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  1. MixPre-6 – worth it for this beginner?

    When it comes to wireless performance there are so many factors coming into play that it is impossible to judge the performance based on just one try. Unless you had a different system that provide some clue - although only maybe. G3 has usually a pretty good range, considering what it is.
  2. DPA 4063 loud pops

    True, that can be useful. Although in the days of TA5-f and Lemo plugs from just one manufacturer, let alone further types from other manufacturer, having the flexibility is quite a bonus (at least to me). FWIW I asked the German DPA service center which types they see more often for repairs: MicroDot or the wireless connecter. Both about the same they replied.
  3. DPA 4063 loud pops

    I don't agree at all that the MicroDot is the weak part. In all the 406X mics I have ever had (and there really were quite a few) it was never the MicroDot that fails. It's the cable somewhere near the MicroDot. Just as often it's the cable near the capsule. You're lucky that it appears to be at the MicroDot end, as that is easy to fix and doesn't cost that much. Near the capsule and you'll effectively have to buy a new mic.
  4. MixPre-6 – worth it for this beginner?

    Yes, you are right about these, it's just... almost all of them are irrelevant to a location sound recordist who wants to move up from a Tascam, such as the OP. USB is a maybe, as many don't need that on location, but some do. Wingman really only applies to 7-series minus 788 as that has the CL-Wifi.
  5. MixPre-6 – worth it for this beginner?

    Such as?
  6. Lectrosonics SMWB coming soon?

    Really? Next week I'm getting a bunch of Lectro systems back after I had just had them re-blocked. That was all that was done, and yet here I am being excited about it. Ok, the SRa's got upgraded to SRb's in the process, but it almost feels like I'm getting new gear, when in everyday work nothing much will have changed. Somehow, I am always very excited when I get gear - back or shipped to me
  7. Ceiling mic

    I know this may be a long shot on shot on this board, but does anyone here have any experience with a beamforming ceiling mic? I mean something like the Sennheiser TeamConnect, or the likes from Shure. Or any other solutions like this? I have a fairly large room to cover and won't have the luxury of a boom... Thanks!
  8. Hello all, I have got a question specifically for Zaxcom NeverClip users. In transmitters how well does this really work? I mean really, honestly. I am not evaluating different system, asking which one should I get. I have an unusual shoot coming up, where there will be an attack dog on set almost all the time. This can erupt barking without any warning and get very loud from one moment to the next. Even if I can bring down the gain on my isos just in time, I won't be able to change the transmitters settings in time - even with Zaxnet. Thus hitting the limiter/compressor. If I set tx gain really low all the time, I'll lose S/N on quieter stuff. I'll have a mic near the ceiling, too, to which I can go if the transmitters fail for a moment, but that may not be good enough. So, long story short, what's the NeverClip users opinion on this? Will NeverClip provide enough of an advantage over other systems (even non-NeverClip tx)? Has anyone by chance been working inside with a dog? Thanks for any advice on this
  9. Suspension for MK41 with KC5

    I think this got solved - more or less - on the Facebook group. Rycote has several suitable solutions, particularly INV-1, 4, and 5
  10. A well priced dialogue mic.

    Alright, maybe I should amend my original, perhaps somewhat dickish comment to this: If the only issue you can find with the KM184 is the lack of modularity, you should perhaps consider the modular version instead. However, it is also more expensive and not widely available, but there is a whole range of accessories available for it
  11. A well priced dialogue mic.

    I thought we were talking about the current mic: https://www.neumann.com/?lang=en&id=current_microphones&cid=km_a_description
  12. A well priced dialogue mic.

    Good news, then, as Neumann seem to be under the impression that the capsules are interchangeable...
  13. Purchasing 2 mics for film: 8060 w/MZF 8000 & MKH-50?

    This thread is getting boring fast. You are asking too many questions. These are things you need to find out for yourself. The mic you use is one of the most important tools to work with. If you're too lazy to rent a few to determine which mic should be yours, you are too lazy for this job. If you don't care much about the sound of the mic, but are only interested in the handling noise, then put up an SM58 and be done with it. Just a little warning: the Tac!t is really bad with rfi. I have not been able to use it with either Lectro HM or Zax 742. haven't tried it with any other wireless and don't know how it handles body packs or nearby phones or whatever, but with those two - horrible. May not be relevant to the OP though
  14. Red Weapon 8K Audio Issue

    I understand that you want to solve this and I sympathize. I was a bit like that, too. But I have stopped reading camera manuals, because a. there are new ones all the time and b. my job is sound not camera. You make sure that whatever comes out of the 411a sounds awesome, the rest is a camera issue and the camera dept probably outnumbers the sound dept anyway, so why is this your job? and with the TC link they don't really need sound on camera other than for their own pleasure (instant playback with sound), so let the dp who complained about it deal with it
  15. Nagra Stories Sound-men won’t ever tell

    I don't work directly at or for any TV station. Instead I am hired by a production company which in turn was hired by a TV station. I think thereby I have indirectly worked for most larger networks here, but I'm not too sure. I'm sure it's like that for most of us here. I think that's how it works for most of us here, although I do know some ENG people who are directly employed by the WDR.
  16. Lectro Power Solution

    Hook them up to your bag's power supply
  17. NEW: Zoom LiveTrak L-12

    Maybe it's like that old Neve recall system, where you had to move a fader until it said stop (or was there a light? I can't remember), and likewise for all EQ and other settings?
  18. Sony UWP vs Sennheiser G3

    Ask yourself: what do you need the headphone output on a transmitter for? If you find you need one, then you should get one. Bear in mind that hardly any of thr higher end transmitters have headphone outputs. With regards to the antenna mod: it can be done, but it's not the easiest thing in the world and it will void your warranty. And it will not take away all the crackles and dropouts - although it will help. What I like about the G3 system is availability. Many of my colleagues have some around, should I ever need one. I have repurposed mine as a scratch tx/rx to camera which they work well for (whenever I use one, which is almost never). Same recorder output gets transmitted to my ek300iem's worn by the director, script and so on. On my cart I have the rackmount stereo tx with a remote antenna, and when I need to I transition seamlessly to my bag with an sk100 as iem transmitter. I don't need to touch the iem receivers at all. Range is surprisingly good, despite the 30mW limit. Battery life is very good, too. A receiver can run all day on two black Eneloops I don't have any experience with the Sony, but the Sennheiser setup certainly works so well for what it is, I don't need to look anywhere else.
  19. NEW: Zoom LiveTrak L-12

    to be fair, the 91dB for the 633 is from input to output. The gain you can apply to your mic input is only 72dB (still a good number). Still, that 60dB is not much and it may also be from input to output so the gain at the input might be lower. Especially considering that the actual range is only from 16dB - 60dB...
  20. NEW: Ambient | NanoLockit

    But my phone stays off when I charge it and it was off before. So maybe the easiest option would be for the Nanos to stay in whatever condition they were in before being charged. And then introduce a menu option (or whatever) that will make them turn on automatically when external power is applied? Perhaps they should add to their list: has the stupidest connector: yes | no | no | no etc
  21. 600mhz equipment resale?

    Really? How do they do that? Ambient once told me that the RF board needed to be changed. Still doesn't solve the CE issue, but maybe that's negligible, especially when assuming that Lectro will simply build all their gear to comply with both US and EU specs
  22. 600mhz equipment resale?

    Unfortunately, no. US specific gear doesn't have the CE label, declaring that the equipment complies with all relevant EU laws, and thus mustn't be importet. Further, there is the deviation to consider which is limited to 50kHz (I think) in the EU and 75kHz in the US. This is why eg in the case of Lectro you can't easily combine US tx and EU rx or vice versa. Like I said, the only exception I know of, is Zaxcom where you can switch the tx/rx to EU modulation and they have that CE label on all their gear.
  23. 600mhz equipment resale?

    Actually, for international buyers, too, it's probably easier to go through Gotham - easier for you that is. They make the whole international shipping thing much easier for you and put the cost of that on the buyer. International shipping does have its issues. I have bought many times from the various US usual suspectd. Just wanted to point out, though, that in the EU all US tx are illegal regardless of freq band, except, I believe, Zaxcom which can be switched to EU modulation and have the CE label
  24. 600mhz equipment resale?

    I have had at least two occasions where a poster here sold me his gear through one of the usual suspects even though we had made contact here. This seems to be a sensible option for all three parties involved. Especially the buyer gets an additional layer of safety and they may accept a better price (better for you).
  25. Updated Forum today

    I don't even really notice any difference. That's because I usually use the Tapatalk version of the site. This however hasn't quite managed the update, which is often the case. I guess IPS need a while to update the Tapatalk plugin? Anyway, it's no big deal, I like the mobile version, too