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  1. Patrick Farrell

    Alt monitor (c|24) to HDMI?

    I haven't used this product but this does what you want. https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=13347
  2. Patrick Farrell

    Timecard Buddy (iOS) - Giveway

  3. Patrick Farrell

    Putting TRX LT3 into Record mode

    Try turning off transport commands in the zaxnet setup menu on the Nomad.
  4. Patrick Farrell

    AES inputs on high track machines

    You could use a Lectro DNT BOB 88 and go Dante into the X3. Or if you wanted to stick with AES, you could use a couple of the AJA ADA4 converters.
  5. Patrick Farrell

    Hirose-powered Mac Mini.

    With a laptop, you'd have to rely on the internal battery which probably wouldn't last a full day. So therefore you'd need an AC inverter in order to plug in the laptop power supply. You also get different monitor options, such as a rackmount display. It's smaller so you can build it into the cart rather than having a laptop hang on the side. Not to mention it's cheaper than a comparable Apple laptop and could potentially have more powerful specs.
  6. Patrick Farrell

    Hirose-powered Mac Mini.

    See this link: https://www.gothamsound.com/library/mod-mac-mini-dc-power In short, it's an easy way to run Metacorder or Boom Recorder on your cart while keeping the whole cart DC powered from a battery.
  7. Patrick Farrell

    New Season Antiques Roadshow what mics used?

    They're using the windscreen which adds a lot to the size. The mic itself is roughly the size of a COS-11. I don't find it that nice sounding but it's one of the few cardioid lavs available, presumably chosen to cut down the background noise of the showroom.
  8. Patrick Farrell

    Tascam HS-P82 Knob Problem

    Hey Adam, good to see you finally on the forum. Probably not the answer you want to hear but I think the easiest thing at this point would be to pick up one of those cheap allen key sets if you don't already have one and try the smallest sizes. The smallest commonly available metric size is 0.7mm and SAE is 0.028in. Those are tiny and I'd be very surprised if they used one smaller than that.
  9. Patrick Farrell

    MKH40 high pitch noise

    Sounds like it's not fully grounded. Try tightening the screws on the mic.
  10. I'm pretty familiar with this sound. It's what happens when the ground plate in the MKH 50 isn't making good contact. Simply tighten the screws on the mic.
  11. Patrick Farrell

    iPhone audio question

    You could use a Rolls PM50s to pass the mic signal through to the iRig and split off a headphone feed.
  12. Patrick Farrell

    Wiring problems with Voice Technolgies lavaliers

    This appears to have NF and VDC reversed compared to the chart you posted. Maybe double check that wiring?
  13. Patrick Farrell

    Zaxcom ERX Tone Won't Filter Off

    7.81 but I really doubt that would affect it. Try playing with the notch frequency setting in the ERX.
  14. Patrick Farrell

    Zaxcom ERX Tone Won't Filter Off

    Sending tone from a nomad. Yes, switching the menu setting in the ERX turns the filter on and off as expected.
  15. Patrick Farrell

    Zaxcom ERX Tone Won't Filter Off

    What version firmware are you running? I just tested with 2.11 and it is working. Maybe your notch freq was accidentally changed?