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  1. I don't understand why it should be the auto mixer that will replace us. If anything, it'll replace a post position, because now the mixes may sound good already, whereas on many reality gigs, juggling 5/6/7+ wireless and the boom, mixing was nearly impossible. So an automixer (and they existed before Dugan was brought to the 633), makes something possible that wasn't possible before. I won't hurt us, it'll help us (I mean bag-based work).
  2. I have my own insurance for my gear. Had it since day one. Don't know why, just always felt safer. It allows for 100k€ of rental gear per year. So I am always covered. So far, production companies have always picked up the deductible, even if their insurance did not cover my gear. I don't like the paperwork, and there isn't much. On bigger productions, it states on my deal memo that the production company is responsible for my gear. I'll include an equipment list. This list is almost always the same and lists all the location sound gear I own. They sign it, done. No hassle for me, none for them. They can forward that list to the insurance or not, I don't care. So far, they have always paid. Although I've never had any bigger damages
  3. No, you invoice everything to the production company and you deal with the rental house. That way you can build a relationship with the rental house and they'll be more inclined to offer you discounts and help you later when you are ready to buy more gear. And when you know them and they know you, they'll be more understanding if you can't pay an invoice straight away, because once again your client needed 8 weeks to pay your invoice. And by the way, the discounts you negotiate, you don't pass them on to the production company, that's your cut
  4. Well, I did say that. And I did look it up in the Deva manual. You could've just done the same instead of sulking away. In an effort to cool things down a bit, please consider the following: This is a thread about Sound Devices products. Most who were posting here, use and know SD products, possibly they do not know Zaxcom recorders to any greater extent. Bash mentioned that Zaxcom does offer this feature. You thought he meant Nomad, but you only mentioned this in passing, if at all. No-one "helped you", at first, because nobody noticed this or maybe simply nobody knew that only the Deva and not Nomad offered this feature!
  5. Martin, No-one ever said in this thread that this feature existed on the Nomad. Only you thought someone did, okay? Just because someone said Zaxcom, doesn't mean this feature exists on all Zaxcom devices. Now, please, let it go. As I mentioned before, sometimes silence is the answer (or something very similar)
  6. As a non Zaxcom user I've found the answer within two minutes, by looking at the manual. I'm surprised that Zaxcom themselves don't know about this, since they put it in there themselves. It's exactly as Bash described it. But... it's on the Deva.
  7. Did he not just explain that?
  8. No, there is no need to start out with a full kit. I thought so myself when I started out, and ended up with a lot gear I never used, partly because I felt a bit embarrassed about it. Start with a proper mic, is my advice. And buy it new, so you get full warranty and can be certain it's in good health. I'd suggest the 416, as this will turn into the must-have backup. Rent everything else - especially wireless. Even something like the Sennheiser EW is nice and can be re-purposed later, 4 sets still cost quite a bit, and you'll need better mics and all that. If there is no rental house nearby, habe them mail it to you. That's what I did in the first 5 or so years in my career, too, when I lived in the wrong market. And then I did the opposite, too. Mail my gear to others as rental. You have to get the production company to pay for this. They would have to pay for your gear rental, too. Then add to your kit as your jobs grow
  9. Apparently, you did not read posts #4-8. I had suggested to you that perhaps no-one made the claim that Zaxcom had an auto mute function. I mean if you can't find it in the manual who can? Or we patiently wait for Bash to clarify his statement, if he feels so inclined, or for someone else who knows this auto mute on Zaxcom recorders. Although sometimes the silence tells the story.
  10. You could just wrap a couple of cables together yourself. Use some heatshrink - done. It's certain to be the cheapest option. Otherwise, Kortwich build nice cables. They are in Berlin
  11. It was, but in-between Bash said that Zaxcom did it, too. By context that could be referring to the wiping. Posts #4 - #8 within this thread may help
  12. That *may* have been a reference to the ass-wipe capabilities of Zaxcom. Not entirely sure, though, but it was posted in that context. Oh, here is a thought: why don't you read the manual?
  13. Kind of, yes. An automatic switch.
  14. What is not correct? I was agreeing with you. Or at least questioning the statement by the previous poster, Mungo. I wrote that if he, Mungo, were right, that it would then be a violation of FCC rules
  15. Why don't you just take one card at wrap and hand it to production and take other card with you at night and back up to your computer at home? It's about a 5-10 minutes process