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  1. Recording, '50s Style

    Look like the knobs Bruce used on his mixer!
  2. "A Thousand Hands Ago"

    Thank you.
  3. Old Nagra's

    I have a great Robert Stack story. Many years ago we were shooting wrap arounds for a crime show of his out in Fillmore. We went to lunch at a local restaurant and I was lucky to sit next to Mr. Stack. He was very personable and we had a nice time conversing over lunch. Cut to about 10 years later, I am shooting network promos on the weekend. You all know the drill. Anyway, Mr. Stack walks on stage, comes directly to my cart and says "Hi, Paul, don't know if you remember me, but I'm Bob Stack."
  4. Nagra cables....

    Wow! I have a box full of old Nagra cables I could probably trade in for a Ferrari!
  5. Hot pins?

    Twenty seconds is WAY too long. It should be 2-4 seconds.
  6. Your first sound setup or kit ever

    Right you are regarding placement. An inch or so either way can make a huge difference. First package early 80's was a 4.2 and IV-L for backup, Sela mixer, 415 T power, Schoeps w 41, 815 T power, Nady wireless and 4 Comteks and various sundry bits.
  7. Neurotic naysayer primadonna soundies

    NEVER stop the take. Maintain an eyeline with your director.
  8. Dear Mr. Bond Would it be possible to view your amazing collection? trautco@mac.com Thank you
  9. If the time code device you are referring to is the 002 display, that is a bloop light.
  10. Lithium 9V Packaging

    Switched to rechargeables a few years ago. I save about $4K a year.
  11. I worked on a NASA/JPL project at least 25 years ago (maybe 30). The DP was using an ancient Arri that he tethered to me with a 15-20 cable which I plugged into the XTAL plug socket. I was using either a IV-L or 4.2. Pretty sure I would leave the Nagra in record and it would roll when he rolled the camera. I think it also activated tone generator for a burst. Kind of clumsy, but a lot easier than mixing 2 booms and 6 wires! It's not TC, it is a bloop light.
  12. I remember the Harvey mod. Nice, but the display chewed batteries. I went to Antarctica with Captain Cousteau. He presented me with an F1. I told him that I didn't know the machine, couldn't trust it and that I would use my 4.2. He was not amused. John Glascock bought an early STC from ASC for $17K!
  13. VHS camera syncronism

    I believe vhs cams are inherently stable.