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  1. Nice to hear a purrrrr.
  2. antiques

    Can anyone remember back far enough to know what this is?_MG_5411.pdf The camera department hated them.
  3. Your first sound setup or kit ever

    In the olden days I bought a Nagra 4.2 with low hours with a couple of dynamic pics, cable, shipping case for $3200. Then three Scheops of the Collette variety and an Audio Ltd. dual receiver two transmitter VHF wireless. Still got the 4.2 and Scheops. Those were the days. Oh, and an SQN3-M. Sweet!
  4. "In Mouth" Wireless Mic

    I'm thinking suppository transmitter.
  5. Covert people on the planet have been using a system by which you aim a laser at a window and be able to hear people in the room. I don't know how 'usable' it is but it does exist.
  6. Sound Devices SAM-32SD & SAM-32CF

    I've been using Sandisk almost exclusively for years and will not change until I'm forced to. It took years to get used to the fact I could put hours of high quality audio on a little card without much of a problem.
  7. More frequencies going!

    Imagine, a World without wireless. Mics on poles, stands, plants!
  8. sound devices 633 inputs 4-6

    Getting old and crotchety could be part of problem with 'wimpy' pots. It ain't a Nagra.
  9. Balancing Career and Family

    Constantin, Feel free to refer your jobs out of town to me. I'd rather be there than here. Love to travel and keep my passport up. I was fluent in German but have lost that since childhood. A job in Munich a few years ago taught me that I would have to live there again to get fluent again.
  10. sound devices 633 inputs 4-6

    Referring to using 4-6 on the 633, the TRIM is your friend in this case. I use my 411's on those channels and have success. I have been using the 633 since they first came out and am still learning about it. I just finished a movie and had to adjust the trim on a regular basis depending on the actors volume. The big problem with 4-6 is the use of wimpy little pots to save room. Fine adjustment can be a challenge. This is a fine machine that packs a lot into a small space. Big bang for the bucks.
  11. What Car Do You Drive?

    That looks like my old van in my driveway. We could put your Element in my new van!
  12. Defective Mic?

    T-rump is a micro-manager and seems to be an expert on sound. He chewed out a guy a few months ago and told him not to pay the sound crew because there was a problem of some kind. It would be a scary country with him at the helm.
  13. levels in Adobe Premier

    Meter set to peak, tone at 0dbu, -30 in Premier.
  14. levels in Adobe Premier

    Recording is done at peak and set to 0db on the 633, imported into Premier it turns into -30 instead of -20. Ovviously it sounds muddy and needs to be boosted.
  15. levels in Adobe Premier

    0db on the meter. When it goes into Premier it is -30 as I recall.