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  1. I'm pretty familiar with this sound. It's what happens when the ground plate in the MKH 50 isn't making good contact. Simply tighten the screws on the mic.
  2. iPhone audio question

    You could use a Rolls PM50s to pass the mic signal through to the iRig and split off a headphone feed.
  3. Wiring problems with Voice Technolgies lavaliers

    This appears to have NF and VDC reversed compared to the chart you posted. Maybe double check that wiring?
  4. Zaxcom ERX Tone Won't Filter Off

    7.81 but I really doubt that would affect it. Try playing with the notch frequency setting in the ERX.
  5. Zaxcom ERX Tone Won't Filter Off

    Sending tone from a nomad. Yes, switching the menu setting in the ERX turns the filter on and off as expected.
  6. Zaxcom ERX Tone Won't Filter Off

    What version firmware are you running? I just tested with 2.11 and it is working. Maybe your notch freq was accidentally changed?
  7. 688/788T setup - For extra tracks - Thoughts?

    The 688 has limiters on all inputs, including 7-12.
  8. comtek ifb noise

    The receivers come in the option 7 flavor as well. The labels in the pictures identify one transmitter and two receivers. As for your RF noise, did you try switching to a different frequency?
  9. 788T - Where to put the mono mix track?

    You'll need to disarm the R mix track for it not to be recorded, even if nothing is routed to it.
  10. zaxnet and comtek 216 whine interference

    I just ran some tests with this setup and have a few findings. The noise is being induced directly into the body of the M-216 transmitter. Comtek input cabling/filtering makes no difference. An RF filter on the comtek would also make no difference. The only things that made a difference were zaxnet transmission power, physical proximity, and physical obstruction. Short of switching to Lectro IFB, your best option would be to keep them on opposite sides of the bag and try wrapping some RF blocking fabric around the body of the M-216.
  11. Zaxcom RX12 review and comparison

    In your video, the second frequency on the RX12 is highlighted in red which means it is outside the 35MHz filter. This would explain the poor performance of that channel. Given this, I'd suggest you perform your RF tests again and verify the filter passbands are the same on the RX12 and your Micplexer.
  12. K-102CCR fit diagonally in suitcase?

    A 102CC will fit diagonally in a Pelican 1610 but a 102CCR will not. As stated above, you could remove the base portion and it would fit.
  13. Bicycles

    Here's my current rider. 1973 Schwinn Super Sport converted to single speed with BMX cranks. And my forever-project bike. 1975 Viscount Aerospace GP, again single speed and hand painted by me. Currently needs a new bottom bracket because I had a crank bolt snap off in the spindle.
  14. Dumb Wisycom question.

    I just ran the setup with a TX paired and with strong levels on the TX I was getting peaks around +8dBu on the 633. I'd say this is an acceptable level but in comparison to Lectro it is a little low. It certainly wouldn't hurt to add more gain at the 633 line input. Keep in mind, as others have stated, that +12dBu is the nominal output of the MCR42, not how much gain is being added. The only gain in the system is your lav preamp in the TX and the 633's line input preamp.
  15. Dumb Wisycom question.

    I just did some testing with a 633 and MCR42 and was able to achieve proper levels running into the TA3 line inputs. I set the MCR42 analog output to +12dBu. The calibration tone of the MCR42 references full scale and the meters on the 633 are dBu so you'll want to output the -18 tone and bring that up to 0db on your 633's meters. In my test, this required 7db of gain. If you want to follow the American standard of 20db of headroom instead of 18, simply align the -18 tone to -2dBu on your meter, which requires 5db of gain from the 633's line input.