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  1. Dpa 4061 and double bass in beach

    Hi Marc. I was not able to stick the mic in the bridge, because the cable stays exposed when running to the tx. i was thinking to stick the tx in the tailpiece, it's a nice place for frontal shot, buy if the short was done from the side of the instrument it will be exposed... it's a film, about two families, living at the seashore, the girl is the daughter of one of them.
  2. Dpa 4061 and double bass in beach

    Hi, it's a feature film, so no way to have it exposed.. The tx was a high power 250C I don't know the double bass parts in english to describe the position, so it's better to post the pictures. Sticky+overcover, and some black tape. Sorry for the picture size but i'm running to the set!
  3. Dpa 4061 and double bass in beach

    Hi, i was shocked, because i was affraid of the wind, and the ocean sound, i've never recorded a double bass with a hidden lav before, and i've finished the day with a nice ( to me ) recording, rich, with nice dynamics...the part i share here is just the first tests, then the girl played a full theme.
  4. Hello group, 'm posting here a recording ( just the dpa track) i made yesterday, in a difficult situation. see the picture. Dpa 4061, Lectro 211, Cantar. I was schocked by the dpa. Fabian contrabajo dpa lectro Aaton Cantar.m4a
  5. Hello, i would like to know if someone has modified a Comtek M72 microphone tx, to fit a BNC antenna connector as the M72 option 7. What cables are the antenna ones? Any ideas? Here's some pics of a recently bought M72 (with a clean XLR input connector modification). Thanks for your opinions, and ideas. fabian
  6. Smallest 48v power supply

    Very good información, thanks all!!
  7. Smallest 48v power supply

    Thanks for your answers Philip and Lancashire, the ambient is expensive but looks good! Enviado desde mi iPhone utilizando Tapatalk
  8. Smallest 48v power supply

    Txs for your answer Philip, 22v...uhhh Enviado desde mi iPhone utilizando Tapatalk
  9. Smallest 48v power supply

    Hello, i want to reduce size and weight of my denecke 48v for wireless boom, someone knows a real compact one to use with a tx? Plug ons are not an option, thanks! Enviado desde mi iPhone utilizando Tapatalk
  10. Zoom FRC-8 Controller

    The Cantar X1 and 2 has 6cm faders, in the past i have mixed some films with them, you achieve yo do it , of course the p&g 10 cm cantarem 1 are much much better, for this price i'll buy one for my backup F8 recorder . The Cantar X1 and 2 has 6cm faders, in the past i have mixed some films with them, you achieve yo do it , of course the p&g 10 cm cantarem 1 are much much better, for this price i'll buy one for my backup F8 recorder .
  11. Hello all I have several lectro systems in different blocks (21,22,27 and 28) and a quadbox in blocks 27 and 28. I know there is a mod to convert it to wide from narrow band. Does anyone know if this is a diy mod? I m good in diy proyects. I live in Uruguay so blocks 27 and 28 are legal. Thanx!
  12. Distortion in transients UM200C

    hello, all. from some time ago, and without an apparent cause my UM200C starts an ugly distortion ( like clip) under some high transients. is like something in the limiter is broken. it happens with a cos 11 and other lavs, and with mic in cable ( example a plant schoeps going to a power supply box and to the tx ) someone knows a way to find where the problem can be? thanks for your time, fabian
  13. Thanks Daniel, For your info, and soundmanjohn for your nice offer to help, if i need it, i pm you.thanks . If it's the 5 pin connector i"ll try an old one from uher, i think i have some at home ( ja! Flashback!). I'm in a feature now, so i've not too much time to play with, but the next day off, i'll put my hands on them i find the smell good too, it's crazy... Daniel, lots of micron on bblist. thanks
  14. Hello, today i was offered with two sets of Vintage Micron 101 tx and MR1 rx. they are well build, i like them A sony ecm 50 ( a classic ) is included. Well, i want to try them. Someone knows what's the name of the connector that feeds 12 v to the rx? A circuit diagram of this connector? I want to try some lavaliers on it, but i don't have the pin diagram of the lav conector ( lemo 8 pin) someone can help me with that? Last: how they sound on their epoque? I guess they should be a good sounding system. Someone has a link to the user manuals? I canot find anything. Some coments on this systems? Stories? Shanks for share! Fabian More pics
  15. DPA 8010 Hydrophone recordings in swiming pool

    Hey Clay thanks for the information. Axel, in my case, i'll rent it, it's the only one that is around me, and i"ll have it for not too mutch, just for 4 days. i have not too mutch sequences to buy one...even if they are as Mathew sais competitive options. Thanks Jose'.