts over the XLR is much nicer IMO. Picture below.
  12. To a Google search for creating a USB install drive. The short description is, you download the iOS you want, copy it to a USB drive. You can then boot from the USB drive and do a clean install on any mac computer, or any Drive Works great.
  13. OWC has great documentation on how to do upgrades. Use Carbon Copy Cloner to copy your existing drive to the SSD before you tear into it, unless you want to clean install and start from scratch.
  14. Ditto. The Zax is the closest to a wire. 742 eats batteries tho...
  15. Ritter did 3 of my NP-1's and they work great. Same (Samsung?) cells as original IDX. Will do it again and again...