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  1. Maybe stolen gear on ebay

  2. Maybe stolen gear on ebay

    Does anyone have a picture of the MS combo? I just spotted my stolen recorder after your eBay warning! My CCM41 CCM8 MS rig was in a cinela Zephyx. I also had 2 SMB BLOCK 22 and a dual receiver.
  3. Lectrosonics Introduces....................

    Don't they already have a patent ? (sorry I couldn't resist)
  4. Lectrosonics Introduces....................

    The good thing is now you can put it on top of the thight costume. (However I wonder how, the fast travelling electrons, will affect the sound quality)
  5. Alexa Mini TC sync

    Wireless focus problem due to he Red body? How do you do that? Your right. People have to know how to use their tools. (ps: I callibrate the Weapon sensor to 47C so the camera can run hotter without fan noise).
  6. Alexa Mini TC sync

    Your right, I'll stop bullying about Alexa. See you. Yes, Arri did hack the RED CEO box-mail. They where bluffed how popular the small body form factor from the Epic was. All areals/steadycam/gimbal job where done with the Epic and then they decided to make the Mini version. It was never intended to be the A camera. As you know there are no "modules" (RED ecosystem) and you still have to put your battery plate on some rods or use velcro to have some kind of power for the Mini. When the Mini launched there was the Weapon form factor and the fan noise was allready solved. If you shoot on the Epic today, I think you can tell the DP to use the Fanplate. It's just another top plate he has to use anyway. Arri is not pushing the industry, remember all the 2k is enough bullshit (they have been forced by the industry (from Netflix to GoPro) to make some 4k cameras (not yet there but they can stick the 4k logo if they want)) but they are putting all the efforts in taking the good job from the others (steadycam, gimbal, follow focus, camera form factor, lenses) and brand it with an Arri logo. Ok enough said. The thread is about TC and the Mini... Pat
  7. Alexa Mini TC sync

    To bad for the fake Alexa then. I've never seen that on my (non Alexa) cameras but if you say so... Ps: for your heat issue on the Epic (wich is an old body that Arri copied) did you test the Fanplate?
  8. Alexa Mini TC sync

    I still wonder why Arri is still seen a reliable?
  9. Next level on-camera microphone in M/S

    I've used this setup for mono docu work. Sonosax Sx-BD1 and Schoeps cmc4
  10. Ursa Pro Mini AES not working

    Thanks for your info. Shouldn't the sound equipment allow you to feed a donwnconverted AES signal?
  11. Ursa Pro Mini AES not working

    I don't know any camera recording more than 48Khz 16 or 24bit.
  12. AES Inputs on Mixer/Recorder

    It looks like doing a good AES input can be tricky. The Sonosax R4+ has a module for AES INPUT only wich is smaller and lighter, the RC8+. https://www.sonosax.ch/product/sx-rc8/
  13. New Alexa 4K Camera Announced

    I fully agree. Spotted on.
  14. New Alexa 4K Camera Announced

    But Arri doesn't have better colors, workflow nor DR. It's just another way of working that people don't want to bother to learn. (It's really not rocket science)
  15. New Alexa 4K Camera Announced

    I don't understand to bother waiting for some eventual release of a Mini if RED has the best option out there? Every Alexa fan is now releaved to see 4k written on the Alexa even if it won't produce 4k resolution. Pixel count VS resolution with bayern pattern you loose about 30% of actual amount of pixels. So If you shoot "open gate" (what ever this means) 4,5k x 0,7 you will have about 3.15K resolution at the end. The fact is that their "better pixel" (what ever this means) theory is hidden behind their failure to make a higher pixel count sensor. I love the industry and how it sets standards... But you are right, there is a huge pressure from the industry to kill other camera brands.