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  1. Constantin

    Rechargeable Batteries for TX

    This was with Eneloops?
  2. Constantin

    Audix 1280B Shotgun

    No no, there is an issue and it’s not Senator. But I‘m glad you took your time in responding. That’s what they always say when you get angry, right? „Sleep over it“?. And you did. Didn’t help much, but you tried
  3. Constantin

    Rechargeable Batteries for TX

    Only 4 hours? With black Eneloops I‘m getting at least 8 hours
  4. Constantin

    Zoom F8

    While microphones are fine being plugged and unplugged with phantom power on, other equipment may not be, such as wireless receivers. The SRa version of Lectro for example had that problem for a while, so it may be good practice to always turn phantom off when unplugging a mic
  5. Constantin

    Canon C100 timecode synch

    Yes, they don’t request it often, because they still don’t know about it. Just last week I was working with this very experienced DP who would bring in his own Blackmagic camera to supplement what was otherwise an Alexa shoot. He didn’t even know that it could record audio! Or even record TC that way
  6. Constantin

    6 series trim knob -CL12

    Well, the people who build the technology can adjust it. When I said „adjust it to me“, I didn’t mean that literally. I don’t want gear to adjust to me personally. I just don’t want to change an important part of my workflow, such as easy access to trim pot. If they come up with a good idea, that makes sense in terms of workflow, I‘m all for it. As an example I‘ll mention Cantar, where on its surface you can have fader 1 control the mix contribution of input one and with fader 2 you can control the gain of input 1 (you can also choose to not do this). To me that’s a clever way of improving the workflow, while leaving it to me if I actually want it. Sound Decices otoh force me to adopt their workflow, which in the case of the trim pots can only have been a total mental blackout on their part. At least if I could change the function of those rotary dials... Very generally speaking I want my control surface to be as close to an analog console as possible. YMMV
  7. Constantin

    How can boom ops be more diplomatic?

    Yes, we've done that as well, but this is also a reason why I have monitors on my cart. If needed I'll advise the boom-op of the frame lines and mid-take I'll keep an eye out for the boom and alert the boom-op as soon as I can see a hint of mic in the cache - if there is one. Same goes for reflections and shadows which can be even trickier to spot. Something a bit OT, but I was just wondering about this: For a whole host of reasons, I wire talent myself. One of them is that I want my boom-op to stay close to the set and watch and react to what is going on there. Wiring people is a distraction from that. Many reasons listed in this thread why a boom-op is such a difficult job. So why do so many of you - of us - make this job even more difficult by asking the boom-op to wire talent?
  8. Constantin

    6 series trim knob -CL12

    Even though I may sound older now than I am, but I want my technology to adjust to me not vice versa. Well, obviously that’s not really true, but the point if the CL-12 and all other mixer controllers obviously is to bring us back the analog mixer experience. And that’s what I want. The more of a real mixer I have, the happier I am. That’s why I really like the new Aaton Cantaress controller, even though I just can’t justify its cost at the moment (or that of the prerequisite Cantar X3). The day I accept the trims on the 688 I might as well accept the on-boards fader dials. Why get the fader board at all? Eventually I‘ll get used to it. Or not
  9. Constantin

    Rain protection sound bag

    I use the Sachtler poncho, too. I quite like it as it is light and has no frills that are not needed and it can be packed into a small package. I also have the MTO slicker, which is the exact opposite: heavy and doesn’t pack well and has feature I don’t need. It‘s also quite large. I put it on my cart in lighter rain as it is large enough ro cover most of it
  10. Constantin

    Rain Proofing Material for Indoor shoots on rainy days

    What also works to a degree is the filler material used for loudspeakers. Can’t remember the name. It’s basically the same as used in Remote Audios Rainman. To cover an entire roof you‘d need quite a lot and a way to fasten it, but it’s certainly cheaper than hog‘s hair.
  11. That what bothers me most. This place is here. It’s established, well populated, incl by manufacturers and it is searchable. And it’s very nearly asleep compared to Facebook. By now I am on maybe a dozen Facebook group, all of them to do with some aspect concerning location sound, including a few manufacturer specific groups. Most of them are great, and most importantly they are very busy. But there are so many groups and it’s difficult to follow, partly because of the high amount of activity. And the way Facebook presents all this activity is really stupid: you can‘t properly quote someone. Yes, you can respond directly below a comment, but that just makes it more difficult to read after a while. If there is a post and it has 120 comments, they are arranged un comments and sub-comments so to speak. And if by the time you have read the first 60 posts you need to stop reading and come back in am hour, it’s all gone from your timeline (especially on a mobile version) and you need to first find the post again, and then remember where you were and start reading again, but now there are 200 more sub-comments, underneath various comments, so basically you need to read everything again, if you really want to read all of it. Since Facebook makes that virtually impossible, within one topic there are endless repetitions and mostly unread stuff... it is so very depressing. Leaving aside for moment the data thing, I absolutely despise Facebook exactly for it‘s stupid inability to enable actual discussions. I don’t even understand why people say it’s so convenient. It is NOT! it’s really very inconvenient So it would actually be much more convenient if all of that activity could be moved over here. Because here we can use quotes, searches, and keep reading even the longest thread without ever losing our place, no matter how long we‘ve been away. Here I have a timeline, too, but it shows me what I want to see, and not what it thinks I want to see. Sorry if that sounds like I‘m venting. But I see how JWSound is getting progressively quieter and then I see all this tremendous activity over there, and I see where it’s going wrong, but it seems like that’s the way it’s going to be, and I‘m just frustrated. I don’t think we can convince everyone to come over here and forget about FB, but that would be really cool.
  12. Constantin

    Best small format recorders for planting

    Have you got a Zaxnet transmitter? If not that can get quite expensive. If yes, you might as well consider getting one of their regular transmitters, which can all record, too. But I think you can get TC into the recorder even without Zaxnet. The other Zaxnet may be less relevant for a plant mic.
  13. Constantin

    Canon C100 timecode synch

    I‘m sure it was a joke. At least part-joke. But I worked in various docs in the past, where there was rarely a chance to slate a take, so often it was decided to worry about that in post. Of course it’s foolish to work with a non-TC camera in such a case, but since they did, other options were needed. Some productions insisted on a PluralEyes workflow (and out of those, some said the camera‘s mic would be sufficient for it. I think they are still syncing the audio and video...) and some wanted something more reliable, which is audio TC.
  14. I wouldn’t want to pass track/mic selection and others to an algorithm, and I don’t think that would even be that beneficial. A good start could be an app that automatically aligns phase between a number of tracks. Perhaps looking for non speach parts where it could splice and align everything to a chosen master track. Considering we already have had things like VocAlign and PluralEyes for some years now, I just can’t imagine that to be too tricky. But I think that could save a lot of time in post
  15. Constantin

    Survey: Wireless receivers integration in the Cantar family.

    Maybe I am not reading this right, but I am fairly certain that they don’t want to actually integrate the receiver into the Cantar only the interface, much like the SuperSlot thing Sound Devices offer.