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  1. The first film made with digitally recorded sound

    In the studio, it was fortunate that it took just about as long to pre-format the tape as it did to set up the studio for the session.
  2. The first film made with digitally recorded sound

    This is awesome and exactly the information I was looking for. I appreciate the reply! The DTRS you're speaking of is the Hi8 Tascam system? That was the digital system I learned on in college in the late 90s. Not so fond memories of getting two machines to lock sync together on playback.
  3. Heard a similar question asked in another forum, but couldn't come up with any answers no matter how hard I Googled. Wanted to ask the experts: What was the first film made with digitally recorded sound? And, as a bonus, which recorder may have been used? (*edited for autocorrect spelling error)