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    Production sound mixer with over 25 years on the set. Mostly commercials since NO features or episodics are shot in AZ anymore.

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  1. Craig Parker

    RG405 coax cable vs. RG174

    What type of cable would you recommend for a 10-15 foot 2.4Ghz rf feed. sma connector at one end is a limiting factor.
  2. Craig Parker

    Mobile cart evolution

    Look out Orca. Does the shelf fold?
  3. Craig Parker

    TASCAM NAB sale ends today.

    Still available on sight. 4/23
  4. Craig Parker

    Dpa slim

    I have been using the DPA SCO60B00 model for a month now. Sound great, a little vulnerable to breath blasts, but my issue has been with durability. After the first day working with cowboys on horseback as talent, mics concealed in rycote stickies with undercovers, one mic came back with a small dent in grill. Next day, one mic was yanked from the sticky, leaving one side of the grill completely peeled back. Repaired with dot of superglue but... I've been trying to use these only under controlled setups now, and the grills are still getting dented. If they hadn't looked so used so quickly, I would probably have returned.
  5. Craig Parker

    Colorado Frequency Blocks

    http://soundmixers.com/spectrum/index.php?zip=80209&device=3&fcc=Calculate Free site. It's a start!