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  1. IFB on the cheap.

    Check your PM. I have a Comtek system for sale.
  2. Outputing from my SD 633 X3/X4 outputs to a Lectrosonics UM400 for IFB. Straight cable is a little too hot. Needs a pad of say -20 db. Handy with a soldering iron. What value are you guys using for resistors R1 and R2?. Diagram below. Don't need a lesson in Ohms law, just too lazy to create a spreadsheet on my own for something that I'm sure a dozen of you guys have done. TIA Or is there enough gain if I wire the TA5 into the lectro line level? I should have known to look on the Lectro site first. Found this. Since I can't delete this entire post, I'll leave it hear so it may help others.
  3. NFL Boom ops

    Used to be, it was just us NFL Films guys. Now the team may have a guy, and sometimes the network will have a guy. The team generally doesn't like it one bit. You probably won't be booming on the sideline unless you're working for one of those 3 groups. There's a very select group of Films guys that do that job. The NFL has regulations on where we can stand and when. I also expect NFL/teams to get rid of all the booms except those of NFL Films guys. It's getting a little much.
  4. 1/4 Track Playback Head On A Nagra IV-S ?

    Hit up Pete Verrando. He restores them and is quite knowledgable.
  5. Sound is no longer respected on set?

    Like some of the others have said, it’s always been that way. I’ll drive this in a new direction with the observation that in movie credits, sound department used to closely follow camera department. Now, who knows where they’re listed. Right behind the directors PA sometimes. Of course used to, only department heads were listed and credits were over in 30 seconds. Times change.
  6. DIY camera snake?

    I rolled my own. I also made it compatible with the Remote Audio wiring scheme. Sometimes on multi-camera shoots you have to switch cameras. No need to switch tails. RA seems to be the most popular. They also make several different kinds of breakouts for the various cameras. My most recent is a breakout for a Arri Mini. I also made a couple of extensions and a 7' extension for the dolly.

    I have a Deva IV I want to sell if you're interested. PM me.
  8. Guessing this is bad idea.. induction loop in car...

    Phil Palmer can jump in to verify, but my understanding is in Wayne's World, the Bohemian Rhapsody song was done with a loop. Like above have said, big amp, don't expect perfection. Hopefully it's towed and not actor driven.
  9. Looking Into Buying Zaxcom IFB

    All can be problematic depending on set/location. I've used all 3. If you don't like Comteks, you really won't like ERX. Range is horribly inconsistent without big antennas/amps. Lectro is best more often.
  10. macOS High Sierra: AFS File Format

    The AFS/APFS file format only applies to SSD drives. Everything else stays the same, even Apple's Fusion Drives.
  11. NFL sideline mic

  12. NFL sideline mic

    In what capacity? News reporter on the sideline? Boom over bench? Know that ANY rf has to be cleared thru the rf coordinator.
  13. Ceiling mic

    I've used the Shure MXA910. 2' x 2' panel replacement "tiles". 8 lobes. Dante controlled. Pretty unbelievable, must say.
  14. Mic Bra mod

    I'm getting ready to embark on a project that will require wiring a lot of sweaty bodies so I'm playing with a few ideas. 1) NeoPax Mic Bra. I cut a small hole in half of the material and inserted the wire into the strap. No more loose wire. 2) I'm gonna lay a small bead of hot glue, like on this knee brace, and see if that helps it to stick. I got a URSA strap. It is sticky. It is expensive. It is too short (nothing more than a 40" chest).