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  1. Sound Devices acquires Audio, wow!

    I generally had the same worry about SD. However, the acquisition of Audio Ltd., while I’m not happy about it for other reasons, to me seems to point in another direction. They are a maker of high end wireless products with no real lower end system. They could go the Rode way of course and buy expensive tech only to re-package it into cheap(er) products. That would be awful. They could also build a high(er) end recorder with integrated wireless. I would hate it, but it‘d be new and interesting for some.
  2. Ursa Pro Mini AES not working

    32k is absolutely not normal, although iirc most Zaxcom rx put out 32k or at least their A-D runs at 32, don’t know for sure about the output options
  3. David Letterman new show

    Well, you got me there... but this isn’t a game show, and tbh this thread isn’t one of the more exciting ones. Was kinda impressed by Letterman‘s beard, though
  4. Ursa Pro Mini AES not working

    As the O.P. stated, in his case no. I‘m also a bit surprised by Zaxcom‘s 96k fixed output rate. That’s a bit unusual...
  5. David Letterman new show

    To be honest, I would probably just watch it from when the sound guy show up...
  6. Sound Devices acquires Audio, wow!

    I am not entirely thrilled by these news. It was kind of cool that Sound Devices tried to create a standard for slot-in receivers with their Super-Slot protocol. They were an innocent by-stander, so to speak, a neutral party to all the wireless competition. That worked well for the standardization I think. But now they are the competition and so others may be less thrilled to build gear for a competitors product. Also, generally speaking, I believe it’s better for a company to concentrate on one type of product and be good at it. To that end, now that SD has already bought Audio, I hope that Lectro will NOT build a larger recorder. As a side note: what does this mean for the recording capabilities of the A10 transmitter? If I understood Larry correctly (elsewhere) they cannot sell a recording transmitter even outside the US, as they are a US company and bound by Zax‘s patent. Audio Ltd so far weren’t, outside the US. Does this change now? If yes, I may need to buy up all stock of A10‘s...
  7. TentacleSync E review

    This sounds a bit off. Although I can’t say if that happens on mine, as I always leave the cable on the recorder, so I‘d unplug it on the Tentacle anyway. But now on the Sync E you can just do this via Bluetooth
  8. Rycote Mic Protector case

    But you need three tubes to hold three mics. The Rycote tubes hold three mics each. So it’s a great space saver I would definitely prefer everything inside the case. If something should hit the handle on the outside I could only imagine it to have a pretty detrimental effect on what’s inside. If I may mention the other company: Cinela windscreen cases are pretty perfect
  9. AES Inputs on Mixer/Recorder

    Why do you think it’s tricky? The RC8+ is a fader module not an AES input box. Yes, it does have AES inputs, but they just pass the signal on to the recorder. Sonosax at least could make it much smaller. And it still has two analog inputs. https://www.sonosax.ch/product/minir82/
  10. AES inputs on high track machines

    I agree. But I also think that digital audio on an XLR is not ideal for multi i/o. Yes it could be on a DB25, but everyone is going Dante these days, that’s what they all should have. All these converters have ADAT i/o, some have MADI, I don’t understand. Dante is the way of the future, I believe. Although MADI is still pretty cool...
  11. AES inputs on high track machines

    Ferrofish Pulse 16 is a 16 input A-D converter with ADAT out - or MADI. Does the X3 have MADI enabled yet? It runs on 12V, but it draws up to 3A. If you need AES, you could also get this: http://www.rme-audio.de/en/products/adi_4_dd.php?hc_location= which‘ll convert your ADAT to AES on 7-36V.
  12. Deva 24

    And still no actual release yet. This must be one of the longest product announcements ever. To be honest, I feel kind of sorry for Zax. I‘m sure they hit a snag somewhere that messed up their best laid plans. I guess they really do go aft agley
  13. Defending your Work

    Yes, I would recommend this, too. That way you‘ll also make sure that everyone understands who messes up - without even saying anything. If they really are pressed for time, you would help them out with little effort on your part.
  14. NEW: Audio Ltd - DDX1010

    That sounds exciting! I‘m dying to try the new A10! With regards to the NP-50 type batteries: Lectro build their own, so I am sure they will make it as long as they service the SSM. As long as they source the cells... The Lectro NP-50 also lasts longer than the regular Fuji. At least it does in my SSMs and ZMT phantom. I agree about the Zax build quality, but it is a hot button issue around here. What I can say with certainty though, is that in my opinion the battery doors open in the wrong direction on all of their tx. So far though the ZMT has been great.
  15. Zaxcom ZMT3 Battery Life

    I don’t have the ZMT 3, so I can’t give you an exact answer, but this info may be of help anyway. I do have the ZMT phantom. I read here in that most users would get 3 hours at the most out of it, with the Fuji battery. I‘m getting almost precisely 3,5 hours with the Lectrosonics LB 50 battery. May not be a huge difference, but in the ZMT 3 this battery would run significantly longer. (The first time it felt a bit weird to insert a Lectrosonics branded battery into a Zaxcom transmitter. But I got used to it)