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  1. Wireless Mic and Recorder

    Well, that’s easy: an orange!
  2. Viviana or Ursa?

    Of course! I was merely trying to support your earlier statement
  3. Wireless Mic and Recorder

    That‘s because this is very difficult to discuss in a forum. Same with microphones, the character is rarely discussed here. It’s a matter of personal taste anyway. I would recommend that you find a discussion here and contact someone directly who has a Cantar
  4. Viviana or Ursa?

    Perhaps it’s a bit more than that, but I believe the trademark will only protect the product‘s name and maybe that of his company. I do not think that it will protect the product innovation itself. Such as it is...
  5. Viviana or Ursa?

    Like I said: solvable but annoying.
  6. Viviana or Ursa?

    I am also heavily invested in Ursa straps and have no real need for Viviana straps atm. While I am very happy with Ursa compared to my old NeoPax straps, I do have two have two issues with Ursa straps. The cable pocket is way too small. That being said, I don’t really need anyway. I‘ll either use the tx pocket or the belt itself. Just last week we were shooting outside in pretty cold weather and all actresses were wearing warm and long underwear. On this underwear the thigh belt will not stay in place and slip down all the time. It’s solvable, but annoying. Curious how Viviana will handle these two issues
  7. Wireless Mic and Recorder

    Lots of people use Zaxcom recorders and lots of people use Aaton and Sonosax recorders. Your statement may be true for your local market, but it isn’t otherwise. Look around these pages a lot more and you will find users for all recorders and you will be able to answer your other questions, too.
  8. Sound Devices recorders - which way to go?

    Agreed. However, if you have the chance to get the data wrangler or assistent editor on board you can probably ask them to do it, as it is only a 5 minute thing for them. Not wanting to fire up my laptop after wrap is one of the main reasons I never use the recording function on some of my transmitters...
  9. Microdot on transmitter

    I work with DPA MicroDot mics almost exclusively and have done for several years. 4 and more years ago the MicroDot coming loose from the adapter was an issue sometimes, but it isn’t anymore. I don’t know if they changed anything there, or if I have become better at tightening them to begin with, but they work flawlessly now. I would like a transmitter with a MicroDot connection. If nothing else it would reduce the overall length of the connector and that should reduce potential problems.
  10. Bling your kit

    If you are talking about the Schoeps, the colouring is not actually all that expensive.
  11. Sound Devices recorders - which way to go?

    I sacrificed an input on machine one into which I routed the mix of machine 2. That still left me with 15 inputs. Same with three recorders, into two inputs perhaps, or you can use a tiny mixer and route an output from each recorder to it to monitor. The advantage of using an input, though, is that you can have all 2 (or three) mixes mixed into one mixdown on the main machine. Depending on what it is you are recording you can even use MixAssist on one or two recorders.
  12. Wireless

    And again, I am curious why Arnold is suddenly bringing all the threads back where Senator is merely mentioned? Arnold, please do NOT bring back every thread in which Senator is either mentioned or has posted in.
  13. Audix 1280B Shotgun

    Who exactly is emulating Senator? He has left this forum anyway, so I don’t quite get why you feel the need to bring back this older thread which had already run its course...
  14. Sound Devices recorders - which way to go?

    Transmitter limiter and recorder limiter are two separate things and you won’t improve one by changing the other. Any recordee can freeze at any time, but with SD it seems particularly important to use only authorized media. For me personally I‘ll stick with my 788 setup. I have one on my cart, another in a bag and if I need more tracks or inputs I can cascade two recorders easily with just one cable. Then it turns into a 16 input recorder. I did a job like that last year and I used a CL-9 for one recorder and a CL-8 for the other. I remoted the CL-8 so it could sit almost on the CL-9. I also have a keyboard on my cart for metadata, so to be honest I couldn’t care less about the CL-Wifi. I never missed it, and it never worked well, either. Think about this: you can buy three used 788, plus two CL-8 and a CL-9 for 24 great sounding analog and/or digital inputs and still come out cheaper than a Cantar X3. You can easily merge the files from all recorders into one file, if needed, so post won’t even know the difference. Maybe SD comes out with a larger recorder again, but at the moment it doesn’t look good