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  1. Noisy Sanken CS3 with Mix Pre D?

    I was selling my Sanken CS3 (not e) since I've heard the e improved upon the noise floor and thus the cs3 was noiser. Then I tested my friend's Sennheiser MK66 and it was also noisy within the same setup. Thus I think it's my setup instead. Could someone help pinpoint what could be the issue? Sanken CS3 to Mix Pre D via XLR AES from Mix Pre D to Digital In of Marantz 661 i've tried different xlr cables also.
  2. Noisy Sanken CS3 with Mix Pre D?

    Hi guys, I retested and after readjusting the mic inside the blimp, everything is significantly cleaner.
  3. I currently have an avantone ck-1 and am thinking of upgrading to the Sennheiser MKH-50 (wanted schoeps but I live in Seattle---humidity can be a problem). I have a mix pre d + marantz 661 that I'd connect the mic to. The main reason is that the avantone does not have a good reach--i find that it needs to be fairly close to the subject and considering i film, I'd prefer it to be further away in interior shots. I have a rode ntg3 for outdoor use.
  4. Sanken CS3 over Sennheiser MKH50

    I've heard that the CS3 is like the CS3e but with a worse noise floor. Since the CS3e is able to work quite well (not as well as the MKH50) indoors, would that mean the CS3 is able to also? I'm not primarily a sound technician but I'm considering replacing my Rode NTG3 with the Sanken CS3 (used) or the MKH50 for indoors and (rarely) outdoor use. For outdoors I'll have my lavs for any scenes (not as good as mics yes). The main reason why I'm looking at the CS3 is because it seems to have 2x the sensitivity/reach of the MKH50-- is that true in a real world sense (for dialogue)? thanks
  5. Sanken CS3 over Sennheiser MKH50

    hence my questions I don't mean to sound neglectful but i'm asking all the questions I can with the knowledge base that I have--I specialize in video and I've seen a lot of video oriented people who don't care about audio and I'm not going to be one of them
  6. Sanken CS3 over Sennheiser MKH50

    I'll be off camera most of the time---i'll try out the other mics if i can--thanks!
  7. Upgrading Avantone CK-1 to Sennheiser MKH50

    i'll try and do that i'm not sure if there's a local shop that does that but i'll look around
  8. Sanken CS3 over Sennheiser MKH50

    thank you! i might do that--opposite maybe since I might be able to get a good deal on the CS3.
  9. Sanken CS3 over Sennheiser MKH50

    I'd like something with a good reach + great quality I do video production and it seems that essentially my choices are Sanken CS3e + Sennheiser G3 Lavs (oscartech) or Sennheiser MKH50 + Sennheiser G3 lavs (oscartech)
  10. Sanken CS3 over Sennheiser MKH50

    ohh I see all CS3's can be modded to "e" version? I'd like one that works fairly well outside too but since i have lavs I'm not anticipating I'll necessarily need it since outside is rare
  11. Upgrading Avantone CK-1 to Sennheiser MKH50

    definitely it seems that the sensitivity of the mkh50 is almost 2x the avantone but then there are great deals on the CS3 (which I've heard is usable indoors also, not as well as the mkh50 but very good for a shotgun) and that sensitivity is 2x the mkh50.
  12. Wedding Work: Wired vs Wireless

    I get the use of sony uvwp1's (up to 3) for free for 11 out of 12 months of the year for free But there are certain times where I'd like to have gear with me (I have a wedding in september during the interval where I cannot rent it. I was thinking of going for a wireless vs wired lav set For Wireless Sennheiser G3 + Bodypack transmitter (XLR one) + OscarTech lav + 1 Roland R-05 or an olympus recorder around $150 = around $750 Wired 2x Lavs = $200 2x Recorders (Roland or Tascamd DR07) for ~$300 ~$500 I think that the versatility with the wireless would be a better option, but I'd like to hear your guy's opinions. Thank you!
  13. Wedding Work: Wired vs Wireless

    i'll probably go with the g3 a band. New unless i can get used for cheap haha
  14. Upgrading Avantone CK-1 to Sennheiser MKH50

    something about 2-3 feet should work then i'd use a lab
  15. Upgrading Avantone CK-1 to Sennheiser MKH50

    im not sure---i've just heard about it from others. I'd like a hyper schoeps myself. would either one of these provide a better range than the avantone? thank you!
  16. here are some pics of my recently arrived tascam Testing phantom power and pre amp. things to note: the xlr inputs are extremely strong--not TOO difficult but force is required after pushing the clip down to pull the XLR off Using an NTG3 +48v on the tascam with 4x fresh eneloop 2000mah at 24 bit, 48k i had about 3 hours and ~5 minutes before it died. I have a sampling between the mix pre d into the recorder and without it if you guys want to listen, though there is a computer in the background and its pretty rough. Still it does paint a pretty clear indication of the tascam's preamp vs the Mix PD
  17. Tascam DR-60D & Mix Pre D //Blackmagic Cinema

    heres some sample: there is a hum in the background https://www.dropbox.com/sh/8qjpnykyr7letv3/jlJxVnDDat 7 is the Tascam by itself (on low gain) 8/9 is with mix pre d (9 is at lower volume) I'd say its very usable--and i like the design/build Rode ntg3
  18. Introducing the TASCAM DR-60D

    I was wondering if this allows the audio to be recorded in camera like the juiced link?
  19. I was wondering if you guys think I should get a Mix Pre D for 650 or a Mix Pre for $460? I don't think I need all the new features of the Mix Pre D though--but I'm not
  20. Sound Device Mix Pre Vs Mix Pre D

    haha I'm going to get the Mix Pre D then! thanks all!
  21. In this video https://vimeo.com/63989252 The female voice has a hissy quality that annoys me and destroys the audio. Is there any way to remove that through software or should I record the sound differently? I have an avantone ck1 plugged into a SD 302 and have a marantz 661 record. Thank you very much
  22. I have a marantz 661 + sd 302 and i find it cumbersome to connect both and my mic. At this point I'm thinking about getting a mix pre d since I can then mount it on my rig or more likely am looking to get a 702. Am I correct in thinking that the 702 should allow me to do what the recorder + 302 do--which is to record audio from 2 channels with a good preamp? thank you.
  23. ah I see---im using my retina to listen, I'll take a look outside.
  24. I heard that the avantone was good but now I'll probably look for other mics--schoeps or sennheisher by hissy I mean the sibilance---her peaks when she pronounces her "S" seems very sharp-- from what others mentioned is that naturally with some people's voice or is that a technical issue?
  25. Really? I have the mic extremely close in both of those shots--albeit pointed up though