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  1. Working on a short film budget for August

    I don't have to ask them. It's me. I'm the one making the short, so I need to know what it's going to cost to hire someone.
  2. Working on a short film budget for August

    Yes, it's funded. None of that "I'll give you a credit, and points on the tail end" nonsense. This will be a very disciplined, planned out shoot, with proper shot-lists, that I'll be going over with the DP before the day of filming. No "Figure it out as we go along".
  3. I'm doing a 2 day short film SHOOT on a weekend in August. I'm putting together the budget. What is the average day rate. 3 actors. Need to be laved and boomed.
  4. Need 3 wirless mics

    He's an American. I tried to get as many local british actors as I could.
  5. Need 3 wirless mics

    Half the cast are Brits
  6. Need 3 wirless mics

    In the meantime, here's a link to some of the scenes form the performance we recorded using the GTD Audio wireless system using the $30 JK J-043 Lavs. Wish i had set the transmitters to -10
  7. Need 3 wirless mics

    I'll try that with the transmitter set to -10. See what happens
  8. Need 3 wirless mics

    I'm not sure what that is. But I do have a reel of various scene I'll post here, from one of the days we recorded. I learned that I should not have changed the Output of the transmitter from -10 to 0. As it resulted in an overdriven sound when actors got a little loud. Needed lots of eq, but it worked pretty good. But given the choice of no wireless mics for the songs, or cheap ones, cheap was preferred.
  9. Need 3 wirless mics

    there are 9 different bands according to the manual 30mw: 518-542 572-596 620-670 718-769 20mw 794-806 770-820 10mw 838-865 925-932 740-752
  10. Need 3 wirless mics

  11. Need 3 wirless mics

    so, any suggestions on a decnt sounding lav to use with these?
  12. Need 3 wirless mics

    That's the one. And yes, with better mics they'd be awesome.
  13. Need 3 wirless mics

    Done both. They've actually worked very well. It's the lav mics that just arent very good. You could buy it and replace the mics, and still be way less out of pocket. Than buyng something way more expensive.
  14. If you like the clash, come check it out. Check the fringe website for reviews http://www.hollywoodfringe.org/projects/4293 You can get a $10 ticket using the code FRINGE2017 at www.todaytix.com
  15. Need 3 wirless mics

    So, we are in the middle of our Fringe Festival run of "London Calling ". I bought 12 channels of gtd audio UHF wirless mics. It's working fine for most of the 12 man cast. Except I have 3 actors who simply do not project. So, I need to find 3, better, wireless mics for Friday an d Saturday night and Sunday afternoon. Who would have the best rental on this here in LA.