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    Location recordist, sound editor and mixer at Film Australia and Soundfirm in Australia and Asia. Currently teaching at HKAPA in Hong Kong.
  1. geoffstitt

    Gear rental China

    There is a thriving professional screen sound recording industry in Hong Kong these days. Many young guys have trained in local or international film schools and work takes them around the region. Especially those that can communicate in English and a range of Chinese dialects. All use very pro gear but most purchase rather than rent. There is a local SD dealer and a Sennheiser dealer. Most use Sennheiser mics due to the very high humidity in the SE Asian region. Some of the guys are on this forum and I am sure would be willing to help out with gear where necessary. You will see Lectro stuff around but theoretically the regulation in HK prohibits greater than 20 mW transmission for UHF wireless systems.
  2. geoffstitt

    RIP - Haskell Wexler

    Jeff, condolences to you, your siblings and all family members. A few months ago I sat down and viewed Medium Cool once again after many, many years. Definitely a highlight of my year. RIP Haskell Wexler.