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  1. Not if it's exactly one frame all the time
  2. Rado should do it. He got them to design a whole new mic
  3. I bought them at Wendy's Broadcast in England. Audiosense in Belgium sells them, too, if you don't like to convert to Sterling....
  4. I have to second the glowing reviews. And someone was criticizing the fact that the protector straps weren't included with the belts. That's true enough, but the tx pockets are sewn in such a way that they close a bit around the top and to me even the Lectro SSM is quite secure in the pocket, and the protectors aren't even really necessary. They come in two different versions, regarding the pockets. Large and small.
  5. Let's hope got his answer in the six years since asking that question
  6. I have not heard of such a high rate of TC failures, but then there is the slate as backup as you say.
  7. You mean this in doco-type situations, right? In my work, I never include a scratch or even a cable to camera, because there is never going to be a cable. If production wants a scratch, of course they'll have to pay for it and of course the appropriate camera end is included then
  8. I have occasionally use a bit of foot foam as an impromptu suspension under the transmitter. Works reasonably well. Nearly lost the foam (not the foot foam), too, and have since attached it with a tiny bit of topstick.
  9. I feel like the ABox is a luxury version of an adaptor cable. If you use an adapter cable from the A Box to the camera you'd be giving up that luxury and then you might as well just provide an adapter cable to begin with. I don't include a scratch, but if requested I will ask them which camera they have and charge according to the adapter needs. I would not feel threatened by someone else using the A Box. It's just a fancier way of getting the job done.
  10. Yes, I had that with my TRX742, which had terrible range. It felt like the antenna wasn't connected properly. And it turned out that actually was the case. Not the antenna to screw on, but inside a connection had come loose. Luckily, a trip to the mothership was not required, this could be repaired by the distributor. For us in the EU that makes a big difference in terms of time and money Funny, why I didn't remember earlier to tell this episode instead of the other one..
  11. I would definitely stay away from BLMs, like a CUB. They pick up way too much table noise. I think one or two hanging mics ( even lavs which would be quick to deploy) would be useful as just-in-case mics. If you have 8 people around a table and a conversation between two ends of the table it'll be terribly difficult to get it all. The hanging mics could help you there. Otherwise I second Philip's post
  12. It was probably already (almost) broken before
  13. I'm not the most feverish Zaxcom supporter, but 30 feet range suggests something else is wrong with your setup. A few years ago I was working in a remote countryside location. No mobile phone connection whatsoever. Started with my Lectros block 30, but couldn't get any decent reception even at a few feet. Switched to Zaxcom block 24 and suddenly I got what felt like hundreds of meters of usable range.
  14. Yes, you're absolutely right, Vin. There is the which I believe sits in on the WRC, but I'm not sure. While the APWPT seems to be a bit euro-centric it has "ambassadors" in many countries and I believe it attempts to represent both wireless gear makers as well as users. They try to speak with a louder voice by speaking for all of us. They haven't been all that successful this far, though.
  15. No. I still have a chair with me which I pull out of the van if I feel like it. I also have a foldable "standing chair". But, ask any doctor, sitting is the new smoking