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  1. New audiophile (?) portable reel-to-reel recorder coming?

    My parrot(Nagra) is on the shelf in my van waiting to get a 'roll' of tape placed on it.
  2. Headphone

    Several years ago I tried to buy a new set of DT48s and was told they quit making them. I had used nothing but them for decades and was not a happy camper. I bought DT250s and was satisfied but miss my 48s. What's a DT48E? A 48 on steroids?
  3. Prepping a room

    I devised what I call 'sound suckers' out of Sonex in 4x4 sheets glued to foam core of the same size initially to cover ballasts that were not my friends. Better than throwing a sound blanket over an already hot transformer, the sound suckers could cover two or three sides and placing one on top leave plenty of ventilation. The ballast would virtually disappear when the opening was faced away from mics. The only problem was grips that would get to them before you. They are not gentle. I found these to be good for many things for many years. In a hollow studio I hung one above, but out of lightings way, over talent with remarkable results. The room got smaller. I thought about making them to sell but had a very limited consumer.
  4. The True History of the Traveling Wilbury's

    Interesting. Great music. Two are gone.
  5. Lithium batteries on board

    I've flown domestically and internationally with four NP-17 batteries and not had problems. Printing the rules is always a good idea.
  6. Lavalier outer jacket repair

    Eric, you always amaze me.
  7. Looking Into Buying Zaxcom IFB

    I'm using Comteks with good success unless the distance becomes impossible. There are limits. Lectro sounds best but are more $$$. Used a Zaxocm on a job and it was good.
  8. 600 MHz gear

    I, too, have 411s that need to get sold in India. They need to go on the FS site.
  9. Wireless Boom Hiss - Sennheiser - Need Help

    A wire can eliminate this problem. Try Canare Star Quad.
  10. Sony MDR 7506 coiled cable

    I've spent 40 years with Beyer DT48s with a coiled cable and just take care of them. Never wind them around the phones. My phones get the cable dropped into a drawer or compartment in my bag like I was doing the anchor line on a boat. Then the phones nest on the coiled cable. I've shipped them half-way-around the World like that and it seems to work out. I never have buggered coiled cables.
  11. Sometimes things slip through

    If the cameraman was watching, he would catch that. It's a two way street.
  12. #metoo and sexism in general

    I've run the gamut. Years ago, doing an HSN shoot, I walked into a room to wire a lady wearing a mumu. She sees me with the transmitter and mic and proceeds to rip the mumu off and is standing there in her bra and panties. I was taken aback and she said 'don't worry, I'm from the theater'. Well, so was I and let her know I wasn't used to women stripping in front of me. I'm a professional. I've had two women the last few years that wanted to charge me with sexual harassment and I didn't know why. One was a call from a producer that said the talent was not happy with me. I didn't know why. The second one, as far as I could tell, was because she had to change complicated wardrobe fourteen times. Luckily for me the MU and wardrobe ladies were in the same room with me and were as perplexed as me why this 'actress' wanted to charge me with sexual harassment. The next year she came back with the ad campaign and I refused the job when I found that she was the 'talent'. I've done this for a long time and have always been a gentle man and a gentleman. I do my job and that's it. Mike
  13. Red Weapon 8K Audio Issue

    You are telling your age. Was the Auricon magnetic or optical? My old memory is failing me.
  14. Timecode slate

    A producer I work for in Tampa shoots on 5Ds. The first time I worked with him he said we don't need that slate because we are using Plural Eyes. I told him that it was insurance, along with my notes and I insisted on using it. The next time I worked with him he thanked me profusely for the slate and notes. They made his life easier in post.
  15. Red Weapon 8K Audio Issue

    Thanks, Mike. You are right about ground loops. Sound guys understand them but others think we are just making excuses until we get rid of AC connected devices. Remember our early Red1 experiences!
  16. Environmental Conditions

    I worked on a film in Nigeria, where the humidity is always 99%, with with two Epics and we had a shut down on one of them only once. My favorite camera is the Amira. I think all the pro cameras are pretty good and can handle the rigors of the elements.
  17. Aaton Cantar X3 user feedback?

    I've always liked to have a back-up. My first back-up for my 4.2 was an IS. It became my favorite recorder. When I got a PD-4, there was always a Nagra in the truck because I looked at the PD-4 as a VCR. Did they ever foul up? It took me three years to trust recording on a little card in the 744 but I still bought a Zoom as a BU. Now, there's still a Zoom that never gets used but I could probably use my iPhone if I had to.
  18. Staff Me Up

    I've been checking them for about three years and have gotten two jobs. They were legit, paid well and promptly. I've applied for a lot more than I've gotten and rarely ever hear from them if they don't want you. I'm on the free plan and always wonder if I paid them would I get more work.
  19. 664 panic

    I recently had a card issue where one file would not play back in my 633 on a Lexar card. I dropped back and punted on the CF card and all was well. SD said I should not use that card again but did and it was OK.
  20. Which Schoeps mics for documentaries?

    I used MK4 and MK41 for many years doing docs, commercials and features starting in 1985 and have used them until the CMIT became my go-to mic for it all. The Collette series was a pain in Florida, where the humidity would kill me. If there was a quite BG you were safe. Even with noisy BG there was a chance you would survive. I've had editors call me and ask me how I got such good sound. They thought it was me but I would always fess up to give Scheops the credit. I still use them if I'm doing interiors. I've had the CMITs in hurricanes and Nigerian 99% humidity with great results. Buy the Scheops...but buy enough to cover your butt. BTW, the roll off on the Scheops is natural and when you learn to use it will save you. The term mix with the mic comes into play if you have two or more people to mic. Learn to plant them and they will be your friends.
  21. Ambient/Denecke timecode disparity

    I've had two Denecke TS 2s that would not stay together. Time healed all wounds. Today are solid.
  22. Best mic for specific location

    Grant, I've had great results with the CMIT in a similar situation. The Barbados Parliament is an echo chamber and the CMIT worked well from below with some clothing to help absorb some reverb. Below can be a life saver even if it is a little further away. Otherwise, in Congress a frag grenade could be just what the doctor ordered.
  23. BDS Battery + AC

    I was using my IDX charger/power supply to run my cart through a BDX, once-upon-time. Fried the 411 receiver, 744 had blue flames, as did two new Panasonic cameras. House we were working in was old and wiring may have been the problem. I never did this again after doing it many time without a problem. Ya live and ya learn.
  24. Dont let this happen on your set

    There's not enough room to tell a story I have. The SFX guy had a book to guide him to a new career when he caused al manner of havoc.