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  1. Oh yes, the pivot is pretty cool. The Marshall also weighs quite a bit more, which for me, with an already heavy cart, was important. I don't know how you could ever need any of the other inputs offered on the Marshall. When have you last seen an analog video feed? HDMI might be possible from Camera to somewhere, but then they usually split it off and turn into SDI.
  2. What do you need the 4-pin cable for? The Blackmagic has a coaxial input... I quite like the Smartview Duo. Cheap and cheerful. The lack of controls doesn't bother me. The picture is bright and colourful, that's all I need. The only thing I don't like are the pc board mounted connectors, which could result in terrible damage - in the worst case. I have solved that by installing a patch to which the video cables connect. So that would need to be ripped out first, before any damage could be done to the monitors.
  3. Yes, I mean despite the first post of this thread VdB is still around and still making poles
  4. So what did you put on your mic?
  5. So that's with the Mini CMIT, right? just trying to figure out why it's working so well with my DPA4017c. Apart from possible shortcomings of the mount this may also be an issue with the foam. Of those of you who have tried the INV19-lite, which foam or other wind protection did you use?
  6. Possible, I don't know. I only have the 8060 one and I never use it or the mic. To be honest I haven't spent much time evaluating different foams, as they have never really been an issue for me. Whenever a boom op needs to do a fast move which creates noise, they will put it between words so nothing willne lost. It's easy to replace that noise later. I've never had an issue with that on words.
  7. Then why were you looking at wireless gear?
  8. I agree, but that's only for boom noises and low freq hums. It's not going to help much with swooshes from fast booming I agree as well. It's the same with the Schoeps foam, it's crap, too. Rycote has foams in offer, and then there are softie type solutions, like the softie or Bublebee's windkiller, etc. Although, I just thought, the foam that comes with the 8060 looks better, but I haven't actually tried it yet. It's also a similar diameter, but of course it's too long for the 4017c
  9. Yes, but Doc Justice was neither referring to you nor to John Blankenship, nor to the BoomBoy, regardless of a Walmart or RemoteAudio origin. He was talking about the Boom Mate, in reference to David Waelder's comment.
  10. But David Waelder was, and then I commented about that, too, both calling it the Boom Buddy. But Doc points out it's actually called Boom Mate.
  11. Wait, they bought Cinela? I did not know that. But you like Cinela? Or maybe they are not a monopoly. Anyway, everyone has their own opinion, and experience, that's fine. Personally, I have not been happy with my Cinela mounts, and I only really like the INV lite, funnily enough. Have to admit, though, the Cyclone leaves me a bit under-whelmed. Many aspects about it I really like, but weight and wind performance are not it Pretty clunky term as well, though. Now, are we talking about fast mid-long to long movements, quickly between words? Ir are we talking about regular booming two people a metre apart? With gentle movements back and forth?
  12. Based on looking at it again? What's not practical about it? The fast mounting mechanism? The very firm grip on the grip? With the other INVs you have to kind of squeeze the mic into place. This could sometimes leave marks on the mic and needed to be adjusted for optimum lyre stretch. With this, you slide the mic in, push the lever - done. Noisy? Again, as mentioned in the MiniCMIT thread, I can't confirm that. It has been my quietest mount to date
  13. I'm surprised you can see how noisy something is. I usually have to listen to things to find out how they sound. And I disagree with you whole-heartedly. I think it's a great mount, the clamping mechanism is really fast and tight, gripping the mic firmly. There is no noise coming from the mount per se, but when you do fast and long swings, you do hear a swoosh, but that's true for any mount and usually more due to the foam cover rather than the mount. What exactly don't you like about it? Other than looking at it, apparently... That's great, and I love the 4017c, too, but perhaps not very helpful since the guy asked about the MiniCMIT... I assume you mean the INV lite? All indoor mounts are called INV. I cannot confirm your findings at all. In fact, with my DPA 4017, this is actually the quietest mount, and I tried at least 4 types
  14. I have the Boom Buddy, too, as well as the BoomBoy. It's pretty nice, but I was always worried that it could tip left or right easier than the BoomBoy. Especially if that rubber section aged and got loose. But I assume that hasn't happened with your Boom Buddy. Mine is only a few years old, but I very rarely use it. Same with the BoomBoy. I need either piece maybe max once a year Ok then. Maybe then consider it an apology for what's still to come... No, I'm kidding of course. No one is considered bad, because of their buying choices. Short-sighted maybe, but not bad. I think you still seeing this too much on a personal level. And to re-iterate: it is not about Walmart. That's a different discussion. It's about strengthening and supporting those companies that exist solely to provide and develop services and products for our industry. They need money for that. Money they earn in part from selling things a bit more expensive than you might expect to pay someplace else - for a similar product. Anyway, this is getting a bit boring. Just re-read what Karl Wasserman wrote to your Facebook post. Then either you'll agree or you won't. Who cares, right?
  15. Hi Aginzo, sorry if you feel demonized or attacked in any way, that wasn't my intent. I had tried to make that clear in my first post of this strand of the thread, but apparently I didn't. Again, this was not meant as a personal attack or insult, I didn't even mean to criticize your particular buying choice. Nor do I care where you buy your BoomBoy, or what else you buy at Walmart and why. We all have to make ends meet, and for some this is easier than it is for others. This also doesn't question your entire career, I only used your quote to make the general point that I was hoping most of us buy their stuff at the usual suspects and not at Walmart or something like that (including B&H). I was perhaps hoping for some kind of discussion about this issue, which I do believe is important and I really liked Karl Wasserman's response to you spin-off discussion on Facebook where he made many good points. I don't think this issue relates to diy and second-hand purchases. It's also not about trying to save money. again, apologies Aginzo if you felt attacked or unfairly picked on