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    Over 20 years as Audio Post mixer and location work.
  1. JimKarnes

    Zarges aluminium cases

    Hi all. I use Zarges cases in place of Pelican cases as the weight savings are great for my air travels. These flight cases are great and designed for transport and vibration isolation for military applications. Yes they are expensive but they can take a pounding and protect the gear well. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. JimKarnes

    Rolling case dilemma...

    Maybe try Zarges aluminum cases and they have accessories for wheel option. they are in Charlotte, NC. Note that I am a reseller if you want to go that route. i switched my cases from the normal plastic cases due to weight restrictions for international air travel. The switch saved about 50% of our plastic cases allowing us more cargo weight in the same size cases. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. Excellent resource! i had my NP batteries as carry on for an Air France flight back to the states and batteries in their original boxes and still had a TSA hassle at the gate. the pilot had to "ok" me to fly with my 2 spares. Note. it helps to carry a printout of the regulations as they all looked clueless at the batteries and did not have the means to look them up at the gate.
  4. JimKarnes

    For the Sound Van Enthusiast

    I have the exact vehicle and was looking for something similar but with a false floor to slide the ramp back into so i could still see out of the windows. was thinking of something that would slide out and extend in two sections like rack rails.