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  1. Tentacle sync e + nomad at 29.97

    Yup, same here, although I tried it with a 633 and 24/25 fps
  2. Stereo Mix - scripted series

    Yes absolutely. I think you would get used to it very easily, as I did, because I set up my recorder once amd that’s it. I still monitor both tracks in mono, so it sounds exactly the same as your way would.
  3. Stereo Mix - scripted series

    You‘d still do your regular mix, just like you would when mixing down to just one track. The difference is that you record your mix on two tracks. If the two tracks were played back in the center, they’d sound exactly like your normal 1-track mix. I have been asked to provide a split mix like that. It helps the picture editor
  4. Tentacle sync e + nomad at 29.97

    Not meaning to stir up another one of those Zaxcom vs the rest of the world discussions, but I‘d say the jitterer should fix it not the jitteree
  5. And the phasing you can hear is a result of mic placement, not of the mic design
  6. NAB 2018 Products update

    It‘s a computer interface, so... USB?
  7. Tentacle sync e + nomad at 29.97

    That’s very strange. I thought TC was TC. Is the signal coming out of the Zaxcom recorders perhaps a bit on the low side? Or too loud?
  8. NEW SMWB and SMDWB Lectrosonic units Announced..

    Sure why not. I was just disappointed, because at first glance I thought the transmitters could now do transmit and record at the same time and the accompanying text to your link above implies this, too.
  9. Tentacle sync e + nomad at 29.97

    My Sync E jammed just fine from a 788T. Just tested both 29.97 and 29.97DF. Both rates jammed without complaint. Can‘t imagine how this could be Maxx related, but it’s not a general issue with the Tentacles it seems. Can you try jamming another tc box?
  10. NEW SMWB and SMDWB Lectrosonic units Announced..

    That’s not really news...
  11. Viviana or Ursa?

    I don’t know which size pockets I have, but I can get all tx, SMDB, SMa, SSM, and A10 in there. The A10 is a but squeezy but it fits. If you feel the tx is a bit loose in there just get the safety straps and use one of them. I don’t use the cable pocket. It’s too fiddly for me, especially when the costume is a bit tricky. I just roll up the excess cable and stuff it behind the strap. Works well...
  12. So... Nothing new from SD at NAB, I guess.

    When they came out with the 788T originally there was a Cantar and a Deva. More or less the same situation as today. The lower end is where the competition is, but they have that covered nicely. I‘d say there is pretty healthy market for a follow-up to the 788, but of course that may well be wishful thinking on my part
  13. So... Nothing new from SD at NAB, I guess.

    Perhaps the misunderstanding could be that the disappointment of the lack of a new high end recorder from SD is the same as a demand for them to build one. At least for me I can safely say that’s not the case. I would certainly be excited about a new release, just as I was excited about their other recent releases, and just as I was excited about the recent releases by Zaxcom, Aaton and Sonosax. And while I do not experience religious feelings towards that company, I do feel loyal to them as their gear has been very loyal to me. Still, I would not hesitate to migrate to another brand should at some point their gear be more useful to me.
  14. So... Nothing new from SD at NAB, I guess.

    Totally agree with your assessment of their market strategy. But nonetheless, if you look at what Zaxcom and Aaton are offering now the SD portfolio is beginning to look... mediocre
  15. So... Nothing new from SD at NAB, I guess.

    Nobody wants SD to release something mediocre. But to be blunt, I think they have done the mediocre thing a lot recently and now it’s time again for some pro