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  1. If you know the frequency here are the blocks http://www.lectrosonics.com/Support/frequency-tables-switch-settings.html
  2. Lectrosonics SMWB coming soon?

    YES YES YES!!!!!! THX ;-)
  3. Lectrosonics SMWB coming soon?

    Hello Larry, Will there be an option to have an AES output of your SRc reciever? Thanks Pat
  4. Red Weapon 8K Audio Issue

    I loved the sound of the Perfectone machines cueing up for the mixing session. 16mm mag spools. ;-)
  5. Wireless

    Find the recording on the TX interesting and that it has 48v power and AES output on the RX very attractive... I'm a 100% lectro guy but this makes me wonder how it sounds.
  6. Stolen equipment - San Francisco

    Thanks for the info. I'll do it. Pat
  7. Stolen equipment - San Francisco

    Hello, Just to put the word out there that our sound equipment has been stolen in San Francisco. Now we have to rent so if you have any tidy set to rent? Small SXr4 or a small 4 channel recorder with some lavalier and a MS boom (CCM41/CCM8 type) Feel free to PM. Shooting this week 13-19.10.17 Thanks. Patrick
  8. new low cost radiomic

    You'r right. What is between the mic and the recorder can be the hickup.
  9. new low cost radiomic

    In that subject Sonosax always fine tuned their electronic circuit to be able to record even the harmonic that exceed the human reach because they have an effect on the overall sound or when used in FX.
  10. Red Wapon and Tilta noisy Fan

    no next to an Alexa. What was your camera fan settings?
  11. Red Wapon and Tilta noisy Fan

    Make shure your camera fans are set to adaptive mode 46C or even 48C wich is the max. The DP has to recalibrate the sensor for that temp of course (but he should know that). I've shot a whole lot with the Weapon in the Amazon with high humidity and high temp and never had any melt down nor loud fans problem. If you shoot in a dry desert you should probably cover the camera body to protect it from direct sunlight. Now I don't know this Tilta module. Does it have a dedicated fan to it wich isn't the Weapon's one? Pat
  12. PDR Lectrosonics

    Thinking of buying a small recorder to put on any camera (DSLR, Weapon,... ) that have poor preamps or on people where HF is problematic (Cuba,...) or even to replace the Wireless transmitter, so I look at this PDR device and find it interesting. I was also thinking to use the minijack output to record the signal on the camera where the preamps aren't great, but I don't have any unit to know if the ouput power is enough to feed a good level for DSLR mic type of input. What is servo bias type inputs? Can I use any other mic level output to feed that recorder? Any coments on the unit would be appreciated. Thanks Pat
  13. new low cost radiomic

    Very interesting to replace the Sennheiser G3 100. Thanks for the link. Have you had any hands on experience?
  14. Which Schoeps mics for documentaries?

    I've strangely preferred the ccm41 over the miniCmit for documentary. The CCM41 doesn't pick as much background sound as the MiniCmit when pointed to a noisy background if it is behind the main subject. Right boom placement is of course very important.
  15. PDR Lectrosonics

    Or Weapon ;-) I wonder if the PDR have better sound quality than the Lectro transmitter/recievers couple as there is no "compression" or signal loss due to the transmission system?
  16. Stolen equipment - San Francisco

    Thanks a lot for the help Philip, I've found an equipment to rent. It's quite difficult to rent at Chater if you are foreigners. No credit for reliability nor US insurances. But a friendly owner rented his second recorder and accessories. Pat
  17. NEW SMWB and SMDWB Lectrosonic units Announced..

    Zaxcom love.
  18. Sonosax SX-M32

    Do you have the size?
  19. Sonosax SX-R4+

    For the ones who are in Switzerland on Saturday 07.10.17. There are two anniversaries to celebrate. 40 years Sonosax and PSI Audio. https://www.sonosax.ch/sonosax-40-years/
  20. Does this suits your needs as an IO? https://www.sonosax.ch/product/sx-ad8/ https://www.sonosax.ch/product/sx-ad8-avb-option-card/ https://goo.gl/images/fosMYw
  21. Red Weapon 8K Audio Issue

    I never colored shots made by a RED, wich don't contain any FX, in another format than with it's original R3D, even in 2008 (then I used Scratch) Arriraw is not what most people shoot with and was an expensive and heavy addon for years (remember Codex?). PS: I finish all my films for the big screen in 4k since 2012.
  22. Red Weapon 8K Audio Issue

  23. Red Weapon 8K Audio Issue

    Useless... First shot is with a Superspeed MKIII Second is with a Standard speed Third is with a Rokinon 35mm wich is optically very interesting for lowbudget. Do I also have to argue about the optics I use?
  24. Red Weapon 8K Audio Issue

    ;-) Arri had to create the mini AND the Alexa 65 to be on par with what RED achieved in a smaller package. RED pushed the use of R3D compressed RAW wich makes lowbudget at highest quality possible for a lot of folks. And R3D raw is trillion better to color correction than what Alexa used during years as their master codec : Prores... ! Alexa does some tricks to the signals processing as RED is transparent. You need to know how to work with R3D to get best results (no rocket science involved). Resolution matters yes (look at all the fuss about Dunkirk's resolution). It's not to make an oversharpened look to the picture (what Arri does to the lack of resolution and 4k digital blowup) but to get a smoother picture. I'm happy with 6k in S35mm format. The ergonomics is essencial to RED. Arri people believed in the ENG camera form (or SR3 form). RED wanted to have it modular since the creation of the Epic Body in 2011. Arri did Hack the computre of RED's CEO Jim Jannard in 2011. Sorry I had to put this in ;-) There are no modules for the Alexa mini (no battery plates) you need to add velcro (wich was the advice of Arri engeneer) or put it on some rods. I've a well ballanced setup wich shoots RAW since 2012 (5k and now 6k) on my shoulder that is 9 kilogramm all rigged with some primes! Bad design? Mostly bad users setup... I've worked a lot to get rid of the cooling issue since Epic's day. I've created a solution : the FanPlate. But it looks that no sound man was bugged by the fan sound as there was really poor interest to tackle the issue and even to try it out! Didn't they have time for prep? I must laugh when I hear that there are still people that can't use properly one of the best digital camera that has been built up to day! You need to love the tool you work with. People can love Arri, most do. But don't call "X" shit because your afraid to use it. And yes, a camera is not a sound recorder. Patrick Epic in 2012 Weapon in 2017