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  1. Constantin

    Advice for a novice

    That‘s the quirk of the polar pattern. Lots of other mics have that same quirk, too.
  2. Here in Europe most of the 900 band seems to be occupied by the GSM-900 network. Is that not the same in the US? Or did they have to vacate that at some point? Or does this mean that this new 941 gear is not going to make it across to Europe?
  3. In Pro Tools when you import audio you have the choice of just putting it into the region list or to move it straight to a new track. Maybe here something similar is happening in Avid? If it could be as simple as that... in any case, Pindrop is definitely right
  4. Constantin

    Rechargeable Batteries for TX

    The next best thing is the actual Panasonic Eneloop Pro...
  5. Constantin

    Lectrosonics issues

    Somehow I can’t play your files on my phone. Anyway. So the receivers which you think are problematic are being checked out by Lectrosonics as we speak? I‘d suggest we wait for the results. Meanwhile take your transmitters to a friend who has receivers which match your tx and play around a bit with the other setup. Do the problems occur there as well? Have you got any other receivers?
  6. Constantin

    Sanken Cs-M1 new mike

    Technically it‘ll fit, but the mic will be shorter than the suspension I think. Afaik Rycote are working on a shorter version
  7. Constantin

    Zoom F8n.

    What I meant to write there was „the sound of the recorder is hard to judge“, but fine. (I edited the original post to correct the typo) I still find your statement regarding preamp quality misleading, especially when the evidence to back up your claim is so poor. As I said earlier you cannot judge the preamp without also judging to A-D converter (on the F8 anyway) and to that end the extreme ends of the dynamic and frequency ranges are essential to listen to as well. By the way, please note that I am not saying the F8 is a bad sounding machine. I don’t know what it sounds like. I would really like to listen to a fair comparison (like, don’t say „here I‘ll show you how good the F8 actually sounds), and where the methodology isn’t completely flawed.
  8. Constantin

    Zoom F8n.

    Ok fine, let me backtrack a little bit. This is a highly misleading statement, as it insinuates that the sound of the F8 is similar to that of Sound Devices recoders (which one? There are quite some differences), when actually the sound of the recorder is hard to judge without ignoring other factors such as the limiters. Furthermore, the evidence presented to back up your claim holds barely any relevance and doesn’t demonstrate the ability of either preamp. A listening test must be, to a degree at least, blind. Why not, in the video, just write Recorder 1, recorder 2 and then show us which was which at the end of rhe video. Preamp self-noise cannot be judged either, so it’s hard to come to the same conclusion as above, even just based on these videos. In fact, no conclusion can be drawn.
  9. Constantin

    Delivering files from multiple recorders

    Did you choose a master folder? I think you have to in any case, but if not, that’s where file names should come from. I don’t remember altered filenames. In fact, I think the program warns you if your input and output folders are the same, as it would overwrite your original files. Maybe Bouke changed that and has a precaution added the rename feature if the input folder is the same so as to protect the original files. Anyway, contacting Bouke is your safest bet, but he may well post something here soon
  10. Constantin

    Zoom F8n.

    I often think of classical pianists who may practice on a Yamaha keyboard, and it may feel and sound mostly just like a real grand piano. And the keyboard will be fine for small gigs in bars, and other small venues. But a pianist would never ever play a gig in Carnegie Hall on a Yamaha keyboard. And you can sneer "snobs" at them all you want to, but they know exactly why they insist on the grand. In fact, most often they will even insist on playing on a Steinway. The Yamaha may be fine for Adele, on a recording where "atmosphere" matters as much as sound. In pop music it's different, because they often want to create a particular feel, where they deliberately want a recording to sound dirty. But when every note matters, when you want to hear every nuance of the instrument, every quietest pianissimo, every detail of a huge fortissimo elbow cluster, then only an actual piano, a grand piano will do.
  11. Constantin

    Zoom F8n.

    Well, if you think that Timecode stability will affect how the machine sounds, then yes it should be included in this discussion (in a general discussion about the Zoom F8n) Apart from that I personally believe that a limiter's sound is very much part of the overall sound of a machine. I am not saying that to diminish the F8, but because that's how I believe it is. I also made other comments about what I am missing from those comparisons, so I can still not judge the F8's sound. Overall I do however agree with the notion that the sound of the preamp may not be very important anymore today, because the preamp is now in the transmitter. That is mostly true. Although when I am OMB'ing I still sometimes have an analogue mic going in. But the A-D converter and the limiter (yes, the limiter) are still important parts in this chain, unless you only have digital wireless.
  12. Constantin

    Zoom F8n.

    That’s a pretty feeble point, we are also testing the A-D converters, it’s all a part of the input chain and if we are discussing the sound of a machine (which this preamp discussion is really about) we also need to hear the limiters. It’s part of this very discussion
  13. Constantin

    Zoom F8n.

    I just wish someone would post a comparison video with actually meaningful recordings. A voice recorded at 30cm in a fairly quiet room speaking at normal levles is totally worthless for comparing preamps and, obviously, A-D converters. Why is there no shouting, no whispering, no engaging the limiters, no moving far away from the mic, no really noisy location, no really quiet locations? As it is those two videos at best show some form of frequency comparison, but that’s not all what makes a good pre good. Curtis Judd wants to demo the noise floor, which I appreciate, but then he says there’s lots of background noise, so how can we judge the noise floor. Sorry, but those two videos demonstrate nothing.
  14. Constantin

    Zoom F8n.

    Really? Interesting. Especially compared to the newer preamps of the Nomad and Maxx, those are pretty quiet. The „newer“ offerings from SD, such as 788 or 688 would have been interesting, but still this is not a bad field
  15. Constantin

    Zoom F8n.

    Just curious how you arrived at that conclusion? and which preamps are your typical Sound Devices preamps? They’re all pretty different
  16. Constantin

    Remote Audio Adapt-a-pak Pro Kit.

    I bought and I love it, I use many of the adapters quite often. It’s very useful to have around, and in fact I keep it in my car at all times. I extended it with some of my own finds. Just today I eas on a commercial shoot and I wanted to hook up a Sennheiser tx to their video village monitor. They couldn’t tell me in advance which monitor they had. In this case it wasn’t tricky, as it was an RCA out... I also find frequent use for them in my house when I want to connect something to something
  17. Constantin

    Zaxcom qifb linking question

    That’s the sort of thing you should really ask the manufacturer or your dealer
  18. Constantin

    MixPre Series Firmware v2.20 May 24, 2018 - Link

    You’re right and I understand about the commercial situation. I only have a few each year so they are not at the front of my head. The situation re director and agency people is actually similar here, but I have never experienced it as quite as tense. The 788T has got the option to switch headphone presets automatically between playback and standby/record. So it seems like it could not be too difficult to move this to record/playback vs standby. Then add the ability to assign two different output options to a given output. You could just choose a unused track or whatever, but also keep the boom-op feed open.
  19. Constantin

    MixPre Series Firmware v2.20 May 24, 2018 - Link

    It‘s part of my regular mixing routine to close all open mics except for the boom. I don’t just do it for the actor‘s privacy, but that’s how I think a mix should be. If I have everything open all the time it‘s not really a mix. So I have never really needed the auto-mute feature.
  20. Constantin

    Atheisticmystic thanks the vets !!!

    If you think any of this is about hate, you understand nothing. Which is why I guess it makes sense that you would hide behind a mirror: it just reflects everything, nothing to absorb, nothing to reflect on (this is a quirky aspect of the language).
  21. Constantin

    Mixer/recorder - changing the stereo width

    But the first channel fader (also?) control the mix portion. What’s the difference between fader and pan in the MS scenario on a 633?
  22. Constantin

    Rechargeable battery management on location

    Yes it is and yes it does. No need to fill them all up, though
  23. Constantin

    Mixer/recorder - changing the stereo width

    What happens with the pan pot of the first input of an MS pair of a 633? Also, you could probably leave the inputs unlinked and instead choose MS in your headphone presets. Then when you turn the fader of the second input it should in- or decrease the stereo width, while leaving the Isos alone. I think MS is a global headphone setting so it will convert all signal you hear in your cans, however I haven’t tried that.
  24. Constantin

    Rechargeable battery management on location

    In addition to the battery caddy, I bought an ammunition belt for my boom-op. That way he has them readily available when he needs to change batts on the HM or talent tx, and they don’t rattle around (like in the Ansmann case), and he has the same up/down full/empty system I have in the caddy and at wrap we transfer them to my case. Took me some research to find the correct gauge (28) and of course I got a Beretta belt and now this works really well. He also mounts his IEM rx and return tx on it and can take it all off easily. And it‘s a guaranteed conversation starter
  25. Constantin

    Wave Agent split track with TRACK INFO Name?

    I think if they did that, postpro would become a lot more difficult as you might end up with a lot of files with the same name (the track name). How would you know where this belongs?