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  1. Hi where did you get it ? Thanks
  2. Rafael

    Mixer/recorder - changing the stereo width

    😂 true true but sounds like no other the mixer it's also an small option
  3. Rafael

    Mixer/recorder - changing the stereo width

    hi I think what you want it's provided from aeta on the mixy (3 chnls analog digital mixer ) The outer concentric control (of channel 2) provides +/-5dB adjustment of the balance in L/R mode (normal stereo), or the stereo width in M/S mode http://www.aeta-audio.com/fileadmin/downloads/pdf_uk/manual_mixy.pdf on the aeta 4 minx 6dB on the fader 2 http://www.aeta-audio.com/fileadmin/downloads/pdf_uk/manual_4MinX.pdf
  4. Rafael

    AETA Audio Systems stops the production of 4MINX

    +1 I had one !
  5. Rafael

    Remoting Nomads Zaxnet Antenna

    isn't the recorder’s body the ground plane of the antenna system ?
  6. Rafael

    Remote Audio Hi-Q Batteries

    was using audioroot BG-DH MKII power distributor and eHRS4-HRS4 regular power cable
  7. Rafael

    Remote Audio Hi-Q Batteries

    Excelente!!!!! some advices from my experience The Audioroot eLC-SMB charger features a battery wake-up function for fully depleted batteries..... but the first time doesn't worked to me the Audioroot dual charguer wake-up function worked fine!! other thing... can't power up my nomad with 45Wh audioroot with regular cable from Audioroot: NOMAD from Zaxcom are fitted with very large capacitors in their internal power supplies. When switching these units ON a very high inrush current occurs because of these capacitors. This inrush current is high enough to make the eSMART Li-45wh battery protection trip. This protection circuit is rated at 4A with inrush current capabilities of 10A for 31ms and 20A for 427us. Your problem can be solved by using a current limiting cable. We can provide this cable under reference eHRS4-HRS4-2.0 or eHRS4-OUT-5.0 depending on your setup (ie if you are using a power distributor to power your NOMAD). If you are used to building your own DC cables you can also simply build and HRS to HRS cable with a 1ohm resistor in series to power your NOMAD. The resistor will act as a current limiter and correct the issue you are currently experiencing. The very best!
  8. Rafael

    ZMT3 & PowerRoll

    So ! what's my output power ? always 75mW ? Fixed thanks
  9. Rafael

    ZMT3 & PowerRoll

    HI me too in an older version (V2-14) It's looks like it's working. at least they react at the same way of TRXLA's I'm confuse, it's working on the screen but not on the output power? How can I measure the output power? Thanks WhatsApp Video 2017-08-11 at 17.55.56(1).mp4 sorry for my poor English
  10. Rafael

    Mic plexer 2

    thanks !
  11. Rafael

    Mic plexer 2

    thanks all. the block 23 on micplexer2 it's on position 3, 582.5-617.5 center freq 600Mhz on my QRXs scan limit 590-614 should I think on a block 23 micplexer1? what do you recommend for run 4 systems ? on xr or stereo or mono (400Khz spacing) I'm used to work on quiet rf environment . plexer 1 or 2 ? can't find plexer1 user manual the best
  12. Rafael

    Mic plexer 2

    OK the manual said the" V filter will also allow the MicPlexer2 to cross blocks" can cross block 23 / 24 HI/low or I'm wrong ? thanks for your help
  13. Rafael

    Mic plexer 2

    Hi one question about mic plexer 2 can I set the variable filter to use it with 2 QRX200 one High (trxla2.5s) and one low (2 zmt3.6) ? is it possible ? make sence ? thanks
  14. Rafael

    Zaxcom digital bag questions

    Thanks ! Yes must be that But it's strange they made 2 custom cables wrong? One line level and one mic level ? the best !