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  1. The singularly most ripped off musician ever, Rest in Peace Chuck Berry
  2. Thank you for finding this Alex Ginzo
  3. 1 thing about the Arri Mini is the uniquely sized Lemo audio input, and that there is no headphone output. If I'm going to buy the supply the input device I want to be able to monitor it. Every mini I have worked with had either the A-Box or input cables supplied by the rental house.
  4. >If you're serious about learning this trade, apprentice with someone accomplished. Keep your mouth shut and your mind open< insert GONG sfx
  5. >Those with useless smarmy responses can go smarm on another post.< Time to grow up MartinTheMixer, this is uncalled for.
  6. PM sent Al
  7. I have one and I believe I might know where it is in my shop. I'll go by there tomorrow and get back to you. Al
  9. Bring a production sound mixer up for a few days, you will learn a lot.
  10. Agreed, thank you Jon and Sound Devices
  13. I would ask myself which lavalier I was using.
  14. Mics that had a "grounded capsule" and did not require a 2k notch filter
  15. I am unclear why you would not just replace the mics. Al
  16. Smash Hit
  17. CATS wtf ? oh, Cat 5
  18. For a man of Jeff's stature we should probably use 2 mono Nagras to get the proper phase effect, but in a pinch we could use one of these
  19. Just a phase Jeff was going through
  20. Very nice
  21. Thank you Lectrosonics