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  1. Thank you very much, Antoine Martens Your posting of a 1959 Nagra III with a number of 105 means that 240 units were not produced in 1958 as previously thought. Your serial number 59105 is only 47 units away from my 5858 So It was not possible to have 240 1958 models. It's now very possible they only had 100 1958 Nagra III's. They certainly did not have more than 104 1958 Nagra III's Also, Nagra was still using the early head covers at 105. Those head covers were used on serial number 5822 and 5828 But not on 5858. This tells me they may have used the head covers thru 1958 and into 1959. This is very interesting. I can't tell from your pictures, but the color of the insides of your recorder tells me it also still has the wrinkle paint finish as mine. Fascinating post, Antoine, I'm very glad you posted. Thank you for reading my thread and replying to my 1959 Nagra III questions. Two things became apparent today, proof there was a 1959 Nagra III, and proof there was not 240 1958 Nagra III's made. I added your machine to my growing Nagra III consecutive serial number database. Yours is the most important serial number to date. Could you post some pictures of the sides back and bottom? Also a complete picture of the reel deck top. Thank you very much.
  2. Thank you, Courtney, for that information, must be a pretty rare unit. I had to go back a few posts to try and figure out who James was. I'm Joseph Bond, James is my brother.
  3. A Truly amazing video taught himself too. Unbelievable quality from equipment used to the finished product. Thanks for sharing the video.
  4. Does anybody know what this Nagra item was used for? Nagra QDAN Take Identifier whatever that is. I saw one before shown below in Nagra's collection, so when I had the chance to buy one I did. I like the fact it has Nixie tubes and it's a Nagra. But what was it used for if?
  5. That's a nice looking cart Jon; I like the angled Nagra up top That looks great. Maybe the older cart Pillilip posted would be better with the Nagra III mixer and resolver scope thing. This type cart would go great with my large 7-inch reel 4.2 or IVS-T How would this cart be complete say in 1985 with the large reel Nagra on top and what equipment on the shelves below? Did anybody make a cart the same width of the Nagra straight down? Or is the other equipment that much wider? Can anybody list for me the items that would be needed below the Nagra to fill this type of cart? To be a perfect example of what the soundman would use on any given movie during that time? The reason I say list the items by name and model # so I can start to search for them. 1 2 3 4 5 It would be nice to find inexpensive outdated equipment that was used in that period so I can afford to put this together. In other words, if there was a choice between items still used today and Items used back then but no longer used today If you know what I mean to keep the cost down. A cart like this would work excellent showing my large reel Nagras, but without the equipment, on the shelves below, it would be useless for the purpose I'm looking for. For the Nagra III what I was talking about earlier I would use the Nagra III items I have. I don't like the fact that my large reel Nagras are hidden within the shelves of my collection. You guys know what I;m looking for right? The finished project will be a snapshot in time like what they would have if in the Smithsonian. In showing my collection, Instead of that puzzled stupid look like I'm making up the fact movies were recorded on these little things. I wheel over the cart and say this is how it looked back in 19whatever, the soundman would sit with this cart use these headphones and record the sound with these microphones for that favorite movie you love so much. Bam!! Now someone understands exactly what was involved and what was needed back in the day when these Nagras were used. I think that would make a nice addition. Hey, I never said I was normal a person.
  6. I thought I saw a post on sound carts but couldn't find it. Thank you for posting the link. Very nice Jeff - I'm impressed you get to play in the garage and be creative. Top notch work, you could've just picked up a can of Rustoleum, but you either had them powder coated or anodized, nice. Very nice write-up on your site about carts. It looks like everyone customizes their own. That 70's stock cart which is what I was looking for a picture of is not too impressive. Since most have customized their own. I think I'll end up making my own custom cart someday to store my Nagra with accessories and try to have it replicate a sound cart. Historically that vintage Samuelson would probably be more accurate as an early sound cart. Thank you for the incentive, and thank you, Phillip, for your help also.
  7. Thanks Phillip for your input. That's a good idea, I could just make the cables I didn't think of that. I guess I really don't have too many items that will go on the cart after all. Must have been bare bones carts back then compared to today. Finding some old photos here on Jwsound, from what I see I don't think carts were invented yet. At least they didn't have wheels on them. But they sure were mobile.
  8. I have an extra 1967 Nagra III and a bunch of Nagra III accessories that won't fit in my case. I would like to get a small roll around sound cart from the early 70's to add to my collection. My idea is to set it all up as it would be in actual use. The recorder, mixer, pads, pencils anything that would be utilized on a movie set back in the late 60's early 70's using a Nagra III. I know the Nagra IV or 4.2 was out then, but I have the Nagra III equipment already. Everything but the cables. I have to get all the cables etc.; It has to look like its all ready to go. I have both the Sennheiser MKH 815T and MKH 805 also. I want the set up to be a snapshot in time of how it was in use. I think it would be a nice addition to my collection. I wish I never sold my Sela mixer, but I plan to use a Nagra BM mixer to keep it all Nagra. What do you think? Maybe the things I have are not what was used on the cart. I don't know. Does anybody have any vintage pictures they can post of sound carts from the Nagra days? So maybe I can get some ideas? It can have any Nagra in the picture. I just want to see what it looked like back then. Today's carts are all lit up and computerized.
  9. Well, by my records Jeff and of course the use of my working index system on page one of Nagra Stories by clicking the back arrow, it was easy to look up. You listed it as used it in that movie. I could not find another movie in the list you did with it. You probably were sweating bullets thru the whole movie wondering what scene it was going to quit in. In fact, it sounds like it did quit on you in that movie based on you say it was your last movie with it. I guess I could have used better terms in offering to buy the machine from dela. Now after that build up, the machine is now famous and worth ten times more not working! And it wasn’t even your machine! I guess next time I want to buy something not working for a good deal I should probably leave your name out of it…… Until after I buy it! dela if I were you I would leave it not working, keep it in your collection and have the story Jeff Wexler used one just like it in the 1990 movie Clifford. He used it in that one movie and abandon it because these machines had so many problems. It will end up as one of the prizes in your collection even not working. Or sell it to me and let me do it. It's a beautiful machine who cares if it works for 10 minutes then eats the tape after many hours of trying to fix it, the story is the value. It's all how you look at things.
  10. Well if you give up getting it running, I'll buy it. I could care less if it works. It's a perfect example of the Dat recorder Jeff Wexler used in the movie Clifford, way back in August of 1990, love to have it in my collection. I believe it's the only movie he used it in. Is that a clear window in the top to see the head spinning? Cool!
  11. Thank you very much Mike (MBM) for your post and clearing up some things. It's nice to know the facts you have provided. What can you tell me about the recorder that had CR #11 on it? How was that type of recorder used in Germany? and what year do you think it was used? Thank you.
  12. I received this link from Youtube this morning, A Russian collector that I know of posted this video of the Nagra SN copy. The Yacht- 1M I thought I’d share it here. Yes, I understand every word. Nah, I just look at the pictures.
  13. Yes, Mike, it is a JBR. It first came out exclusively for the FBI in 1984. The first unit was hand delivered to the FBI at JFK. It was very top secret at the time. No one knew about it. At the time they had no way to play back the tape. As Nagra was still working on that. As I have been told. Nice pictures Mike, Thank you for posting them.
  14. Does anybody find it strange that from 1958 to 1968 only about 14,000 Nagra III’s were made? Take out all the non-pilot models and that number must drop quite a bit. If the Nagra III was one of the leading sound recorders for movies since 1964 or so, were there that few Soundmen in the world in those 10 years or does that number sound about right? What could the number of Soundmen be for those ten years in your line of work, would you guess? 500, 1,000, 20,000? I'm not talking about everybody needed to make a movie, I'm talking about the man sitting behind the recorder?
  15. The Nagra D is certainly very nice, and it doesn’t come up for sale too often, but it is not rare. dela go ahead and post what you have on yours; they are an impressive recorder. What I mean by a rare Nagra. An unusual Nagra is any Nagra or Nagra accessory they only made a few of. Any of these listed below I consider rare. *Nagra I (only 25 made) *Nagra II (only 1,000 made from 1952 to 1957) In comparison there were over 13,800 Nagra III’s maybe much more. *1958 Nagra III (only 240 made) *1959 Nagra III I have no idea how many made or if they ever made a 1959 Nagra III *Nagra's like dela's 4.2 timecode. *Nagra IS model ISS or ISN *No Name Nagra SN Every time I see a Nagra III I check the date. I have seen (3) 1958 Nagra III’s; I have never seen a 1959 Nagra III. Do you own a valuable Nagra? Everyone who owns a Nagra III or has a picture of one should check the date on it. The first two digits are the year. My1958 Nagra III is 58 58 Any 1959 Nagra III would start with serial number 59 241 since the first 240 were made in 1958. I have seen every year from 1958 to 1968 but not 1959. In fact, I saved a picture of the serial number of every Nagra III I come across. The earliest 1958 I saw was serial number 58 22 the earliest picture I saw of a 1960 Nagra III is serial 60 530. We know there were (240) 1958 Nagra III’s made so even if the picture I have of 60 530 is the very first one made in 1960 that would mean there were 290 1959 Nagra III’s made see what I’m getting at. The lower the serial number of a 1960 Nagra means fewer 1959 Nagras were made. I have a few more pictures to add than these pictures below, but at the time this was taken this is what I had.