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  1. Nagra Stories Sound-men won’t ever tell

    Afraid I can't do pictures at the moment. The David Lane is a small external box, designed to go into the NR path of the IVS. Working (without modification) as a mic input for the IV-SJ is just a nice quirk of fate. Maybe have a look on the dark Devil's web for a pic? [Edit- image search 'David Lane 3rd mic input' - I just found several pics] PLEASE don't drill your Nagra!! The two screw holes probably already exist on your Nagra head assembly plate: just to the left of the erase head, above the moving tape guide, they are there about an inch up - two little holes in horizontal line. I don't know if they existed back in 1971 models but they're there on my SJ. If your IVS doesn't have the screw holes I wouldn't try to fit the blade, but since you have ruby guides I expect they're there. J
  2. Nagra Stories Sound-men won’t ever tell

    The blade is metal (a dark grey to the alu silver of the mounting) - no ruby on the blade unit. My Nagra however is one of the ruby ones so I'll venture the possibility that the introduction of the blade may have coincided with the ruby guides in the late 70s? Mine is nonTC, but with cue/pilot, and as I said, the head shield. Since you mention accessories, I've also a David Lane 3rd mic input, which I actually keep with the SJ to give it a 'standard' mic input: I'm forever looking out for another so as to have stereo preamps on the stereo machine. But as you can imagine I'm not using my two Nagras every day! Jez
  3. Nagra Stories Sound-men won’t ever tell

    My IV-S has the QRAC fitted ... I actually thought it was standard with the IV-S all these years. But I notice my IV-SJ doesn't have it, so maybe not. My IV-S also has the head 'shield' (whilst the other doesn't) so perhaps it was common to buy machines with both accessories fitted. J
  4. Equipment wishes for 2017

    Hmm, if you aren't opposed to 2 SD slots where you can easily reach them on the front (which I'm not) perhaps check out the Sonosax R4+ .... but unfortunately you're talking Swiss build quality here (that being a joke for those not familiar with Rolex or the cuckoo clock). Jez
  5. tlee

    Have you asked them? Jon etc? They are pretty helpful ... J Also, just realising it's your first post, you've probably accidentally named the post with your name rather than Sound Devices 442 Schematic so try to rename the post but also just call SD. I had my 302 go down in Asia and they could not have been more helpful.
  6. Stolen SD 688

    Re Pindrop, nearest match, yep you would think. Says a lot about the modern world, with all the profiling and surveillance, who doesn't have the cash to pay a team! RD ... rings true, and thus lucky that the lot was put through as a whole batch with serial numbers etc. Lucky obviously that Michael spotted it and checked up and reported back. I hope the seller, obviously a fortune down, sees the good side too. Maybe that JW t-shirt could still be a good idea. Overall moral (apart from insurance) - proof of serial numbers (re Doug's post) and management thereof for us all. Nice one, though, good to have one work out, and hopefully all innocent. With the latter in mind another moral: for such a situation when the recipient expects to hear from the proper owner and doesn't it is good that folks (Michael) continue to keep an eye out.
  7. Sonosax SX-R4+

    Hey Rado, ha ha ... well the original Cantar X had the primary media locked in a metal room and guarded by two 'prison officers' (in British slang) IIRC. Problem was behind this security the primary media itself was a poxy FireWire drive - child of the times, admittedly, but I always felt the weakest link in an otherwise superb machine (and one of my all time favourite designs, holding company well with Nagras III, IV-S, Crevette, etc). Also, I could have done with quicker access/swapping if weatherproofing could be maintained, so maybe this is an 'agree to disagree' point after all? Alberto, good to have you on the group and thanks for the picture. May I ask, presuming you're going through the desk into the R4+\AD8, are you utilising the mic pres on the latter units or just going line level into the (up to) 14 inputs from the desk and using just the ADC of the recorder combo? Cheers, Jez
  8. ...any rumors about one mini zaxcom like SD mix pre?

    Yep I think it's the lower price different market idea that the original poster was referring to. The 633 is also small and capable! J And Ramallo, being another Soundfield owner, I think that EVERY professional 4+ track recorder should have an ambisonic hp matrix (iso selective) built in ... for a Mix Pre, potential Minimaxx, etc, I'm not so bothered, but the higher priced stuff ought to take notice, and if the lower priced stuff decides to implement what doesn't exist in said high price stuff then damn good sir you have my support! Sign off if not bedtime now, for Betjemenland is just starting on the telly!
  9. Stolen SD 688

    RD, I held off posting before now just because I wanted to minimise the online potential to screw things up - I'm English and not too certain about the 'state' situation of law, but I think taking it to the police (and presumably the insurance if involved) was the absolute right thing to do, not trying to go it alone. Meanwhile I had my fingers crossed throughout the whole week and I am absolutely bloody delighted that it all worked out. We could come up with a sound community t-shirt for the seller if indeed he was the original culprit. Damn, I am almost as pleased as you are for this one. Best, Jez
  10. Sonosax SX-R4+

    I agree Patrick, an absolute non-issue, but to each their own. I always hated the media top-load on my Nagra .... but the Nagra still works and the F1 doesn't - damn, I can't make that joke work, can I? I cannot think of an old side-loader. But it stands, I find front load 'probably' more useful than side, and definitely a (little bit) more than than back, or bottom ... or even top. Curious how folks might like the fader/input module? Personally I would have preferred a smaller (less high, but deeper) footprint and more in/out/tb function. But that's not my own job, needs etc so doesn't affect me. The R4+ and AD8+ combination as it stands remains my current wish list favourite but I'm wondering of simple alternatives. I'm going to chuck a new module idea in there (for folks like me with external analogue mic preamps wanting to gain access to the extra channels via aes in without compromising the Sonosax ADC). How about, say, a four and an eight channel line level ADC unit without the preamps, or a 4mic + 4 mic/line version? I know this is asking for a lot - and am only thinking of it if it MIGHT be of any interest to other R4+ users ... And if it were relatively simple to provide such (reduced) options in the same 'box' to make it economically not ridiculous. There are easy ways around gaining access to the extra tracks in sync, (including some cheap), but not taking advantage of the quality ADC. Even strapping two R4+s together give 8 preamps and 4 line ins to one recording unit, which I have considered as an alternative to the AD8+. Just considering openly the possibilities, the needs of R4+ owners and AD8+ potential users, and crucially, the financial logistics of bringing out such 'reduced function' models. What's also obvious is that the AD8+ is not going to be a 'production sound' product so few of its potential users are going to be here on JWS, but I'm one of them so I will ask here anyway. Interested in whatever anyone might have to say. Jez
  11. The Opposite of Mixing?

    Least Used Skill No10 = speech clarity ?? Was the compiler perhaps making some point about mumblecore?
  12. Gear for Sale

    Beretta, that's a lady's gun isn't it? With 36 kills you should know that you are legitimate for the Want to Buy - Want to Sell section which we all DO look to and act upon for a good trustworthy source of sale and trade. Log in and it appears. Sorry for the piss take, "I drink coffee, tea is mud." I am a Bond fan and couldn't resist! Best , Jez
  13. A well priced dialogue mic.

    ?? Although nobody has asked me I recommend the Sennheiser MKH50. Not cheap but 'well priced'. ??
  14. iZotope RX6 and beyond...

    As a dialogue editor, a sound engineer ... and a 'filmmaker' : A good topic, perhaps the wrong title (it could be Cedar And .... or many many others over the last several years). In a studio situation, I am able to put the 'right' mic in the best possible position, then it's my experience and judgement that hopefully gets me a good sound. On set, one does the same, but the best possible position is rarely if ever the best position. This has always been the case, even in the pretty rare eras when camera waited on sound. Even when production sound is great (in narrative film) there is work to be done down the line by the dialogue editor and rerecording mixer (and often ADR editor/mixer and most importantly the actor reperforming). These are our jobs, and hopefully we all do good jobs of it. Certain products help us do our jobs but that's it. Perhaps if things reach a stage that our employers believe that the software/hardware is providing the skill we might need a big rethink: the budget remixer for instance suggesting it's his talent, not his investment, that provides the miraculous result. In the meantime let's keep working well with all departments and preach to the producers and directors the needs (within reason) of the sound department. I love the tech and welcome it. It's not filmmaking, we are. Jez
  15. Gear rental China

    Hi Todd, well I was using radio mics twenty odd years ago in HK, so maybe folks have changed 'back' to the good old days of wired mics! I can imagine RF to be a real bugger though. It was common to record scratch audio and loop everything for narrative. There's a fairly recent 2017 HK rentals thread elsewhere on the forum, mentioning Salon, Cinerent and some theatrical/music show rental options if anybody's looking: either General Discussion or Current if not Equipment. Best, Jez