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  1. Because it would be kinda daft to ask Zaxcom for a product which they already make. Unfortunately, it's not very small at all. It's just smaller than many other options mentioned here.
  2. Doesn't look so little, to be honest. The Ambient UMP ii is much smaller - judging from this picture at least
  3. I don't have any personal recommendations, I'm afraid, but a Google search like "Lectrosonics Sweden", yields several results, such as this one: which is located very near Stockholm This: Appears to be right in Stockholm and they even have an emergency number
  4. If you were prepared to spend about $540 for the Papi, you might as well spend $530 for the Sennheiser SKP300 and get everything in one package. You could then also sell your SKP100. Or you get the Ambient UMPii for about half that price, but then you can't sell your SKP100, and have more clutter to deal with
  5. The mp3 recording is absolutely fine for trancription, which is it's main purpose anyway, I suppose, so it's not a really big issue at all. It shouldn't stop anyone from buying a 633. It will only record the LR mix tracks as Mp3, not the Isos, so it's not ideal as a backup format. Couldn't the 744 record mp3 files, too? How does this sound?
  6. I don't think it's the encoder per se. I don't think I have recently heard an mp3 file this bad. I think it's the real-time part of the operation that's making it difficult for the recorder. I bet if the recorder recorded the track as .wav and converted to mp3 after the recording stopped, it would sound much better.
  7. Incidentally, there was a thread here when Sound Devices announced the end of production of the 744. They still make the 788, so talk about it being abandoned would be a bit weird. I suppose "Abandoned" has somewhat negative connotations. They simply stopped producing it and developing new firmware for it. But I'm sure they still service it. So it's not been abandoned.
  8. I have tried this now with my 633 and can confirm that I have got some very noticeable artifacts even at 320kbit/s. Have you heard back from SD yet?
  9. You could get some piece-a-fur (Bubblebee) and make your own. It's not that difficult. The whole mount will get quite large, though
  10. If you have dynamic scenes or worry that you will have to cover lots of shouting or whatever, the 4061 is definitely better suited. If you're stuck in Mumblecore the 4060 will help. Overall, I think the 4061 is the best allrounder
  11. I don't know... I did work with noise-cancelling headphones on a couple of student projects. It wasn't Bose, but some Audio Technica model. They are fairly noisy, but sound ok'ish, and comfortable to wear. Not a very closed design, so you need to rely on the noise cancelling part to do its job well. And it does to a degree. But I suspected that they would also change the audio in a way I couldn't really know, so in the end I simply didn't trust them. Not an option for me.
  12. For me it's the the 4061, sometimes 4060, even less times the Slim. The Slim is a great mic, but it's definitely not an allrounder.
  13. Maybe something like Gearslutz might be better suited, considering the context of "bar band"
  14. I'm not sure you've come to the right place to ask this question. Maybe something like Gearslutz might be better suited
  15. Not so sure if this was meant as joke, but if not then I definitely disagree. I have tried so many different headphones and originally liked the HD-25's for a nice compromise for many aspects, such as sound, isolation, comfort and so on. Then I switched to the 7506 and I much prefer their sound. So much more open and revealing - not nice, definitely wouldn't choose them for music listening, but much more suitable for the job. After trying and discarding others, I bought the Ultrasone Signature Pro. Such nice headphones (albeit a bit pricey). Love their sound. Worked with them for a while, but it turns out they actually have the ability to make everything sound nice and conceal problems I want to identify and them solve. So they make the job better, but they make me worse at doing my job. So I switched back to the 7506, partly because I also aquired the HN7506 and the switch back and forth is obviously much easier. Now I suffer again, because I hear all this crap. Sometimes, though, I do wonder if I shouldn't switch back to the Ultrasones and just relax a bit...