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  1. Do you consider that relevant? I'm just asking out of curiosity
  2. Yes, that's true, actually. There are some lavs which are wired out of phase by the manufacturer. I think Sanken's COS11 is ine of those mics. But this is a known issue and should be compensated for on set - ideally. So 10% is a figure that sounds much more likely than 90%, but, as they say, YMMV.
  3. Maybe not easily, but this will fit into a bag. Easily. Someone just needs to design a proper bag for it. I think then the battery will actually turn out to be an advantage. Until then you could just use the solutions provided in this thread, such as the Hawk Woods dummy battery or the Pinknoise battery eliminator. Likewise, if you, like Courtney above, want to operate the MixPre while it's lying flat on a table, you're just missing a nicely designed desktop stand where the batteries could be one leg of it. Such a stand would even provide better ventilation for the device, thereby prolonging its lifetime.
  4. That makes sense That doesn't. You mean 90% of the time boom and lav (s?) are exactly 180 degrees out of phase with each other? The circumstances I can think of for that statement to be true are pretty rare - unless 90% of your jobs involve two absolutely stationary mics. In my case, where I usually have one boom on Zax wireless and between 1 and 10 actors on Lectro (i.e. very different latency times) all constantly changing their positions relative to each other and frequently unexpectedly, flipping the phase is not going to alleviate the problem at all.
  5. If only it were that simple...
  6. I heard this many times. If they are honest it's often followed later by "oh no, wait, we had the other camera yesterday", or "oh right, it didn't work yesterday either", or something similar
  7. Also, if you hook up an XLR cable to the mic you can pull on that
  8. If he weren't why would he need the MixPre in the first place?
  9. Of course he could, but why would he?
  10. Maybe just in case some of the cardinals decide to join in and they get a whole big hip-hop thing going
  11. You could instead get the Hawk-Woods dummy L-mount to Hirose adapter. The dummy battery is very flat, so shouldn't stick out much if at all. and you could connect your power supply of choice to it.
  12. Well that's a start, although it needs to be seen what that means in practice. Still, a bag receiver would be great...
  13. I'm using the IDX K2 (I think it's called) charger and it works fine on non-IDX batteries. And it stops charging when they are full, and, more importantly, it can charge a fully depleted battery, something my no name charger can't achieve
  14. Yes, the entire system looks really interesting! If at least those receivers could run on 12V, but doesn't look likely
  15. Except for the mattress king, right? I mean those prices are just INSANE!
  16. I didn't mean the sound posties, I meant the director
  17. I agree with much if what you wrote there, but for me personally I have changed this one thing: I don't usually alert the AD anymore, I go straight to the director. This depends a bit on the actual people, but this is where I believe that I, as HoD, should go to the director. It's his film, he's going to be the only one who'll (probably) sit in post and he needs to decide for himself. I advise him on what's going on soundwise - if there are problems - but he needs to know those facts himself. I can't rely on the AD to make this decision and I want to make sure the director does get my message. I'll state it as matter of fact. If they ignore me or overrule me, that's fine. Sometimes they'll talk to me at wrap and apologize, which is fine, but I don't need it. I never take it personally.
  18. Unless the sound is really bad, then they'll suddenly remember you and will have forgotten how you constantly warned them how bad the sound was going to be...
  19. Well, I am not going to buy either machine, but the race to the bottom is another issue, and it came up exactly because the F8 is such a good machine at such a low price. Of course, people were doubtful at first, as the F8 comes from a company without a good rep (so far). But you can read the long F8 thread here for yourself and you may find that most posters were very curious and interested in this recorder. Sound Devices on the other hand is a well respected manufacturer in our line of work, and I can assure you that whatever they will release will create a lot of interest here. Not everyone who is posting here, is going to buy one, though, and of those who do not everyone will use it as a location sound recorder.
  20. It may be possible and there is nothing wrong with it per se. People have a preference for a company, because they have had good experiences with that company and have built something of a trust relationship and will probably always prefer that company's products. But to be honest, I don't understand why you and that other guy, Coolwing or whatever, are even going on about this. Nobody on this group ever dismissed the Zoom F4/8, because of its manufacturer, or for any other reason. In fact, most here have spoken quite favorably about the F-range and certainly no one called it "cheap chinese garbage" as that other guy would have you believe. Here, everyone knows that Zoom is a Japanese company. But in the end I suspect that you do have a horse in this race.
  21. Don't worry, because they'll never release it. (Or so it feels)
  22. I sometimes find it very difficult to get rid of my own loyalties toward a company. My parents always had a BMW and to this day I find it more difficult to criticize BMW than any other car maker, even though there are good reasons for doing so. With my gear it's even worse. When I started out I always had my eyes on a Schoeps mic, but could neither afford it nor justify it. But for a long time there I was longing for a Schoeps mic, and again now I find it difficult to not like anything that Schoeps does. Although... of course we all know that whatever Schoeps do is beyond reproach
  23. So what happens if during that emotional moment they want get up to get a tissue, or some photos or whatever? Or maybe the toilet? I don't want to have to say to them "no, wait let me just quickly untangle you"...
  24. Next month I have a project coming up, where I'll be spending two weeks on one of the isles in the North Sea. I've been there before and know that it can get very windy and very wet quickly. In fact, even if it's not actually raining, there is a lot dew from the sea (if we are at the beach, which we will be). So far I have kind of gotten by using a Rycote regular kit with windjammer and the sock. When it got wet I added the Rainman. But this isn't ideal, as the Rainman isn't really made to go over the windjammer. A friend of mine recommended putting a dry condom over the mic. This will dull the sound, but it'll keep the mic dry and wind-free. This could be only for the worst of bad conditions. So what else there when it's raining and windy?
  25. Sounds to me like the OP is in post production? Could you make laughter work instead of yelling? Or is it really obvious? Or maybe singing?