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  1. Yes Mike it is a JBR. It first came out exclusively for the FBI in 1984. The first unit was hand delivered to the FBI at JFK. It was very top secret at the time. No one knew about it. At the time they had no way to play back the tape. As Nagra was still working on that. As I have been told. Nice pictures Mike, Thank you for posting them.
  2. Does anybody find it strange that from 1958 to 1968 only about 14,000 Nagra III’s were made? Take out all the non pilot models and that number must drop quite a bit. If the Nagra III was one of the leading sound recorders for movies since 1964 or so, were there that few Soundmen in the world in those 10 years or does that number sound about right? What could the number of Soundmen be for those ten years in your line of work, would you guess ? 500, 1,000, 20,000? I'm not talking about everybody needed to make a movie, Im talking about the man sitting behind the recorder?
  3. The Nagra D is certainly very nice and it doesn’t come up for sale too often but it is not really rare. dela go ahead and post what you have on yours, they are an interesting recorder. What I mean by a rare Nagra. A rare Nagra is any Nagra or Nagra accessory they only made a few of. any of these listed below I consider rare. *Nagra I (only 25 made) *Nagra II (only 1,000 made from 1952 to 1957) In comparison there were over 13,800 Nagra III’s maybe many more. *1958 Nagra III (only 240 made) *1959 Nagra III I have no idea how many made or if they ever made a 1959 Nagra III *Nagra's like dela's 4.2 timecode. *Nagra IS model ISS or ISN *No Name Nagra SN Every time I see a Nagra III I check the date. I have seen (3) 1958 Nagra III’s, I have never seen a 1959 Nagra III. Do you own a valuable Nagra? Everyone who owns a Nagra III or has a picture of one should check the date on it. The first two digits is the year. My1958 Nagra III is 58 58 Any 1959 Nagra III would start with serial number 59 241 since the first 240 were made in 1958. I have seen every year from 1958 to 1968 but not a 1959. In fact I saved a picture of the serial number of every Nagra III I come across. The earliest 1958 I saw was serial number 58 22 the earliest picture I saw of a 1960 Nagra III is serial 60 530. We know there were (240) 1958 Nagra III’s made so even if the picture I have of 60 530 is the very first one made in 1960 that would mean there were 290 1959 Nagra III’s made see what I’m getting at. The lower the serial number of a 1960 Nagra means fewer 1959 Nagras were made. I have a few more pictures to add than these pictures below but at the time this was taken this is what I had.
  4. Thanks Jeff and Phillip for the explanations, very exciting line of work Soundmen have. Interesting and a nice find for you dela. Maybe it was a Kudelski experiment who else would anodize the knobs green? At this point we know of at least two units that exists. Another rare Nagra found. Thats a good machine to have in your collection. Thanks for posting it. Post some posing pictures when you have the time, showing the front panel and the knobs. Your collection is growing. Anybody else have a strange and different Nagra to show and tell about?
  5. Mark I will tell you a long held secret because you asked. The Nagra II playing is just an allusion made possible by 1) Video starts, recorder is off. 2) Turn on the recorder and the reels start turning. 3) The sound comes on but is soft. 4) Then I turn up the volume. 5) Showing the speaker makes it seem like the sound is coming from the speaker. 6) Shutting it off in the end after the music stops. The windup Nagra II is just turning the reels by the spring wound motor inside, No other power. The sound is coming from my IPhone on me under the camera. In the end the tempo of the song slows down and so do the reels, almost to a stop. I liked that part it matched the music. I liked the video and the song but there were many mistakes that I thought I could correct to make it a better and more realistic video. I attempted to redo the video but I was not happy with the outcomes. There was always something and if it was not that it was something else. There were parts that I could not duplicate in the original video. After each try I had to rewind the tape by turning the Nagra over with the rewind crank in the bottom. Then windup the motor again. each time was a complete re-setup. After everything I ended up using my first attempt the video you see. It was my attempt at being the writer, producer, director, cameraman, and Soundman. There were so many arguments between the group. Sometimes the takes ended at turning on the recorder and sometimes it wasn’t until almost the end I would yell cut. As the song goes, I started drinking alone. I quit and walked off the set in a heated exchange of words. This line of work is not for me. Having many recorders does not make you a Soundman. I have been happier ever since. As for the IS Yes they did have a Stereo IS for Law Enforcement only.
  6. She did this pretty well, so while this was being filmed were there any soundmen there? Was music playing ? I'm sure the soundtrack was done later but was there some sound recorded during filming of this scene?
  7. Ahh, bags just hide the beauty.
  8. Jez, Unfortunately I had to sell my absolutely mint Nagra IV SJ. I did keep the center plexiglass cover over the extra controls though. I sold it to help get some money to buy this Nagra II below. I decided it would be easier in the future to buy another IVSJ than it would be to come across another 1957 Nagra II in good shape thats for sale. I kept the plexi cover from my SJ because this nifty center cover is usually missing. So someday, I'll find another. Problem is when I do see one there is always more important things on my mind. Did I make the right choice?
  9. As another example even the picture above of the stacked units look different in size with each other. The top left looks bigger the bottom left looks smaller. To me anyway. Notice how they kept trying to find a place to put the Nagra IS name. It's a one of a kind recorder. Also the brass jacks are earlier recorders, your can correct me if I'm wrong. dela you have yourself a nice little IS collection going there. Only three left to go to complete your collection, the pilot Soundman Model like Rachel's, the ISN and the ISS. My Nagra contact used to tell me those ISS's were used as door stops at Nagra. Yet to find one. My three letter contact has one, so I'm told. Just to see if anybody pays attention, anybody know what I call the ISS?
  10. I don't have to check, I know already nothing else stands out like a Nagra III in every respect. Sorry
  11. Very nice dela, Thank you for doing that. Could you add one more picture to your post. One picture showing the different front panels with the units stacked on top of each other and show the complete front panels. Thank you very much. Very nice writeup. I would like to add your excellent writeup of the IS to the post index. Nagra IS differences by dela You can access the Post Index from any page by using the back arrow. The back arrow looks like this << It's in the page number section at the top and bottom of every page and looks like this << PREV 17 18 19 20 Hit the back arrow and it brings you to the index. From there, one click in the index brings you right to the post you wanted to see again. Example: Where are the pictures to the Nagra SN copy? Click the Back arrow, Click The Nagra SN (Copy) in the index. It works well on a laptop or desktop, but for a cell phone It gets a little condensed and jumbled because I don’t have it in a single list or column, but it still works.
  12. Congratulations dela on the 4.2 IRT. I thought that would be a nice one to own someday. Pretty rare, good looking too. I always thought the IVS was the first time code, but I was wrong. Nagra original or not it has history. Since you have 6 Nagra IS's How about posting the differences and the options between them. All the different models with pictures for reference would be very interesting. Hey, Where else could you find this information if not for JWsound?
  13. Here's a picture of one on Ebay right now, it's not the pilot model but notice how much is going on with all that silk screening, all done in Nagra's fine quality . I like that look, looks like something Nasa would have. Notice the brake switch, with three motors it could stop and turn on a dime, Or less.(smiley face) I guess I could have used one of my recorders for the picture but this is quicker. The first IS I bought had the center head missing like this one, the second one I bought was a three head pilot like Rachel's . I like having all the options, I hate to see something missing.
  14. Well I'm glad you guys remember how small it was, just pictures of it does not really show the size difference, pictures of the IS are misleading even taken next to a 4.2. When its in your hand its a difference story. Rachel its a real prize, I am happy for you because I know that feeling when I opened the package of my IS for the first time. You realize how big and bulky the 4.2, IVL, IVS etc compared. Even though they were considered small for that quality of a reel to reel. Though, I never liked the ears containing the Mic inputs sticking out of the sides on the IS. If only Nagra could have fit them inside the tiny case. I think, I would "still" be sleeping next to mine. (smiley face goes here) Thank you Jeff and Philip for remembering and your comments about it.
  15. Very Nice. If I had only one Nagra to keep, it would be a very hard decision between the SN and the IS. Luckily, I don't have that life altering decision to make (smiley face goes here) if the powers to be would let us have more than one emoji . If I did make the decision between the IS and SN, you can bet I'd soon be looking for the other one. Just curious how many people have ever seen an IS after owning any other Nagra? The first thing you notice is the small compact size in comparison. You're expecting something similar to the 4.2 etc but oh boy it sure is smaller in real life.