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  1. Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    Thanks for sharing but what exactly those recordings are, with the 633 or MP6? You also wrote 633 vs MP6, where is the comparison? It would be helpful to know as well what microphones/setup did you use. thank in advance.
  2. Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    Thanks John, just check around the prices in the uk, so much more expansive! Wonder why?! It's probab the Brexshit, but that's for another topic....:)
  3. Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    ...So who's gonna get the first unit and give us a review about the preamps, especially compared to the 744t...mmm, I can't wait!
  4. Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    ....and if thats what gets me go out more with a few kilos less on my back then sure, why not!
  5. Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    I actually find the size and the look great, I use my 744t mainly for sfx and ambient recordings. I find it way too heavy and cumbersome, and even a small gig with an M/S Setup always feels like an expedition.....:( I was really hoping that SD will come up with something like that, my only worry is the preamp quality. I do hope that it would be the same as the 744t because hay..... the 744t is more then 10 years old!
  6. Alexa Mini TC sync

    Thanks pkautzsch, loud and clear
  7. Alexa Mini TC sync

    Why using the Free Run but not 24 hr run? Any advantage?
  8. thanks again pkautzsch! Indeed, I've read the manual more then once, but when I've recorded files previously with my M/S rig without input linking and imported them to PT in order to convert them to normal stereo files, I had to lower the 2 side channels about 6db to have the right stereo image. Was it right? Or when decoding the channels, the mid and 2 sides should all be on the same level? I know that I can mix the width of the stereo field to my taste but is there a fixed level for setting the M/S conversion? thanks.
  9. Alexa Mini TC sync

    Excellent, thanks a lot guys! Going through the the Lockit manual as well....
  10. Alexa Mini TC sync

    Good evening, Anyone used the alexa mini with lockit ACL 204 to tc with Sound Devices 744T? I have a shooting tomorrow and haven't used the lockit before, what tc settings should I use on my sound devices /lockit/alexa for an easy and hustle free setup. Also, should I leave lockit conected to the alexa after jaming my sound devices? Any help would be much appreciated as I'm starting to sweat here....:) Thanks!
  11. Hi there, For a shooting tomorrow, I will be using my M/S rig (Sennheiser MHH30+MKH8040) to record stereo using my Sound Devices 744T, after the shoot I will have to decode all the files in Pro Tools to a normal stereo files and send them to the video editor. Is it possible in Pro Tools (Vanila 11.3) to decode those files to normal stereo while maintaining the original timecode? Hope it all makes sense, any help will be appreciated! Itse
  12. Wow, thanks a lot for the help guys, much apreciated, especially you soundmanjohn! I do lean now even more towars the M/s option, its sounds like a good option, especially as my first stereo kit.
  13. Hello everyone, Christmas is almost here and as my present I’m looking to expand my microphone arsenal and build a stereo location recording kit, mainly for recording ambience and sfx. I have managed to narrow my selection to two combinations but would really appreciate any advice from the experienced ones among you, who are familiar with those setups and hopefully help me with my decision. The two options I have are: 1. Sennheiser mkh 30+40/50 as a mid/side setup 2. Sennheiser mkh 8040 stereo pair as a X/Y or ORTF setup I have spent quite some time reading in forums and around the web about each setup and I understand that each has its advantages and disadvantages, but still, I can’t make up my mind as I don’t have any experience with any of those setups. As for my budget (around €2000-€2500 which will hopefully include the Rycote) I will of course look for a used setup, especially for the mkh30+40 option, a pair of mkh 8040 might be a bit cheaper as second hand but I hardly see any for sale online, hence I might go for a new pair which obviously will take me above my budget. See what I mean?! Life’s so confusing sometime… If you had that budget and would have to choose between the two options, which way would you go? Thank you very much in advance for any advice or words of wisdom. Ita
  14. Sound devices charge led

    Wierd, it suddenly stopped but thanks for the quick help.
  15. Sound devices charge led

    Hi there, I have noticed that the Charge Led of my Sound Devices 744T is illuminated solid even after removing the external power (when the device is off), I haven't noticed it before but maybe Iv'e missed it. Is it a normal? Or does imply that something is wrong, hopefully not. Thank you very much for your help.