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  1. http://www.rollingstone.com/music/videos/willie-nelson-rs-films-mastering-the-craft-trigger-20150211
  2. The True History of the Traveling Wilbury's

    "Wilbury" was a slang term first used by Harrison during the recording of Cloud Nine with Jeff Lynne. Referring to recording errors created by some faulty equipment, Harrison jokingly remarked to Lynne, "We'll bury 'em in the mix"
  3. Timecode slate

    Editors tell me they only able to know what scene is playing is because of electronic slates, timecode, and sound reports - they aren't going to get that info from the camera dept. No better reference than a happy editor.
  4. Thank you for finding this Alex Ginzo
  5. Red Weapon 8K Audio Issue

    My approach to Reds is if it works I am happy, If it doesn't work I don't worry about it. No one ever bought a Red because they liked the way it reliably dealt with sound. Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
  6. http://www.siliconbeat.com/2017/09/01/apple-eyes-setting-hollywood-base-gone-wind-studio-report
  7. Lectrosonics SMWB coming soon?

    "Certainly the wheel never stood still" LarryF nice turn of phrase Larry
  8. RIP Glen Campbell

    In a room full of legends Glen Campbell shined on
  9. My backround is in music recording working with MCI and Harrison consoles, very flexible recording and mixing, but filled with IC's, integrated circuits. They sounded great to us but I always ended up looking to equalizers to make sounds more "musical". One day we were unable to book our own studio and had to go a room with an Neve console, a bit of a bother because what would be a button push previously now became a patch cord inserted. Instead of the monitor pot being in line it was now a separate monitor section on the side. We had a good assistant and were able to get our days work started. After we finished tracking and were playing back I realized that things had changed forever for me, I had wanted to hear a quality in the sound and I had finally found it. Rupert Neve is the creator of that sound and he didn't care what other folks did, he was on a mission to please his own ears.
  10. Microsoft plans to spend $10 billion to bring broadband to rural America Seems like a good idea until you start to read: "The project will rely on a new “white-space” technology, which beams internet data over unused television broadcast frequencies. Microsoft hopes to work with the government to collect information from local television stations about what part of their television spectrum goes unused." http://www.siliconbeat.com/2017/07/11/microsoft-plans-spend-10-billion-bring-broadband-rural-america/ I have had the experience of a major sporting event reduced to only hard wired gear working thank to the stadium management company going to a white space data network, not fun.
  11. Pelican transport case

    Another vote for a Pelican 1620
  12. Where would this audio be recorded, would it be a disc in a truck ?
  13. Zaxcom Deva V or 5

    I don't think you will find Neo Luddites on this board John B Neo-Luddite is used to describe those who are considered to be anti-technology, or those who dislike or have a difficult time understanding and using modern science and technology. The word Luddite is a historical political movement term used to describe people who are opposed to technological innovations.
  14. Jeff describes this board as "Feel free to talk about anything and everything" Got it nb: guitar players/ Steely Dan fans, this will absorb 15 minutes of your life Riffs In The Key of Steely Dan
  15. Mixer Mods for Zaxcom?

    John B. I didn't take it as put down. I think the OP had a good point. I never understood why I couldn't overdub with my 788t, or remix a take where I missed a cue, I used to be able to do it with a razor blade.
  16. Mixer Mods for Zaxcom?

    John B, there are worse things you can say about a fellow mixer. I think Davin's point is well taken. When can we expect audio manufacturers to play well with each other, rather than "the my way or the highway" school ?
  17. Interesting new wireless system

    Getting a Shure guy to hold a Lectrosonics plug on transmitter while talking about his new product, priceless
  18. Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    They have an adapter that would use a Sony L battery.
  19. Farewell innovation?

    >Lectro is leading the charge and trying to open a door for themselves and all the other manufacturers, including big ones, to copy and market the same patented product.< Lectrosonics is not leading a charge, they issued a new product, one which Zaxcom says violates their patent. We will see how it plays out.
  20. Farewell innovation?

    I have worn a Sound Devices 744t and used a wireless transmitter to send signal to camera - am I going to be sued ?