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  1. Is that with the internal 30dB boost or without?
  2. In another thread about the 4098 Jeff W tested the mic with the XLR adapter and he said that it was a bit quieter and generally seemed to sound nicer, but not by that much. In his own opinion, and that of others he referenced, the higher noise floor of the mic is a non issue. And I agree, although I don't use them with Zax tx, but that voltage thing seems to have little influence. But most of us, I believe, use the mic as car plants most of the time, where a higher noise floor of the mic is the leadt of our concerns. Use the mic in action, you will probably find that it's a very useful and nice sounding mic.
  3. Hi Vin, yes, it does feel like a long time, you should visit again! You are right, I could go through the docs and all, but this discussion here was meant as an extension of the discussion I had with Max at TentacleSync. They are interested in what everyone's personal preference would be. I know there isn't one for all, but maybe there could be a most common orientation for the plug?
  4. The adapter is the correct one, but the mic is wrong, it is not a low DC mic. The adapter won't change that. It needs 5V and the Zaxcom tx only provides 3V. This is why in their lav range, they have the low DC mics (eg 4063). This will raise the noisefloor slightly
  5. But only before making the actual cable, right?
  6. Yes, I think so, but only when you are making the cable. Once everything's been soldered, you can't change it anymore - I think. I was more hoping for ideas regarding the recorder end, not so much the camera end, but I guess this is useful, too.
  7. Oh sorry, what I meant was which direction would you want the cable to exit on a right-angle Lemo plug?
  8. As in 16 or 24 inputs, right? Because it sounds smaller... if yes, I agree! And have mentioned it here many times. Also I am hoping for a bigger CL-9 or CL-12, or whatever any other company might offer. By bigger I don't mean more faders, but generally more buttons and pots. Especially pots. Like on the CL-9 for EQ we have frequency, Q, and gain. Why not have one pot for each control? Solo buttons AND mute buttons... etc. I don't like to remember my cassette player/recorder, but I liked its big latch-on buttons. You know when they'vr engaged. Something like that on a controller would be awesome
  9. Yesterday, I had a chat with Max from TentacleSync and he mentioned that Lemo is now offering right-angle Lemo plugs. The orientation needs to be decided on at the time of purchase. TentacleSync want to offer this plug with their cables, and so Max asked me which orientation for the plug I would prefer. I have my opinion of course, but realized that this may not be the same for everyone else. So, what does everyone think which orientation would be best?
  10. Well, if you change your mind again, you should probably buy your mics before Friday. Tariffs could go up considerably
  11. This is very wrong. Local dealer is one thing (a lot of them can't handle the MicroDot and so they have to send it in), but there must be a DPA distributor in your country, or neighbouring country, some place where shipping to isn't so expensive. I have never had an issue with my mics which the german distributor couldn't fix. Sometimes they state on their invoice that a mic had to be sent to Denmark, because it couldn't be repaired. That just means they actually replaced the mic and I'm getting a new one (cbsixty, I bet that's what Zeigermann did) - for much less than buying a new one in the shop. They'll only do that with repairs, though of course. It is also very easy to locate the fault on your mic - I mean the physical position. Tell them that position and they might not charge you the 50€ for diagnosis. Many companies charge something when you bring them gear for trying to find the fault. They will then contact you and let you know what's broken. If you don't want it fixed, you have to pay the diagnosis anyway. But if you do want it fixed, they won't charge the diagnosis fee. I'd be very surprised if DPA did that differently. How much would you have to pay for shipping from Zagreb to Copenhagen for a small package? Come on, it can't be €70. Have a good talk with your dealer, or go to someone else. These prices just aren't right, especially if you consider how much you pay for a new mic
  12. Is that DPA in Denmark? Because this is not the case for the aforementioned Mega Audio, their rep in Germany. The repairs are much less. Unless you're in Denmark yourself there's usually no specific reason to send your mics to them, whoever is their rep in your country can do the repairs just as well (and shipping is cheaper, too). As long as there is a rep. CB, did you send the mic to DPA or Mega Audio? This just out of curiosity
  13. I am sure someone will chime in who can answer most of your questions. I could only gues... But whatever you do, do not tether yourself to the camera. You'd have a terrible time in the crowd. Use a recorder and/or a wireless link if possible.
  14. No the cable itself breaks in places, especially in the area just above the MicroDot, the bit which they already reinforced. This is not related to the MicroDot, though. It has more to do with talent dropping tx while they are wired
  15. Me too. Although the cable just above the MicroDot is a common cause for crackling and other issues.