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  1. Well, I can see the aerial there, and when the mic's plugged in I envisage even more problems. Could you perhaps get a plant pot from props Jack and try that? Jez x
  2. For those of us in the UK the inaugural concert is getting a broadcast on Radio 3 in a few minutes (and I presume it's available on BBC iplayer for a few weeks). Looks like a terrific programme for those who like modern noisy stuff, with Wolfgang Rihm etc. Jez
  3. Rado, you must have missed my reply about John Willett and the Sennheiser dig module a few weeks ago. As far as I know, John made up his own cable: working at the time for Sennheiser he was aware that the module was 'stereo ready' even though the cables available were only mono. I agree that Sennheiser really should release a stereo y-cable commercially into the accessory range. i've bumped the thread where John talked about this (in links to two aes papers) - Daniel's 'Sennheiser vs Neumann' thread which should be close again. John's post is near the end of the thread. best, Jez
  4. Bounced again for Rado (equipment wishes 2017 thread). Jez
  5. Thirty more summers ... I love mumbling - just needs a great mixer to bring it out?
  6. All I'll say at this point is - THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I'm going to download this tomorrow, print it out, and read it at leisure in a suitable environment - pub or crapper I expect, both ideal. I actually picked up an Edwardian era (prob?) schoolbook a while back describing sound first as physics then in several environments, including eg underwater and war (being WWI in this case). Thanks! I expect to enjoy this. Jez
  7. You know what I want in POST? A great story ... A great performance .... beautifully recorded. Then I can get on with my REAL job ... which is? Yeah, I've forgotten ... j x (cheers, afmy!)
  8. Not radios, but every single one of my microphones (40+?) is analogue out. I don't record production sound, but I do record stereo, multichannel stereo etc and positional multichannel. So, yes, please, long live analogue in too! Jez
  9. Anything is indestructible if you try harder?
  10. Great idea! Try it with a Cinela too while you're at it and let us know how they compare in pure strength! J
  11. Plenty of room for other gadgets/features ... 10 linear faders and a huge screen. I think they perhaps looked hard at the F8 ergonomics in the design stage (TA3M outputs etc) ... ! No, a doggy bag of cable adapters just to plug a mic that isn't an Audix into it is a huge price to pay, and I never thought I'd say it of the Cantar family (my favourite machines after the IV-S) but I reckon a serious design failure, and one I hope they manage to change before the assembly line. Jez
  12. Well there's 'mini' and then there's 'mini, nb requires a bag of accessories for the simplest connection'. TA3M? How big exactly are 6 or 8 XLRs that meant this had to be a cable-monster to use? Jez Adamson
  13. Personally I was upset when B&K then DPA decided to branch out beyond omni ... after all, who else has given us such a fine and varied range of omni response? Pressure gradient? Screw up the phase response? Bah! Jez x
  14. Hi Rado, have a look at the 'Sennheiser vs Neumann' thread I've just resurrected and read John Willett's post about using a single MZD8000 with two microphones. That is what you meant isn't it? Jez
  15. Rado, have a look at John Willett's thread (three above) and download and read his AES 130 'what's it all about' paper. On page six he mentions having made a custom y cable to clock and output two 8020s into one MZD8000 - and there's a photo - figure 10. Jez