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  1. At least now with Jwsound everyone can still be in touch. Not face to face but still have the conversation. Not the same, but in many ways even better. Clearly ahicomputer's pictures brought some good memories back for you and Philip. It would've all been a distant memory or not even remembered at all If you didn't make this convenient place to connect, discuss and remember.
  2. I see now I should have thought a little more before writing. I took (we serviced) but read as (we service). I guess at first glance the two pictures in the middle could look like today (people wise). I thought wow, they have a booming Nagra service factory there, even the girl is into it. But now, after a little slap of reality from Jeff, I think I’m back to normal. Yes of course, how can there be that many old Nagras being serviced at once in 2016? Most of them being III’s, even an old DH speaker next to the Nagra III in the back. I guess I just wanted to believe people are still working on Nagras. Thanks Jeff for the slap side the head, I needed it. Now I’m back in 2017, not the 70's Reminds me of this Seinfeld episode when this guy says (they're all chickens) (Those are all old pictures).
  3. Welcome to Jwsound, glad you found us. Great pictures, are these all older pictures or are some current pictures? I can't tell. I would say the one with the older Cadillac is and the Nagra booth is. But are the pictures with the repairs current? If so thats great you're still servicing Nagras. Its scary though seeing that Nagra III about to take a shower. I wonder whatever happened to all those Nagra posters? Post more pictures if you have them. Thanks for posting
  4. MarkC To be honest I think the bronzed lid hides the true beauty of the Nagra. You should try and find a clear lid especially for the Harvey mod Nagra. You will have no problem finding a buyer for your lid. The bronzed lids are just as popular, mainly because there is a demand for the larger lids. As a collector I prefer just a bit of yellowing on the lid to give the Nagra that mellow aged look. I would also want just the 5 inch lid for the super cool Harvey Mod machine. Like this one below only ditch the handle. For an overall smaller, compact, cool look with that beautiful Red Apollo Space age digital countdown timer. It was more factory looking than the Nagra brand. My father back then worked on the space suits for the Apollo missions. The Harvey Mod display for some reason reminds me of that time period . I’m beginning to wonder if I will ever find a Harvey Mod clean machine for my collection. They were always too beat up or I didn't have the money to spend. You're lucky to have it. As for the different 4.2’s They were produced for many years with many different subtle changes like the lid latch and the knobs. Maybe the users here on Jwsound know more about the different Nagra 4.2's
  5. Philip The fact of “who you guys are" has always been a big deal for me since day one on Jwsound, as I have stated many times before in this thread. I’m proud to be posting and learning in the same forum as such accomplished, famous people as yourselves. Of course it's a big deal for you guys. I just meant you may be more accustomed to the fact of seeing your name in credits. I’m still amazed everyday when I look up what you all have accomplished. I don’t always get the chance to fit my thoughts about it into a post like last night, without sounding all giddy and mushy as I probably do right now. So it's not said much. But just know, I’m your biggest fan. Especially you “old” Nagra guys. (Not that you're old) the Nagra is. Where the hell is the smiley face when you need it? Scott That was the next question I was going to ask. Which machine was used? Now when I show my collection I can point to my Nagra IV-S and say Risky Business and many other movies were recorded on a machine just like this one. Risky Business - sound mixer Scott Smith. Just one of so many over the years. Very impressed Scott. As I am with Jeff, Philip and everyone else on this site. You all have so much to be proud of.
  6. My wife and I just watched the end of Risky Business. My wife says "can you believe this movie is 34 years old." I said the sound for that movie was recorded on a Nagra. "Oh really?" she says. "How do you know that." Because that's what was used back then. I said the soundman is most likely someone on Jwsound. I quickly looked up IMDB and saw sound mixer Scott Smith. I said it's Scott Smith - he just posted on my thread last week. See, right there. How about that she's says Then we waited patiently for the credits. There he is. I said the movie forever has his name on it. No big deal for you guys but we thought it was pretty cool.
  7. trant, If you mean in person? I’m 3,000 miles from you, Not sure you want to see it that bad. Any member can always reach me thru Jwsound, that would be the first step. Thank you Sir for your comment, I truly appreciate it. I’ll post a current full picture soon. Also I haven’t forgotten MarkC, I'll answer you also.
  8. Please don't tell me this is what you're talking about, Did a small Nagra replace this? This had to be used for something else, right! http://www.ebay.com/itm/Magna-Tech-magnetic-film-audio-recorder-/252220110407?hash=item3ab97d7647:g:s4AAAOSwZ1lWdwrk
  9. Made in Switzerland by....Stellavox I don't know who this guy is but he did a good job.
  10. I guess this is what happens when you start talking about these recorders, sometimes they come out of the woodwork, very clean 1968 Nagra III up on ebay. Someone in Switzerland must be reading these posts also. I guess he decided its time to sell. Or it's just a coincidence. I do not know this seller at all. His pictures are the perfect example of the acid etching I was talking about. http://www.ebay.com/itm/NAGRA-III-mono-taperecorder-get-the-sound-of-the-50ties-/122264573753?hash=item1c77895739:g:6z4AAOSwo4pYTGyj
  11. You are correct Humberts, the first two digits on a Nagra III is always the year. You are just a few hundred shy of the prized 67 10000 I actually have your Nagra III all ready in my data base. I take a picture of every Nagra III I come across to see the serial numbers for the different years. As of now, I have not seen the 1959 Nagra III. I'm not really sure what happen in 1959. What year did the paint change from the Wrinkle paint as the Nagra II and 1958 Nagra III to the hammer tone gray of the Nagra III we know today? These are the very pressing questions that keep me up at night, (kidding) Everyone will be checking their serial numbers now. Post what you find if you want. The one closest to the 67 10000 is the winner. So far its Humberts at 9556 Note: Nagra says 240 1958 Nagra III's were made. Notice the first date I have below for 1960. If you find a 1960 with a much lower number than 60 530, like in the 400's that could mean even fewer if any 1959 Nagra III's were made. So I take a picture when I see them. This is how I come up with answers.
  12. Hi Mike You should post the pictures, maybe they are different is some way.
  13. Yes Humberts it is a beautiful machine, at first I didn't think so , I thought the L or the 4.2 was better looking. But then I realized it's a true classic. Just look at the Deck top. Acid etched. People that don't have one can't appreciate this recorder. They are very hard to find in excellent condition, most are really beat up. The spelled out "Kudelski" and all the bright trim around the speaker grill and all the edges are raised up by a good amount. But in reality all the gray is etched out and is lower than the bright trim. There was never a more pronounced and famous deck lid on any recorder. Shown below The First 1958 Nagra III, the 58th one made out of 240 This was a man proud of his Name and his Product. As he was of his company. Can you tell? Then one day, I get this email from Stefan Kudelski's daughter, which made me appreciate the Nagra III even more. Dear Mr **** Thanks a lot for sharing your "Nagra collection" It looks great! I'm glad to know that these devices developed by my father more than 30 years ago are still alive. My father would have appreciate it. I share with you a link that one employee of the company shared with us. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wo8UtWiYiZI We see that the Nagra Legend is still alive. Best regards Marguerite Kudelski See what I mean how raised the letters are on the deck, shown best in the video. Unless you guys are into Chanel No 5 you would have never found this video. Although, I did post it earlier in the thread. The things I share with you guys ... Anybody want to see a "gold anodized" SN built especially to surprise Stefan Kudelski? Maybe later...maybe.
  14. If it has anything to do with JFK it's a myth. I have yet to be proven wrong. See The Nagra SN Story, as I see it. Page 15 Post 373 Let my SN story be the popular story over there and maybe we will get some answers.
  15. Hello David thank you for joining, are you from Japan? I have not heard the Japanese Story, is there a link you can post? What year is your Nagra III NP? Thanks again for posting.