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  1. Your trim settings on 4-6 with line level Lectrosonics should be around 10 to get you fader at 12 o'clock with good SN. PFL input, use select knob to adjust trim.
  2. The Betso SBOX-1's will cross jam. I don't know about the new one. Tentacles will not cross jam but Sound Devices Recorders do so there's a workaround if you need to. Who are you Rifthead???? And check with Nick at Gotham NYC, they're price point is below $500 if I recall.
  3. VER

    Simple. Don't work without your gear. Period. Avoid the risk of equipment failure or lack of that YOUR reputation will suffer from. Avoid working harder or not optimal as you would with your custom built package and ergonomics, etc. One job isn't worth your reputation, which is all this industry judges you on.
  4. Same problem with the 688 and 633 both with latest firmware. Happening pretty much every day, several times. Sometimes I think it happens when I may be messing around with outputs, other times with no interaction at all. The only way I can reset it is to power off the unit, and cancel the quickboot by holding down the menu button for 5 secs. Something causes it to lose power to the USB or fail to recognize and I'm pretty sure it's a ground related thing. I've tried different cables and USB adapters, no difference. You would think this would also cause CL-12 issues but none that I've heard. This is the keyboard I'm using: And, no, I haven't yet tried a different keyboard.
  5. I'm running the latest firmware in both the 633 and 688.
  6. I want/desire what Tonemeister provided for the 788 but for the 6 Series.... Metering views, metadata input, maybe some rec/stop and fader control. I really don't need the timecode control/distro aspect. So what are we expecting to see with the new interface????
  7. I've had a recurring problem with my usb keyboard with both my 633 and 688. Worked fine the first few days, but ever since it will lose connectivity and I couldn't get it to work again each day. Finally figured it out today. Seems like if it starts working at initial setup, which it always does, and then perhaps I'm fiddling with outputs or something and it becomes unresponsive, I couldn't get it back regardless of unplugging or power cycling. Today, it happened again, and the only way I can get it to reconnect is to power down the 6 Series, AND cancel the quickboot (hold the menu button for 5 secs). Then, on power up, the keyboard is recognizable again. Seems like a ground burp that affects the USB port or something.
  8. And I thought the Beetle interfacing with the 6 Series Sound Devices was dead....... Am I mistaken?????
  9. A sole proprietor can get a Tax ID (EIN) number from the IRS in one email. Do It. No one can arbitrarily change your tax status as a sole-proprietor / Single Member LLC / Partnership / S-Corp etc.. as long as you are compliant with your states regulations. They don't want to deal with Back-Up withholding or bother with a Independant Contractor Workman's Comp Policy (which is available). Any company can choose to treat you any way they want (I disagree) but it falls back to you saying yes or no. Either allow them to ignore your state and federally recognized business status or don't. I fight tooth and nail to never go through payroll (unless IATSE). I can prove, and have done so, that I am not an employee and am in fact an independent contractor as far as the IRS is concerned (Form ss-8). I won't jeopardize my business and tax status by working as an employee and providing "box kit rental" (meaning personally owned equipment provided as an employee). And lastly and more importantly, any income you receive by some entertainment industry payroll company isn't available for you to contribute to your SEP or i401(k).
  10. I think I know who that was based on the pic; no comment on the placement as it could be perspective in the pic. I fly a double boom (on one pole) often for single subject direct to cam work. Either a Sanken CS-3e/Schoeps CMC41 pair, CMC41/OctavaMC012, or CMC41/MK8. I started that 10 years or more ago because I was tired of client insisting on a boom and a lav to use their accustomed 2 tracks to cam. It morphed into a pair of mono mics (for redundancy for their piece of mind) to two mics that sound so close but just different enough for an editor to choose from. Personally, most times I like how they sound when listening to them in stereo as split left / right. Gives it just a bit of width that I find pleasing. One thing I do however, is mono sum the tracks in my headphones at the beginning and phase reverse (if necessary) one mic just in case someone sums the tracks to mono. To each their own, I hate lavs unless absolutely unavoidable.
  11. Could they be wired for the older style 195 / 200 series bias inputs? The transmitter inputs that is.
  12. I worked with him on Capitol Hill a few times in the early 2000's. I remember him as polite and genuine. RIP.
  13. Thanks, that's kind of what I interpreted from the descriptions too.
  14. I'm interested in the smaller unit. I'm not clear on the difference between the Pro-Audio "P" version or the Communication Version "CW".
  15. Which version of the Comtek BST 75 for PR-216 receivers? Version P or CW?