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  1. Diego

    Post Resources

  2. Great resource for picture department and producers https://blog.frame.io/2017/04/10/how-to-keep-your-sound-editor-happy/
  3. Diego

    Sound Report Writer app

    @cstauffer have you heard back from Tyler? My iphone just warned me about the same thing. Great app!
  4. Diego

    AVID S3 controller has a stuck fader?

    Try testing the faders using the utility mode in the S3. Here's how to do it: http://avid.force.com/pkb/articles/en_US/how_to/S3-Utility-Test-Mode If that doesn't work the fader might need to get replaced but it's a common problem on icon boards as well
  5. Diego

    Determining drift between two recorders

    Thanks for all your advice
  6. Diego

    Removing Panavision 35mm mechanical sound?

    If the performances are really good you could just leave it in. Sometimes the processing can take away from the performance. There's a great scene in The Ides of March where George Clooney and Ryan Gosling are talking in the back of a restaurant really quietly and menacing. During the whole scene you can hear the camera rolling if you're paying attention to that sort of thing. Most people never notice that kind of sound since it is so consistent. I'm sure there's more examples out there.
  7. Diego

    Determining drift between two recorders

    @Wandering Ear Yeah, I think manually seems to be the only option since the drift is not consistent. @Philip Perkins I used all 4 tracks of the 744, this would be a 3rd pair that I want to sync. How would you guys test the drift? I was thinking of making a long (~4 hour) test file with beeps every 1 minute in pt and then record that into the 744 and D100 to check how much drift there is. Would this be a good test or would you recommend another way?
  8. Hello everyone, I have some wildlife recordings that are between 6 to 9 hours in length (divided in ~40-60 minute continuous segments). I used my SD744 and threw in a Sony D100 to get an additional perspective. I did a finger snap at the beginning and end of the night to try and get them synced although I was aware it was very likely the D100 would drift out of sync from the 744 and that some post processing would be needed. The D100 has no timecode and the 744 was set at 23.98 in case that matters. I would like to determine what kind of drift the D100 has and would like to get some ideas on how you would do it. Also if you have ideas on how would you get both recordings synced throughout. From what I see in Pro Tools the drift might not be consistent all the time. Let me know your thoughts and if there is anything else I should add. Thanks!
  9. Diego

    Yosemite Installer

    Awesome! Thanks guys, I'll contact you directly
  10. Diego

    Yosemite Installer

    Thanks pindrop, I tried downloading the 10.10.5 combo update but it requires a 10.10 install to work. If you take the full installer out of the Applications folder before updating, it will not be deleted after updating, hoping someone did that and can send me the installer. I use Pro Tools 11 most of the time but will start testing 12, I really like to be able to prepare i/o setups without having interfaces connected.
  11. Diego

    Yosemite Installer

    Hi all, Anyone have the OS X 10.10 installer? I need to upgrade a 10.8 computer with Pro Tools but I don't want to jump all the way to El Capitan. Your help would be really appreciated. Thanks!
  12. Diego

    Booming with a Neumann KU100 head

    Thank you Constantin, couldn't have said it better.
  13. Diego

    Booming with a Neumann KU100 head

    Thanks Constantin, good thinking. I found a couple of stores that might have something like it. Thanks Pablo, using one of those as well but I'm still being asked to use the dummy head.
  14. Hi everyone, I have a "very" special project coming up and I'm trying to capture binaural sound on set with the Neumann head. I have other binaural microphones already in place but for this post, I'm looking on ideas about making some sort of contraption that can hold this 7lb head over a steadycam operator so that the head and lens are as close as possible. If the head could also pan so it can follows the lens even better. I guess that what I'm trying to make is something like a Fisher boom but portable. We are shooting on location so wheels are not really an option. The closest I've seen is the Kit Cool http://www.boomaudiovideo.com/index.php/en/products/kit-cool-boom-pole-support and their range of harnesses but I need to get some parts locally in Los Angeles. Maybe an articulated pole but I don't know if it can hold the weight. Maybe there's some camera equipment that I don't know of that can do the job? And what would you use as a shockmount for the head? It can be threaded from the top or bottom. If you have any ideas on how I can build something that works and that is useable by a boom operator I would really appreciate it. I've been scratching my head for a while now trying to figure this out. Thanks in advance.
  15. Diego

    Sonosax SX-R4+

    Thanks a lot! Very informative! I'm in the minority but I do FX recording primarily so I would rather have no outputs and 2 more Sonosax pres. I wonder if that would be doable as a mod.