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  1. Well then you should talk to my boom op about it. But it's true, outside in a Rycote and a long boom, it's all getting a bit heavy. Inside we always have the 742 at the mic end. Outside we have a DPA 4017c in the small Cyclone. This is an awesome combination and added to that either of the new Zax TRX would be a perfect match
  2. Or maybe a lack thereof...
  3. There was a lengthy thread about this just a few months ago...
  4. So the other one has the same range as a 743? That would be awesome. I'm getting one, that's for sure.
  5. Or maybe use a patchpanel? That's what I'm doing
  6. The size and weight are really great, but it isn't a game changer at all. The TRX742/3 are already very good sounding, capable boom transmitters with a mic pre built in (didn't think this was the special feature of the new thing. And here we have already been using it at the mic end of the pole I am sure that I will eventually get one, although if range really is much less than on the 743, I don't know...
  7. Look at the specs. There will be some issues
  8. It won't cause a problem. But if you use autosync, all files created after midnight will appear in your timeline before the files recorded earlier. No big deal, but it's also no big deal for me to change the clock. Also, since I change the clock of my recorder (and TC follows that), the recorder won't create a new folder for the new day
  9. Yes, it will be the 48V XLR adapter, which takes 48V and converts it to 5V for the mic. Might not be suitable in this case. I have to admit, though, the wording on the DPA site is not very clear
  10. What makes you think that?
  11. Well I don't have the K-Tek, but I do have the Remote Audio one, which is a different concept, and it's shaped quite differently, but in about 6-7 years of using it, it has never fallen over. And it has become a very valuable part of my kit. It's very light, too. Oh, and it's even more expensive
  12. In which case I'll do TOD -12
  13. I hope not, that would make it really heavy
  14. It's fixed. It says "on/off".
  15. Of course, there is almost always something cheaper, but is it better? Are the mic preamps even vaguely of the same quality?
  16. As Jon suggested: is the phantom power on your 744 engaged?
  17. What are you connecting it to?
  18. That's why they have that battery which lasts 4.5 hours
  19. Grant above is right. In addition, audio post doesn't normally sync audio and video. This is for the edit room. Once they have done that, the software used becomes irrelevant. They will then have to coordinate with all subsequent post positions. None of that will have anything to do with the sync software, much less with the TC generator used on set. If you are having trouble using the various Tentacle apps, or DaVinci Resolve (which is from another manufacturer, of course) you should perhaps contact them for advice
  20. To be fair, PluralEyes is also additional software. There used to be an AuxTC add-pn for FinalCut, not sure if that still exists. Then there is the Tentacle software, which isn't free (unless you already have a Tentacle), because it can sync AudioTC as well as regular TC...
  21. There are lots of one side headsets available. Just take off the mic if you don't need it and you're done. In fact, I find it easier to find a one sided headset than one with both cups
  22. As I understand it, it's only for initial setup, not for syncing throughout. Latency is no issue then, and range isn't either
  23. SMPTE timecode doesn't support framerates such as 60fps. If you can use a slate, otherwise post will have to deal with it, as they apparently are now
  24. I have to say that, while I am usually something of an SD liker, I find the following somewhat misleading, considering the above...
  25. Yes, of course. I didn't think you'd deliberately waited. And trying to build a really small TC box seems like kimd of a no brainer. At least today it does...