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    I have been working as a professional Sound Recordist since 1999. I have a great love for my work in-fact, it’s my passion, not a job. I seem to learn something new each week about the world, about sound and about myself. Over the course of my 11 year career have filmed on boats, in helicopters, cars, up mountains, deserts, down caves and occasionally just in London. I have a very solid technical knowledge but essentially it boils down to this; making a film is all about trust and a team effort, not about gear. Creating the right environment to help enable my own, and other peoples, creativity is something I pride myself on.
  1. ADDA Interface for the cart?

    I know this is resurrecting a dead post but I'm mining JW Sound for info. How are those of you using studio based sound cards powering them in the field ? Many thanks Alan