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  1. Rafael

    Remoting Nomads Zaxnet Antenna

    isn't the recorder’s body the ground plane of the antenna system ?
  2. Rafael

    Remote Audio Hi-Q Batteries

    was using audioroot BG-DH MKII power distributor and eHRS4-HRS4 regular power cable
  3. Rafael

    Remote Audio Hi-Q Batteries

    Excelente!!!!! some advices from my experience The Audioroot eLC-SMB charger features a battery wake-up function for fully depleted batteries..... but the first time doesn't worked to me the Audioroot dual charguer wake-up function worked fine!! other thing... can't power up my nomad with 45Wh audioroot with regular cable from Audioroot: NOMAD from Zaxcom are fitted with very large capacitors in their internal power supplies. When switching these units ON a very high inrush current occurs because of these capacitors. This inrush current is high enough to make the eSMART Li-45wh battery protection trip. This protection circuit is rated at 4A with inrush current capabilities of 10A for 31ms and 20A for 427us. Your problem can be solved by using a current limiting cable. We can provide this cable under reference eHRS4-HRS4-2.0 or eHRS4-OUT-5.0 depending on your setup (ie if you are using a power distributor to power your NOMAD). If you are used to building your own DC cables you can also simply build and HRS to HRS cable with a 1ohm resistor in series to power your NOMAD. The resistor will act as a current limiter and correct the issue you are currently experiencing. The very best!
  4. Rafael

    ZMT3 & PowerRoll

    So ! what's my output power ? always 75mW ? Fixed thanks
  5. Rafael

    ZMT3 & PowerRoll

    HI me too in an older version (V2-14) It's looks like it's working. at least they react at the same way of TRXLA's I'm confuse, it's working on the screen but not on the output power? How can I measure the output power? Thanks WhatsApp Video 2017-08-11 at 17.55.56(1).mp4 sorry for my poor English
  6. Rafael

    Mic plexer 2

    thanks !
  7. Rafael

    Mic plexer 2

    thanks all. the block 23 on micplexer2 it's on position 3, 582.5-617.5 center freq 600Mhz on my QRXs scan limit 590-614 should I think on a block 23 micplexer1? what do you recommend for run 4 systems ? on xr or stereo or mono (400Khz spacing) I'm used to work on quiet rf environment . plexer 1 or 2 ? can't find plexer1 user manual the best
  8. Rafael

    Mic plexer 2

    OK the manual said the" V filter will also allow the MicPlexer2 to cross blocks" can cross block 23 / 24 HI/low or I'm wrong ? thanks for your help
  9. Rafael

    Mic plexer 2

    Hi one question about mic plexer 2 can I set the variable filter to use it with 2 QRX200 one High (trxla2.5s) and one low (2 zmt3.6) ? is it possible ? make sence ? thanks
  10. Rafael

    Zaxcom digital bag questions

    Thanks ! Yes must be that But it's strange they made 2 custom cables wrong? One line level and one mic level ? the best !
  11. Rafael

    Zaxcom digital bag questions

    Thanks yes, the zmt3 running on zhd48 go down to 25mW Yes I'm running the tx on stereo mode Zaxcom support answer me a few minutes ago I'm really impressed wrote him today and answer me on Sunday!! Here's the answer Re-record is something that we did implement in Nomad but we ran into some issues at the time. This is something that we will be implementing in a future firmware update sometime in the near future. You can put the transmitters in low 2 mode by going into the ZaxNet setup menu > TRX OFF-ON and you can start the internal recorder Power roll goes between 50mW and the highest setting of the transmitter (essentially there is very little power draw differences between 25mW and 50mW Thanks everyone!!!
  12. Hi I'm new on zaxcom world and there are some things that I can't find on the manual (V7.77) I read all the manuals and search in many sites with no lucky. Maybe some one here can help me thanks. First I was trying to figured out how to do Re Recording playing the bkuped tx audio (micro SD) into the original file (no zaxcovert and mix injection or post work) If i'm not wrong it's suposse to be possible (like deva) Was announced in 2012 by Glen so I'm sure I'm doing something wrong or missing some things Zaxnet functions? for examlpe on the zaxnet menu of each ID I only have the posibility to change freq and gain It's posible to turn on/of the transmiters? Can I control any other parameter? other confussion I select dinamic power roll starting at 25mw on the first recording went to max (75mW on zmt3 and 125mW on trxla) good, but when stop return to 50mW instead to 25mW it's mean never return to 25mW Once testing the ZHD worked well, but I loose the dual mode I bought Stereo line in Custom cables and stereo mic level in customcables from Remote Audio to feed stereo signal into the TRXLA2.5S and on stereo mode only feed audio from the red connector into the 2 channels The cable was made and double check from remote audio under the block diagram from The trxla2 manual so What im doing wrong ? I'm happy, but a litlebit worrie about wireless range and the "fine print" please any tips are wellcomed and realy apressiated Sorry for my bad English Nomad 10 Soft ver 7.81 audio rev 15 main rev 57 zaxnet ver 0.36 2 qrx 200 V3-73 pld 62 AA V04-06 pld 62 AA 2 ZMT3.6 V159 dsp:27(zhd) opt=03 2 TRXLA2.5S V9-34T
  13. Rafael

    Let's see your lavaliere kit!

    Cigarette filters?
  14. Rafael

    stolen equipment

    Gracias !!
  15. Rafael

    stolen equipment

    Some of my stuff were stolen in Rio De Janeiro Brasil on the past 23/11/2016 just in case .... Recorder AETA 4Minx ( 8 Track w/ ambient TC) Serial Number 126 Sound Devices 302 , serial: 400809176000 UHF Audio-Technica ATW-R1810 serial: 08140061 UHF Audio-Technica ATW-R1810 serial: 07510919 UHF Audio-Technica ATW-1801 serial: 08020415 UHF Audio-Technica ATW-1801 serial 09030094 Petrol bags modelo PEGZ-2 serial: 08013b sennheiser modelo hd 25-1 70O S/N,? Lectrosonics UM200C UCR210D serial: 10831/804 Lectrosonics UM200B UCR210D serial: 2440/803 2 tentacles 150255481176 150255481115 thanks........