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  1. Underwater Mics

    Me too, they are pretty cool. Rented them out to a scientific north pole expedition. They were very happy
  2. DPA 4017 c vs b preamp

    No, the c amp is fine. That last time I wanted the B amp was in very heavy winds where I felt like I could use all the help I could get. However, if you’re going wireless, it is possible to overload the tx with near-sub or subsonic rumble. That’s where the b can help, but tbh I rarely if ever reach for it.
  3. Finally a cheap and accurate Timecode slate?

    I was recently on a job where cameras were rolling at 192 fps almost all the time. Takes would last up to 90 minutes and cameras would swap cards on the fly via the 2nd AC. It was a closed up built set which you couldn’t leave while we were rolling, so the 2nd AC had a backpack full of V-mounts, cards and whatever else. In top if that she had to carry an older heavier Ambient lockit slate, because whenever the cameras changed cards and started rolling they would briefly hold the TC display of the slate in to the frame (as the cameras wouldn’t accept either TC or audio). A tiny accurate TC display like timevar on an iphone would have been perfect for this.
  4. Update on the upcoming Tentacle Sync-E

    It is.
  5. Finally a cheap and accurate Timecode slate?

    I wouldn’t give the ipad/phone to the AC, they would just use their own. I think a phone is great for this - except the screen issues, which I don’t really know, but so far I have always been able to read my phone outside, so that should be fine. iPhone (or other smartphones) are fairly cheap, and the latency is apparently not an issue, or the app compensates for it. But most importantly, this app and others like it are not meant as a replacement to a full size TC slate. These are for doc shooters and others with really compact setups, where a fairly large TC slate would be an unacceptable burden on whoever is in charge of slating.
  6. Update on the upcoming Tentacle Sync-E

    Yes, all of these are good point, you‘re right. The only pointer I have (and this is only from memory) is that TentacleSync said that you could connect up to 10 Sync E‘s to an iPhone. Anyway, all of this will be limited by the phone and not so much the individual apps. The good news is that the Tentacles will work just fine without any Bluetooth device in sight
  7. Update on the upcoming Tentacle Sync-E

    That’s a good question. For me personally, I know of only one more Bluetooth app I ever use. That is ForScore (or 4score, not sure). I use the Bluetooth pedal to turn pages (sometimes). I can try that sometime, but I think it’s more likely to cause a conflict between 4score and Wingman rather than Tentacle. Android I don’t know
  8. Update on the upcoming Tentacle Sync-E

    ... and if one of the Tentacles is out of sync with the others, there‘ll be a warning sign. Just like the above warnings for fps and cable issues. I also did a quick test to switch between the Wingman app and the Tentacle app and all three devices in thos case (Tentacle, 633 and iphone) stayed paired and reconnected within a second after switching apps.
  9. 2 in, Multiple outs

    You can also search for a distribution amp. There are cheap variants, from the likes of Behringer, and more expensive ones, geared towards broadcast applications, like from Kramer, such as this: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/367840-REG/Kramer_VM_1110XL_VM_1110XL_Balanced_Audio_Distribution.html it‘s much cheaper than the PSC, but may boast less features
  10. wireless receiver antenna

    You want to cut the 1031? This antenna is not meant to be cut. It’s a wideband antenna and cover 450-950 MHz. They work ok. I used them for my iem system. As they are omni antennas I thought they covered an overall larger area.
  11. Timecode question

    The Mini is regularly 2 frames off, but Arri claim to have fixed this with the latest firmware
  12. Lectrosonics SMWB coming soon?

    That would still render them a US company Last I heard they were being sued by Zax because of their PDR. As much fun as that probably is, I‘m sure they are not too keen on another lawsuit
  13. It is a good idea to use a (any) signal generator for this, but the RF Explorer one is not an add-on module it’s a stand-alone device. I suspect that most of us won’t have one, but if you do, that could help. I still think calling Lectro with the serial would be quicker and easier (than buying an rfe generator). Or, as suggested above, open the box and look at the pcb. My SSM has its serial and block written there
  14. Don‘t think it‘ll pick up much from a receiver
  15. Looking Into Buying Zaxcom IFB

    I use the Sennheiser system as well. On my cart I‘ll use the left channel for my boom op and the right channel for the others. While it can transmit only at 30mW, I can remote the antenna which helps a lot. In my bag I have two skp2000 transmitters which transmit at 50mW, so that compensates a bit the non-remote antenna. My boom op will have to switch to another frequency, but that’s quick to do. But I don’t need to touch any of the other receivers which is a big plus