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  1. Well, I never had that problem on my 1962 Minico 3 inch recorder, the only recorder with a manual speed control on a rotating cam. This never needed any high price spring loaded bobbing crazy Swiss stuff. It recorded test, test, Merry Christmas, testing 123 just fine.
  2. What I would really like to know, who is that girl with you in your picture? My picture shows I'm lost in some dark alley while you're having fun with a hot girl. Just kidding, I know that's an Uher pamphlet. So this is your first Nagra, Its nice isn't it. That is how you feel when you first get a Nagra. The Nagra E is a very nice must have for any collector. Do you know what the E stands for? Now you have to look for 4.2 movie recorder. Your unit does not look all beat up, It looks good. If you get a red permanent fine tip marker you can just touch some of those nicks with the tip of the marker; it will make the nicked aluminum disappear. Don't do it too much, just touch it with the marker to the bright aluminum only be careful you only touch the bright aluminum and not the red otherwise it will show. Did you open it up and see if the tool kit is still inside? It's not a big deal if it's not. It's a wiring diagram folded up with a few parts inside, resistors, etc.
  3. I like that, the SN looks pretty nice on top of top of that unit, it looks like it could be some sort of spy device from a 60's movie.
  4. Congratulations Chris on the Nagra E , Yes the red color is great, much better and richer in person. Check France eBay for a blue one. Nagra made some special blue ones for Radio France.
  5. Hello, onno Thank you for posting. You have a very rare and desirable unit there, I read somewhere only 150 were made. I always wanted one of those but never had the opportunity. There was a nice manual on eBay not too long ago. Please post some more pictures of your collection if you would. I'll put it in the index on page one as the Onno Collection. Thanks again
  6. Mark C Yes, when I was waiting for my used Nagra IVS that I just bought to be delivered. It was not as exciting as the first iPhone back in 2008. I don't think too many people are all excited about the new iPhone today at 1,000.00. The professionals sound-men on this site are not going to tell you they were all giddy and excited when they bought their first Nagra IVS, even though they were. Another way to ask the question is, Does anyone remember how it was to first use the Nagra IVS? From what I recall, I remember reading Jeff said he liked his 4.2 better. I could be wrong.
  7. Jon, that new old stock lid, looks like an aftermarket large reel Nagra III lid. Unless I do not see it right. With the four holes across the front, it looks like the lid you show is for a Nagra III. There are two types of hinges for the IV, Nonremovable lid, and the removable lid. Depending on what hinges you have they both should fit the lid. But I can't identify the lid you show in this picture. Nagra did not make a completely flat across the top lid that I know of. Is that lid the same as the Velcro lid? The only lid I know that has the holes you show is for a Nagra III The original lid with the velcro can be wet sanded and buffed to a high gloss with plastic polish. Edit Although after looking at your pictures again, I have never seen a 4.2 with a Nagra III latch system. I guess if you look long enough you see everything. That is not an original Nagra set up for a 4.2 Someone drilled the holes in the 4.2 and added a Nagra III large reel lid to a 4.2 Sorry about that, not what you want to hear when you just buy a Nagra. I can't believe I just saw that. There is another way to look at it; you have a rare Nagra III crossover model that skipped over the IVL
  8. You can't mess up a Classic IV-S with screwing that counter to the deck. Well, you can, but should you? Can I ask what you use the IV-S for? Do you know the Nagra counter is settable?
  9. Phillip, that remark makes me want to post this video again, for those who may not have seen it. Doesn't it just make you want to own a Classic Nagra III? or am I missing something?
  10. They are not gold plated; they are brass. I cleaned the tarnish off of them. Later ones are nickel plated. I have seen both, brass and plated used throughout the years, even on the same recorder. Thank you for posting the paint pictures. I'll try and post my inside pictures when I get a chance. So now we have proof both 1958 and 1959 models were painted in the wrinkle finish paint, like the earlier Nagra II's. The 1960 model is the gray hammer tone as we know on all Nagra III's. We now know only about 100 1958's were made, I suspect very few 1959's were also made but time will tell. The earliest 1960 serial number I have found is 60 530. So let's keep on the lookout for early 1960 numbers. Sometimes finding the next model year helps to determine how many were made in the previous year. Just like your 1959 serial number let me know the 240 number of the total 1958 Nagra III's was false. The number 240 was probably translated wrong and was meant the 1958 and 1959 wrinkle finish Nagras about 240 were made.
  11. Thank you very much, Antoine Martens Your posting of a 1959 Nagra III with a number of 105 means that 240 units were not produced in 1958 as previously thought. Your serial number 59105 is only 47 units away from my 5858 So It was not possible to have 240 1958 models. It's now very possible they only had 100 1958 Nagra III's. They certainly did not have more than 104 1958 Nagra III's Also, Nagra was still using the early head covers at 105. Those head covers were used on serial number 5822 and 5828 But not on 5858. This tells me they may have used the head covers thru 1958 and into 1959. This is very interesting. I can't tell from your pictures, but the color of the insides of your recorder tells me it also still has the wrinkle paint finish as mine. Fascinating post, Antoine, I'm very glad you posted. Thank you for reading my thread and replying to my 1959 Nagra III questions. Two things became apparent today, proof there was a 1959 Nagra III, and proof there was not 240 1958 Nagra III's made. I added your machine to my growing Nagra III consecutive serial number database. Yours is the most important serial number to date. Could you post some pictures of the sides back and bottom? Also a complete picture of the reel deck top. Thank you very much.
  12. Thank you, Courtney, for that information, must be a pretty rare unit. I had to go back a few posts to try and figure out who James was. I'm Joseph Bond, James is my brother.
  13. A Truly amazing video taught himself too. Unbelievable quality from equipment used to the finished product. Thanks for sharing the video.
  14. Does anybody know what this Nagra item was used for? Nagra QDAN Take Identifier whatever that is. I saw one before shown below in Nagra's collection, so when I had the chance to buy one I did. I like the fact it has Nixie tubes and it's a Nagra. But what was it used for if?
  15. That's a nice looking cart Jon; I like the angled Nagra up top That looks great. Maybe the older cart Pillilip posted would be better with the Nagra III mixer and resolver scope thing. This type cart would go great with my large 7-inch reel 4.2 or IVS-T How would this cart be complete say in 1985 with the large reel Nagra on top and what equipment on the shelves below? Did anybody make a cart the same width of the Nagra straight down? Or is the other equipment that much wider? Can anybody list for me the items that would be needed below the Nagra to fill this type of cart? To be a perfect example of what the soundman would use on any given movie during that time? The reason I say list the items by name and model # so I can start to search for them. 1 2 3 4 5 It would be nice to find inexpensive outdated equipment that was used in that period so I can afford to put this together. In other words, if there was a choice between items still used today and Items used back then but no longer used today If you know what I mean to keep the cost down. A cart like this would work excellent showing my large reel Nagras, but without the equipment, on the shelves below, it would be useless for the purpose I'm looking for. For the Nagra III what I was talking about earlier I would use the Nagra III items I have. I don't like the fact that my large reel Nagras are hidden within the shelves of my collection. You guys know what I;m looking for right? The finished project will be a snapshot in time like what they would have if in the Smithsonian. In showing my collection, Instead of that puzzled stupid look like I'm making up the fact movies were recorded on these little things. I wheel over the cart and say this is how it looked back in 19whatever, the soundman would sit with this cart use these headphones and record the sound with these microphones for that favorite movie you love so much. Bam!! Now someone understands exactly what was involved and what was needed back in the day when these Nagras were used. I think that would make a nice addition. Hey, I never said I was normal a person.