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  1. stefanosound

    Sony UWP transmitter antenna tip replacement? UTX-B03

    ...may be this can help... http://www.ebay.it/itm/Tamiya-AO-RC-Car-Parts-Antenna-Cap-Set-AO-5047-84189/371573756642?hash=item56838592e2:g:nI4AAOSwc-tY3mHx
  2. stefanosound

    new low cost radiomic

  3. stefanosound

    EXT Powering for MixPre3/6

    ...if you put a piece of plastic between two battery you open the chain... and you can leave the battery inside ready to be used if you loose the external energy. In add you should cut the external power with a switcher, oterways the regulator remain in parallel at the battery and you can loose energy.
  4. stefanosound

    changin frame rate

    thanks Mark
  5. stefanosound

    changin frame rate

    why in my zax recorder there is 2397, and 23,98? why in sony fs7 there is 23,97 and 23, 98? is the same? it sound strange... thanks
  6. stefanosound

    changin frame rate

    In waveagent 23,98 do not exist...
  7. stefanosound

    changin frame rate

    Today I made a mistake I used as wrong frame rate, I gived a look at wave agent, but I could not see the possibility to change at 23,98. Any Help? thanks
  8. stefanosound

    Zaxcom- MAXX

    how much did you pay for AES board? Mi Maxx , number 59 is without Aes input... Now at the same price that I got the mine Zax Give you the Aes input. I Think that is not correct ask now a lot of money for upgrading the maxx...
  9. stefanosound

    Zoom F8

    I'd like to use Android instead of IOS...
  10. stefanosound

    which harness with stingray?

    ...thanks Stefano.
  11. stefanosound

    Rental House in China

    thank you very much
  12. stefanosound

    Rental House in China

    The next month I should go to Beijing, does anyone know tell me a rental house where you can rent or buy audio equipment? thanks so much Stefano
  13. stefanosound

    ms in the boom

    I'd like to add at one rode NTG2 one figure 8 mic. Any suggestion? Thanks. Stefano.
  14. stefanosound

    Kortwich Vorverstarker VCP-M3

    Hi Jm, I understand your point of view, I'm sure the VCP-M2 / 3 is a very good preamp, but what I mean is that during a work bag, at least for me, working with the inputs 5/6 of my Maxx is an hard job. I'd like something in between a preamp and a mix that allows me to have a pfl fast and easy to use. I tried using the headphones control, but seems little bit difficult, at least for me...