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  1. Red Weapon 8K Audio Issue

    I never colored shots made by a RED, wich don't contain any FX, in another format than with it's original R3D, even in 2008 (then I used Scratch) Arriraw is not what most people shoot with and was an expensive and heavy addon for years (remember Codex?). PS: I finish all my films for the big screen in 4k since 2012.
  2. Red Weapon 8K Audio Issue

  3. Red Weapon 8K Audio Issue

    Useless... First shot is with a Superspeed MKIII Second is with a Standard speed Third is with a Rokinon 35mm wich is optically very interesting for lowbudget. Do I also have to argue about the optics I use?
  4. Red Weapon 8K Audio Issue

    ;-) Arri had to create the mini AND the Alexa 65 to be on par with what RED achieved in a smaller package. RED pushed the use of R3D compressed RAW wich makes lowbudget at highest quality possible for a lot of folks. And R3D raw is trillion better to color correction than what Alexa used during years as their master codec : Prores... ! Alexa does some tricks to the signals processing as RED is transparent. You need to know how to work with R3D to get best results (no rocket science involved). Resolution matters yes (look at all the fuss about Dunkirk's resolution). It's not to make an oversharpened look to the picture (what Arri does to the lack of resolution and 4k digital blowup) but to get a smoother picture. I'm happy with 6k in S35mm format. The ergonomics is essencial to RED. Arri people believed in the ENG camera form (or SR3 form). RED wanted to have it modular since the creation of the Epic Body in 2011. Arri did Hack the computre of RED's CEO Jim Jannard in 2011. Sorry I had to put this in ;-) There are no modules for the Alexa mini (no battery plates) you need to add velcro (wich was the advice of Arri engeneer) or put it on some rods. I've a well ballanced setup wich shoots RAW since 2012 (5k and now 6k) on my shoulder that is 9 kilogramm all rigged with some primes! Bad design? Mostly bad users setup... I've worked a lot to get rid of the cooling issue since Epic's day. I've created a solution : the FanPlate. But it looks that no sound man was bugged by the fan sound as there was really poor interest to tackle the issue and even to try it out! Didn't they have time for prep? I must laugh when I hear that there are still people that can't use properly one of the best digital camera that has been built up to day! You need to love the tool you work with. People can love Arri, most do. But don't call "X" shit because your afraid to use it. And yes, a camera is not a sound recorder. Patrick Epic in 2012 Weapon in 2017
  5. Red Weapon 8K Audio Issue

    You'r right. Point taken.
  6. Red Weapon 8K Audio Issue

    That's the problem. I don't work like that. I do prep in close collaboration with the sound "department", we all work together the end of the day. So there is no need to blame a specific manufacturer (Red is an easy and JWsound beloved target even if Arri/Sony/... has also a lot of flaws).
  7. Red Weapon 8K Audio Issue

    "Remember, it's a Red" is bashing and not informative in any way. This attitude is a shame. Yes I'm a fan of the tool I use every day. The people I work with know that a camera is not an audio recorder so they don't expect it to have professional sound. Just enough to synch with pluraleyes or to have a sound track for playback.
  8. Red Weapon 8K Audio Issue

    Bashing RED is just stupid and very unprofessional. Stupid is also wanting to feed a professional audio to a DSLR unballanced stereo minijack. If you need good audio on a Weapon (It's a movie camera) because you have to feed a mix for the editor then use the right module. Do your job and ask for it or use your recorder.
  9. Sonosax SX-R4+

    I think it's a non issue. Never heard of any problem with that.
  10. Sonosax SX-R4+

    Hello, Some news for the Sonosax R4+ users : SX-AD8+ AVB SD cards cover finally available for the SX-R4+ Mechanically connect your SX-RC8+ or SX-AD8+ to your SX-R4+ https://www.sonosax.ch/sononews-august-2017/
  11. Red Weapon 8K Audio Issue

    Hello, - You and the cam department should test the roundtrip before a shoot. - Be aware that with the Beta Firmware you can get some mixed results. Allways use RELEASE BUILD for serious jobs. The Prores files should also get the audio if you have it on the RAW file. - The stereo minijack input from the Weapon base expander (wich are not the same inputs as the Epic's) are just for scratch audio. The noise level is not made for clean audio (there is also a lot of RF/Wifi signal going on if you plan to use a RX G3 HF). - You should check the audio input level. Line is way to hot, Mic could be to low. - TC feed with the appropriate cable (TC/Genlock/Trigger) will not bleed in your audio channel. - Consider the audio input of the base expender as another low quality DSLR mic input. - If you need better audio quality on camera, choose one of the professional audio module made for the Weapon. Pat
  12. Schoeps MiniCMIT

    Yes. From 3m distance.
  13. Schoeps MiniCMIT

    Well I was thinking of having more clear speach when booming from a distance as with the CCM41 and I was surprised that it was less intelligible. My A/B comparative test... I know it sounds weird...
  14. Schoeps MiniCMIT

    Well... after testing the minicmit I decided to stay with my CCM41 / CCM8 for documentry work. I find the Minicmit (the one I tested...) a bit to "sourd" (in french).
  15. RED Helium

    Read the manual. No need for hope.
  16. Pelican transport case

    I'm using the 1550 without problem (only ATR75 planes is a no go...). I love the TrekPak inserts or even the custom foam cut https://www.mycasebuilder.com/ (for my camera gear).
  17. Advice on sound kit R4+/SD/Zax/Zoom

    I don't understand why sound guys rent their recorder. I'm a camera man and it's nearly impossible to own a camera as its project dependent but the sound guy uses 95% of the time the same mic, same boom, same wireless and the same mixer/recorder. You'll do 2 features (or work 1 year) and you get your invested cash back on the equipment rent. I would buy the best recorder wich covers my needs for the next 2 years. Pat
  18. Zaxcom recording wireless at work

    Was this done only with the street recording or was it a mix with some studio recording?
  19. SONOSAX SX-R4+ control

    It could be within the controller and retractable by button push... ;-)
  20. SONOSAX SX-R4+ control

    Hello Philip, Isn't the keyboard your Ipad? https://www.sonosax.ch/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/SX-R4-wifi-interface.jpg
  21. Cantar Mini feature rundown at CineGear 2017

    The "BEST"? ;-)
  22. Schoeps MiniCMIT

    Is the minicmit prone to noise due to humidity problems like some other Schoeps mics? I'm planning to shoot in the Amazonas. Thanks for the info. Pat
  23. Farewell innovation?

  24. Farewell innovation?

    US patent are well protected by the patent office (otherwise they would loose credibility) and there is no US juge who will give a foreign claim some value against an US patent. Call it protectionism. Some manufacturers decided not to go at war against such patents as it takes time and money against developing new equipment. The only way for those manufacturers is to skip (with regrets to their loyal customers) the market belonging to Zaxcom's patent (US). The patent law is made to protect innovation, but it's up to everyone to decide who is the winner and who is the looser in this patent litigation. Pat
  25. Drones

    I didn't know that not reformating a card could give glitches? Throw that camera away and use a real one please! There are enough Red Weapon around the globe in 6 or 8k flavour. ;-) The drone (as we know it today) due to it's lower weight will not replace an helicopter because of stability and speed nor a crane for the precision of the movement. It's just another tool to get other stuff right.