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  1. I would ask myself which lavalier I was using.
  2. Mics that had a "grounded capsule" and did not require a 2k notch filter
  3. I am unclear why you would not just replace the mics. Al
  4. Smash Hit
  5. CATS wtf ? oh, Cat 5
  6. For a man of Jeff's stature we should probably use 2 mono Nagras to get the proper phase effect, but in a pinch we could use one of these
  7. Just a phase Jeff was going through
  8. Very nice
  9. Thank you Lectrosonics
  10. Thank you for sharing
  11. Glad you are doing well, and you are keeping busier than most of us. Al
  12. Bernie was a top story on the CBS This Morning. They suggested he might be sore today.
  13. Talk to the DP
  14. What my Uncle Ty said.