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  1. Bag cart DIY build

    Very nice! I also have combined a Magliner and V-Slots (cheaper then 8020) good work!!
  2. PSC RF Multi SR Six Pack

    Ah, good to know! Thanks!! I would like to get rid of that sub connector on my old one, maybe that's doable...
  3. PSC RF Multi SR Six Pack

    Thanks! Could you please do me a favor and compare the screws on the bottoms of the old and new? I have this mount and wonders if it would fit the new six pack as well: https://www.giantsound.co.uk/product/giant-sound-x3-6p/
  4. PSC RF Multi SR Six Pack

    Would you mind show more photos to compare the old/new six pack. I would like to see all sides and underneath it as I havnt found any pictures of the new one. I have the old one attached with Tim Whites hinge mount to my X3. So screwholes must match to fit the new six pack.
  5. Rails for building cart?

    Hi! I have a Magliner vertical that I would like to mod with a aluminum extrusion frame. I have no experience with building with these extrusions (8020 or similar). I've seen a lot of these V-slots here in Europe, but they might be too weak? They are 20 x 20 mm, 20 x 40 mm or 40x 40 mm but with with a big hole in middle. I haven't learned how to CAD but I'm pretty good at Powerpoint... So how thick would the profiles need to be? My plan is to drive bolts through both the aluminum frame and the mag liner frame. Kind regards John Magliner-v-slot.pdf
  6. Bubblebee Spacer Bubble?

    Well, let me tell you my story. I bought the Spacer Bubble in January. Used it together with a Cmit5u and a Cinela osix on one job, but heard a lot of whining and wind (in extremely light wind) so I wrote to Bubblebee. I sent it in for analys together with the sound files and Poul told me that there were a possible error. He sent me a new one with two different lengths of fur.s It arrived a couple of days ago and I haven't had the time to try it out. We'll see...
  7. Show me your bag

    My first attempt in Zaxcom. So far so good! and Ktek stingray jr... what an amazing bag. Heavy but great!
  8. Aaton Cantar X3 user feedback?

    I intend to use the rigid spine k-tek harness with my X3/PSC six pack bag (not ready yet). Compared to what I had earlier (788/cl8) the X3-combo-bag weight about 1kg more. Bit since that harness is a amazing back saver I know that I could easily do full days/weeks with this setup as well.
  9. Coming price change on SRa to SRb conversion

    Hi, I know it's an old thread, but it's still worth a try:) I found a pretty cheap used Lectro SRa block 33, and Im sondering what the current price is for an upgrade to SRb and to have the block changed to 606. Also, are there any place in Europe this service could be performed? Kind regards John
  10. Bubblebee Spacer Bubble?

    I received my Spacer Bubble yesterday. It looks and feels like it's great quality. But Au haven't had the time yet to listen to it. I'll be back. J
  11. Smallest 48v power supply

    I've done some comparisons a couple of years ago: 48v UMP II: 160g incl batteries) 92x57x18mm PWLIII: 150g (inkl. Batteries) 115x36x26mm Kortwich: 85g (inkl batteries) 78x40x22mm
  12. My version of the Magliner vertical cart.

    As I went from 788 to X3 the cart looks like this for now. I'm really satisfied with the mighty and wonderful Cantar.
  13. My version of the Magliner vertical cart.

    A removable gooseneck LED on the top shelf. Next thing will be a script holder.
  14. My version of the Magliner vertical cart.

    Yes, the boom cups are made of aluminum pipe with end caps. Easy and cheap. But everything have not been easy but really fun. And somehow I can't stop thinking about more and more modifications. Now I'm thinking about putting some USB outlets somewhere.
  15. My version of the Magliner vertical cart.

    Some upgrades for 2016. - a silly little basket for a silly little cart - LED strips under shelves with separate dimmers - Cable management - a rail on the top for magic arms etc