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  1. http://www.nytimes.com/2003/01/13/arts/critic-s-notebook-let-it-be-said-beatles-tapes-are-a-trove-if-familiar.html http://wogew.blogspot.com/2015/11/source-of-nagra-tapes.html Those Nagra III tapes were made 49 years ago this month. A year later John Lennon's quote, clearly showing at that time was the beginning of the demise of the Beatles. If only things could have been different, either way, after Dec. 8, 1980, it would have ended anyway… Or maybe not. The Nagra recorder has been such a part of so much history. I would love to hear those tapes playing back on my Nagra III
  2. The video does not exist on youtube, probably for copyright issues. This is all I found, but its just enough that everyone on here will remember. This
  3. I think Nicholas West meant the first movie showing a Nagra III in the movie. I don’t know if that was the first "help" but it's the one I would associate the Nagra III with. The first tape recorder I ever had is this pictured GE recorder below; I got it for my birthday. I remember being home from school sick and looking through the Service Merchandise catalog (I think it was Service Merchandise and I believe it was Dec 1969 or 70). That night when my father got home - of course, I was feeling better, my mom, dad, younger brother and sister went out to buy it. Watching the recorder coming down the conveyor belt at the pickup counter … well, it was a pretty good feeling. Sometime after that, months later, I recorded the sound from Beatles Help with this little microphone next to the television speaker, making sure the red level light was almost lit, very dim. I recorded both sides of the original GE tape that came with it. I must have played the tape back a million times back then. I think I could recite the whole movie. Even today if I hear a line from the movie help I could probably finish the sentence. In this picture below shows a new one that I bought on eBay quite a few years ago. The original one I still have in the attic, but for some reason, I colored the whole recorder with a black permanent magic marker, it came out horrible I still remember the smell, I guess I thought I was painting it like new at the time. Back then I had no idea what a Nagra III was, but whenever I think of a Nagra III in a movie, it's Help just as you do. That was a great period in my life. Thanks for posting Nicolas and bringing up some good memories. Who did the sound for Help? Anybody know? I wonder what he thought of the Beatles at the time, that must be a memory. I'll bet he has a few stories to tell.
  4. After thinking about it, I removed what I use to clean. I can just see someone spraying the corrosive product all over to make a dirty Nagra look good for "sale" and not being at all careful. You would not want the product to get around or under the nameplates, hinges controls, etc. and later down the road possibly damaging an otherwise good Nagra finish. I would NOT recommend using any product that is "corrosive". It was irresponsible for me to do that. I sometimes forget this is a post online. Just use a good safe household cleaner, 409 or Fantastic, etc.. Then follow up with some auto spray wax on a rag, never spray anything on the Nagra itself. You would not want whatever cleaner you use to get around or under the nameplates, hinges controls, etc. Spray the cleaner or wax on a clean, soft, tee shirt type cotton rag ONLY not spray the machine. For sellers, all true collectors would rather have a Nagra "as is" uncleaned condition, we can clean it up ourselves. You can mess up a finish if you clean it improperly and hurt the value of the recorder. When I buy something online I ask the seller to leave it alone and not clean it before packing for this reason.
  5. You miss understood me. Yes, I agree with you, 400 is closer to 259 than the possibility of 1,436 1960 units. You have a pretty sizable collection, I knew there were other larger Nagra collectors, but I understand not wanting to put their collection on line. It took me a long time to get up the nerve to post on line. I'm learning more though from collectors like you. Do you keep your collection in one area? Post some overall pictures if they are displayed, Everyone likes seeing Nagra pictures. Welcome to JWsound What I have liked about this site from the beginning, it's the only place where the people on here recognize, know about, appreciate and have used these recorders. Recording the world's favorite movies of the time. I can't believe the number of soundmen on this site and the movies they have recorded, forever etched in history with the machines you and I admire. You don't see that anywhere except for here on JWsound. When you watch a movie, keep an eye on the sound credits. Depending on the year, it was recorded on a Nagra of some type and most likely by one of these famous people on JWsound.
  6. Good work Spectreman. Just goes to show how well a Nagra III is made, with your determination and skill you now have a unit you can be proud of. Thank you BGAULLIER for the fantastic job and pictures explaining the Nagra III's You are a true collector. I know how much work that was for you to do. Thank you very much. You have a beautiful collection of Nagra III's best in the world. So you own 25 Nagra III's Wow!! I'm almost afraid to ask, how many Nagra's do you own all together? I had this ready to post just as you posted, I also heard the same serial number story from Nagra. Yes, they added all sorts of letters to the serial numbers but the running number of units made was still the same. Here is how I determine how many were made. At first when BGAULLIER new numbers messed up my chart I thought could there be many more Nagra III's than I thought. But then I remembered this. This Nagra statement below. Success of the NAGRA III was huge, and delivery times were between 6 and 8 months. Production has to be increased continually. In 1964 office space and manufacturing space is rented in Renens, then in 1965 in Malley. At the end of the year a factory in Neuchâtel is purchased. A vast piece of ground is purchased in Cheseaux-sur-Lausanne, for the construction of a dedicated factory. In 1967 the 10’000th NAGRA III is celebrated According to that statement, the dates and serial numbers listed below seem to match up. The 1967 10,000th recorder fits below in RED Except for 1965, I don’t have an answer for that yet. Unless his serial number is different somehow. Overall It seems very few Nagras III's were produced in the10-year period. For example From the chart below. Take the last number shown in 1965 and the first number shown in 1967, subtract 7623 from the first number in 1967 9556. Even if those numbers were the start and finish of the 1966 Nagra III (which they are not) the absolute best possible outcome for the year 1966 Nagra III’s produced would be 1,933 and the least made would be 1,761. Even though only 57 serial numbers were used in compiling my so-called database, you can see how one can determine roughly how many were produced in any given year except the last year. So In 1966 there were between 1,761 and 1,933 Nagra III's produced. So now you say, So,… Who cares? Well, when I started this I had no idea at all how many were made per year. Now I can start to see roughly which Nagra III's are the rarest by number and so can anybody reading this. Right now for 1960 the most that could have been made is 1,436 the least 259 It looks like in the early years just a few hundred were made each year. So over time I think the 1960 number will be closer to 259. The only year you can't do that is 1968. I just added BGAULLIER latest serial numbers that would affect my chart in blue (only the lowest and highest number matter each year) To make it less complicated the letters in the serial numbers do not change the total number made so they are left out for this purpose but are nice to know. As you can see the more serial numbers I get the more accurate it will be in determining how many units made each year. 1958) 22 - 58 1959) 105 -222 1960) 408- 667 1961) 827- 1471 2010 1962) 2103- 2529 2573 1963) 2907 2998- 4104 1964) 4147- 5520 1965) 6053 6204- 7623 1966) 6714- 8475 1967) 9556- 10,000 -11769 1968) 12303- 13874 13928
  7. Here is an updated Nagra III picture list and the span of serial numbers known per year as of Jan 2, 2018, this includes BGAULLIER ten recorders, of course this will change over time, but you can see roughly the dates and serial number range for each year. 1958) 22 - 58 1959) 105 -222 1960) 408- 667 1961) 827- 1471 1962) 2103- 2529 1963) 2998- 4104 1964) 4147- 5520 1965) 6204- 7623 1966) 6714- 8475 1967) 9556- 11769 1968) 12303- 13874 When listing the years and number range above, I found two problems; 1) was a mistake on my pictures list 65 5348 was supposed to be 65 6248 and has been corrected. 2) when adding BGAULLIER’s number for 1965 (7623) this blows up my database; this is the first time this has happened. As you can see under 1965) in red the previous year should not be a larger number than the following year if the serial numbers are meant to be consecutive. Either this is a mistake somewhere, or Nagra has a whole different way of adding serial numbers then previously thought. Could this mean serial #65 7623 also will have the same number in 1966? 66 7623? Does anyone have a Nagra III serial number that contradicts the consecutive order written in the above list?
  8. Welcome BGAULLIER, I'm glad you posted here on Jwsound You are a true Nagra collector, Thank you for posting your Nagra III part of your collection. How did you happen to find Jwsound? Please feel free to post as many Nagra pictures as you like. It's the only way we can get a complete history of Nagra items. A couple of things since that Dec 2016 post, a 1959 Nagra III has surfaced from a man in Belgium named Antoine Martens. He posted pictures of his 1959 Nagra III serial number 59105 Its on post #681 page 28 His Nagra serial # 59 105 is painted in the same wrinkle finish as the 1958 Nagra III, a Nagra II wrinkle type finish. I noticed your serial # 59 222 is now painted in the gray hammer-tone paint used on all Nagra III's we know today. So your post narrows down when the paint changed, somewhere between 105 and 222. It is too soon to tell if there was a serial number 400 in 1959. I think that is too high I would guess there was about 250 1959 serial numbers ended about 350 but only a guess, time will tell. I am finding out the past serial numbers that were released are not accrete since it was reported that 240 1958 Nagra III's were produced. That number has been debunked when a 1959 Nagra showed up with a 105 on it and now backed up by your serial number 59 222. Its clear that 240 produced for 1958 is the wrong number. Since you have one for each year can you list some of the differences that you have found that are not commonly known? Do you have any Nagras with tape direction arrows in red etched into the deck lid. Any of your recorders have the early head covers as shown in this picture below?. It looks like your 58 and 59 has them, is this correct? If the covers are removed it leaves space for the third head. You would never know bu looking at this picture. In this next picture of my 1958 Nagra III you can see the head covers are removed but can see the holes that were filled in. It is unknown if this was done at the factory or a former owner removed the head covers and added guides on the sides of the heads as the picture shows. On my 1958 the tape path is different from later Nagra III's. noted by the red arrows. On any of your early Nagra's do you see signs of the holes being filled as this next picture shows? It would probably be on the 1960 machine if any. On the 58th Nagra III ever produced its either Nagra was experimenting with the plexi tape guides and the red arrow tape paths or a later technician removed the head covers and added the later Nagra III guides on the sides of the head. Below is my latest serial number database that I started, it does not reflect the new numbers you have just presented. Again please feel free to share any information and post your pictures. You have a very nice collection of Nagra III's, they all look in excellent condition. Thank you
  9. Anybody want a rare Nagra QDAN? Last time I looked at this it auction I thought I saw more pictures and I thought one picture confirming it was serial number 91. The seller for some reason took some pictures down. Maybe because it shows some defects I don’t know, I was not paying much attention. Ask for more pictures and buy at your own risk, I do not know this seller. I’m only sharing an ebay auction of a very rare, one of a kind, Nixie tube product form Nagra. Some fine polishing compound works wonders on a Nagra III type finish, although I was lucky and it was not needed on the one pictured below. https://www.ebay.com/itm/NAGRA-KUDELSKI-TAKE-IDENTIFICATION-DECODER-QDAN-No-091/322962176389?hash=item4b320bb985:g:DzAAAOSwyXNaQ1bG I already have mine,
  10. Finding a nice clean Nagra III is hard to do, there is always a lot wrong with them cosmetically. I must have bought and sold 5 of them before finding two mint ones to keep. I only had one that didn’t work, what I find is most are all beat up but still work. Although, I don’t use them other than just proving everything works. I still check out just about every Nagra III that comes up for sale just to see if there are any differences in them. I still see some nice ones now and then. If you want I can post when I see a nice clean one up for sale or message you. I have three already and do not desire to own any others. Unless you like the idea of a project. But what it sounds like because of the battery leakage and wires disconnected you have nothing but problems in front of you. The plastic piece is only the obvious. When you do finally get it going the fact that the serial number is scratched out is a turnoff. Unless the outside is in really very good condition, it sounds like what you have is not worth fussing with. The first one I ever bought and the only one I bought not working was for 50.00; the battery acid was so bad on the inside it reached into just about every part of the unit. You can always sell it and start over. I never had any problem selling a Nagra III even the 50.00 dollar one sold for 95.00. I’m not sure how much you paid, but they can easily be had in working condition. It's the cosmetic condition that's hard to find. But all that being said I'm pretty fussy when it comes to a run of the mill Nagra III. Maybe you like fixing them up that's OK I understand that. I hope you'll find some answers here on Jwsound. In fact, there are probably people on here that have the part you need. Just know its easy to sell a Nagra III for parts and buy a real keeper. That's what I did.
  11. Well, I never had that problem on my 1962 Minico 3 inch recorder, the only recorder with a manual speed control on a rotating cam. This never needed any high price spring loaded bobbing crazy Swiss stuff. It recorded test, test, Merry Christmas, testing 123 just fine.
  12. What I would really like to know, who is that girl with you in your picture? My picture shows I'm lost in some dark alley while you're having fun with a hot girl. Just kidding, I know that's an Uher pamphlet. So this is your first Nagra, Its nice isn't it. That is how you feel when you first get a Nagra. The Nagra E is a very nice must have for any collector. Do you know what the E stands for? Now you have to look for 4.2 movie recorder. Your unit does not look all beat up, It looks good. If you get a red permanent fine tip marker you can just touch some of those nicks with the tip of the marker; it will make the nicked aluminum disappear. Don't do it too much, just touch it with the marker to the bright aluminum only be careful you only touch the bright aluminum and not the red otherwise it will show. Did you open it up and see if the tool kit is still inside? It's not a big deal if it's not. It's a wiring diagram folded up with a few parts inside, resistors, etc.
  13. I like that, the SN looks pretty nice on top of top of that unit, it looks like it could be some sort of spy device from a 60's movie.
  14. Congratulations Chris on the Nagra E , Yes the red color is great, much better and richer in person. Check France eBay for a blue one. Nagra made some special blue ones for Radio France.
  15. Hello, onno Thank you for posting. You have a very rare and desirable unit there, I read somewhere only 150 were made. I always wanted one of those but never had the opportunity. There was a nice manual on eBay not too long ago. Please post some more pictures of your collection if you would. I'll put it in the index on page one as the Onno Collection. Thanks again