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  1. Neural Networks for Audio: how they work

    Hi James, I worked on a Documentary on the Lee Sedol / AlphaGo match ( on Netfix/iTunes/Amazon called 'AlphaGo") and it was my introduction to this incredibly fascinating world of AI and true learning machines. Although it is fun to think about the entertainment side of these applications it is the medical field where these machines are going to change things at an amazing rate.
  2. Finally a cheap and accurate Timecode slate?

    These iOS type TC displays are pretty handy for VR type jobs, it has been my experience that some of the high count, multi camera rigs have issues when stitching together the TC display on the Denecke slates where these types of set ups have proven to be much easier for them to get an image that is usable on a screen.
  3. Remote Audio Hi-Q Batteries

    Hi Steve, I switched over about 6 months ago and I really like them so far. I have 3 batteries, 2 of the Hi-Q and one directly from Inspire, I am getting about 1.5 days of run time with a 633 and Lectrosonics SR-C. I like knowing that for the most part, the battery that I start the day with is the one I will likely end the day with. I have the AudioRoot 2 bank charger, I like that it tells me how many times a battery has been charged which makes it easy to keep them all in the same condition. Hope to see you in Baltimore soon, good luck on your job. Chris
  4. Scouting day rate

    If you can convince someone to pay you for gear rental on a scout, you are doing something right, more power to you. I do not have that level of negotiating skills myself.
  5. Scouting day rate

    My normal rate, a day is a day, simple as that.
  6. DUGAN for the 633!! Firmware update 4.50!!

    Similar to AFMY, I don't see this replacing people on sets anytime soon. One day, who knows, but for right now it is just an other quality tool for me to use from time to time. My feeling has always been that the human element has always been the best tool that I can offer, and I try to value the people that I work with and have meet over the years. To quote the Old 97's " Jobs are all jobs and sometimes they suck, I love what I do and I have had some pretty good luck" Value people and embrace change, it is a pretty good way to spend a career.
  7. Ambient or Denecke for Lockit?

    I guess you could try and track down some of the Denecke sb-t boxes, they would fill your WC requirement as well.
  8. Johnny Knoxville gags and wires.

    I worked on Viva la Bam for a while ( a spin off of the Jackass series ), believe it or not I found most of the cast very easy to work with and I can't recall ever having anyone break any of my gear during that period. Lots of the time we would remove gear from them before they would get in harms way. Although things appear to be extremely off the cuff, things are, in general, planned out to a great degree. Enjoy your time with them, you will have a smile on your face everyday, I promise you that much.
  9. Equipment wishes for 2017

    For the Lectrosonics PDR to do all current TC rates, not just 30 DF that it only does currently. Lectrosonic Wideband IFB Transmitters and receivers.
  10. Obama/Trevor Noah intv red cam fan noise!!??

    That is the Roosevelt Room @ the WH I believe, I have had the good fortune to record President Obama in this room. The HVAC in this room is pretty loud, this is the room that he records his weekly address in as well. They did offer to turn the unit off during our work there but it is not just a switch on the wall to get it done, so often what happens is that the president will roll in and there is not time to get it shut down quickly going through the proper channels and it is something that they like to not do beforehand, so I have had to live with it as part of the BG.
  11. Condolences, USA.

    Wait, the person who is afraid to use his own name in this public forum is posting a video making fun of "safe spaces"? That is rich, so rich. Carry on, please.
  12. Denecke SB-4

    My only tiny issue with the unit is that it takes a series of four different button pushes to turn the unit off. I get that it is a menu item function but does it need to be so many steps to turn off? After a few weeks I have just started to crack the door on the battery compartment open just a hair and it takes a little pressure off the batteries and turns the unit off. The side benefit is that if I leave the door in this mode it can't power the unit back up in its case during travel which is very easy to do otherwise. It is just a fantastic unit, I just love them, it fits perfectly between the back of the top handle and the antennas on the Arima.
  13. wingman?

    Just wondering, when using this in the CL-12 mode, would you use the Wingman BT adaptor on the keyboard USB port?
  14. What Car Do You Drive?

    Well, much like the gear we use, I am of the school that I there is no perfect car/van for what we do 100% of the time. I have a Mini Cooper S Clubman JWC ( average MPG city/highway 30.9) for small one man jobs and travel/airport for away work, which happens to be 70% of my work these days. Great car, lots of flat space with rear seats down and barn doors in the back. I moved down to this after a few years in a large German SUV that had wayyyyyyy too much " presence " pulling up to unload gear on set. We have a family Mid sized Nissan SUV that I use for my commercial package days of 2 carts ( follow and upright sound cart ) and then if things get too large for that I move over to our catch all Ford Excursion. That thing will move a small army of gear without missing a beat although I do avoid using it on 2nd unit days in NYC, it is just a bear to drive/park in the city and @ 12mpg it ain't cheap to drive long distances. I am a car person so our "fleet" is always changing our here. I will add that I am not a fan of leaving a gear in a vehicle for lots of reasons, I load/unload for just about every job. Sure, some days I wish I had something that is sitting back in my storage space but the idea of leaving all my gear unattended in a vehicle is not a path to a pleasant day for me. I am also past the point of feeling the need to have the largest/heaviest cart possible, as seems to be the trend here on the east coast for some reason. My goals have always been small/light, it just seems to have the added bonus of being easy to move and load.