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  1. Mario Sabatini at Broadcast Workshop in Melbourne is the Nagra sales and service agent in Australia, phone (03) 9329 7655. He has a remarkable stash of spare parts. Cheers, Lloyd
  2. Curious. In the past I used it to play quite loud thru a Nagra DSM amp on set and also checked music for playback, listening on headphones, and did not notice any particular added noise or hiss. L
  3. Possibly use a BEHRINGER U-CONTROL UCA202. It plugs in to a USB port and has left and right RCA outputs and an 1/8th" headphone output with its own volume control (could drive a small battery powered speaker). Cheers, Lloyd
  4. The supply reel platter has a break with a felt pad linked to the left tension roller. This felt pad has a special grease impregnated in it. Eventually it wears too far for the rod adjustments to do their job. Perhaps the pad needs replacing. Cheers, Lloyd
  5. Boyhood was screened at the Melbourne International Film Festival last August then had a release, in Melbourne at least, some time afterwards. Various Melb. film critics consider it one of the best films of the year. Cheers, Lloyd
  6. Hi Chris, On the ACMA website the info you want is titled "Wireless microphones - Spectrum for plug and play users: Melbourne and surrounds" Cheers, Lloyd
  7. I discovered the ECM16 had a tiny transformer in the black base and managed to convert a couple to balanced output.
  8. Maybe a Sennheiser MKH 816 Cheers, Lloyd
  9. Sennheiser HD-25's sit surprisingly well as behind-the-neck headphones. Cheers, Lloyd
  10. A feature film called "Bad Boy Bubby" was made in Australia in 1993. A pair of wireless mics were hidden in his hair to record his perspective. Other sound was used as well. A very good film. There's probably a trailer on youtube. Cheers, Lloyd
  11. Elecrto-Voice made a foam device they called "Model 411 Mike-Mouse" for floor mounting microphones.I still have a couple that I use occasionally . Cheers, Lloyd Carrick
  12. Should the spl meter be set to A or C weighting for this exersize?
  13. "Switch Sound File Converter" is free and works okay
  14. Sennheiser now market "LAV Tape" doublesided adhesive tape, Prod.Code 502756. Cheers, Lloyd
  15. I find that Eucalyptus Oil is good for removing sticky stuff or permanent marker ink. Cheers, Lloyd.