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  1. Yes ToD -12, but there are some clients where I want everyone to know we been working for too many hours and we are not done yet
  2. ToD unless it is likely that we will work through midnight
  3. Happy Birthday Jeff and best wishes on your new career as a bagman
  4. How long before we have to explain what a dolly is ?
  5. "what peoples first investment was" I would rent a Nagra. Wireless technology was not at the level we now take for normal. A Schoeps, a Nagra and a set of Beyer phones were all the bits you needed to do sync sound.
  6. A Schoeps CMC4 w/ MK41 capsule brand new from Audio Services Corp. LA 1988
  7. The story of that theme CBS always plays for The Masters Tournament in Augusta GA. I believe the year was 1981. Dave (Please Come to Boston) Loggins had arrived at my Bennett House studio in Franklin, TN to record a new song for the Masters Golf Telecast. I asked Mike Hanna, a great pianist and string arranger to join us as well as engineer Gene Eichelberger. Gene recorded our trio track in two or three takes and Loggins then put down the guitar and added the vocal. As we sat there listening Hanna offered to write a string quartet to fill out the sound. Loggins didn't really have a budget that could support hiring players to come to Franklin, but Hanna happily wrote the parts anyway, and by accident a large string date came down to the studio the next day, and I persuaded two violins, a viola and a cellist to stay over for ten minutes to complete our little demo. Eichelberger was forced to mix the track to mono because stereo television was not yet the norm. Dave's beautiful lyric paid homage to the great golfers from Masters history and the vocal was masterful. As Gene began to make a copy tape to send to CBS, Dave asked if we could run another, but without the vocal. He said maybe, just maybe, they could use it going in and out the commercial breaks. A few years ago I was told our little demo is the longest running sports theme of all time. P.S. The telecast only played the complete track with vocal a few times, but our simple little backing track has managed to carry on! Perhaps some day soon CBS will decide to add a credit for the boys in the band. Norbert Putnam
  8. 788 sounds better than 6 series, period. RE: Clipping on inputs 4-5-6 - How much more gain are you adding using the Channel Trim in the PFL ?
  9. Sounderday is still alive and well, tends to start around 9 am Eastern US time -
  10. This is really simple, If you want FRAME ACCURATE timecode on all devices use TRI-LEVEL SYNC BOXES.
  11. Complaining about a 1 or 2 frame offset, while interesting is pretty much OCD. Analog Nagras were 4 frames out and the world did not end.
  12. >When in doubt; leave it out < A good rule in general
  13. The singularly most ripped off musician ever, Rest in Peace Chuck Berry
  14. Thank you for finding this Alex Ginzo