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  1. Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    Nice and... crippled (timecode) :-/ Franky
  2. Bluetooth sender cheap on amazon

    Hello, This model says it last 10hrs: Is that the other version you ordered chrisyking? They also mention that the low latency only works when paired with only one device. That and the 10m/30ft limitation (plus you have to buy the latest bluetooth headphone) makes it less and less ideal... How about these puppies?: They seem to be a nice replacement for comteks (but the placement of the volume button sucks!). Cheers, Franky
  3. Why is Lectrosonics block 23 unpopular?

    You guys convinced me... Im taking the plunge Thanks! Franky03
  4. Why is Lectrosonics block 23 unpopular?

    Thank you all for your wise advice... very much appreciated! Franky03
  5. Any specific reason? I might have a good deal on a srb + smqv + hm... but it's in block 23 and I noticed that it appears that there are not many who use this block. Thank you for your time. Franky03
  6. Spectrum Analyzer iOS app

    I use FrequenSee, nice little tool just to quickly know the frequency of the truck that is backing up(!) Very responsive! Franky
  7. Sennheiser AVX (with sound clips)

    Thank you for the samples! Cable still sounds the best, AVX is a little thinner and esssier but overall pretty good. I couldn't hear any AGC Would love to hear how the AT system 10 compares to the Senneheiser, anyone has samples? Couldnt find the specs on how much delay they produce either... Franky
  8. Rode NTG4 and NTG4+ shotgun mic review.

    Thanks Ty! Franky
  9. Portable speakers with bracket suggestions please!

    Thanks to all who have added their 0.02$ You are right David, its usually playbacks that involve many departments and the actors too. I might also add that the director used to also be a drummer, he surely has some hearing damage(!) Have a nice weekend jw Franky
  10. Portable speakers with bracket suggestions please!

    Thanks for all the feedback guys... very much appreciated We usually have video assist, Im not handling video playback. The problem is that the director doesn't like to wear headphones and doesn't like the sound of the small speakers found on the video monitors, usually something like this one: Its on a stand and I cant really attach anything to it. Im just trying to improve the quality of the sound for playback. I found multiple portable speakers, but its more the rigging thats giving me a headache. Thank you Nick for the suggestion of the UE Boom or similar speaker that has a carabiner. Will investigate that solution! Franky
  11. Portable speakers with bracket suggestions please!

    Forgot to mention that indeed its only for the playbacks... I will look at the Anchors but would really prefer them to be also battery operated... Franky
  12. Hi all, I have this director who dislikes to wear headphones. He also dislikes the sound of the small1 watt speakers found on most video monitors. Trying to find a solution for him... There are lots of portable speakers out there... anyway to put the speaker firmly on the video monitor? Any suggestions would me most welcomed! Thanks in advance, Franky
  13. Trew Audio is selling them from Vancouver and Toronto... Franky
  14. Maxx fader lag

    Thanks for the input guys. To my ear the lag was barely noticeable on the Nomad compared to my Maxx. Not a huge deal... except when you're working post fader and you miss the start of the sentence because of the lag :-/ Franky
  15. Maxx fader lag

    Hey all, Recently I was on a shoot with another soundie who had a Nomad and I realised that my Maxx had a fader lag (maybe 0,3s) that wasnt there on the Nomad. Just wondering if its just mine or are all the Maxx like this? Thanks, ps: senator; yes I will contact the manufacturer about this but would still like the group the weigh in. Franky