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  1. Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    On the -pre6 is there any pre-roll (pre-record) facility?
  2. I guess no one knows anything more than what is mentioned on the website. Looks like a great concept. Be interesting to see how well it goes. Hope it is not too noisy. I guess, perhaps if it is they may have a anti-noise module.
  3. Moleskin in Australia

    My thanks for getting back Nate,, I will go ahead with the Medi-fix solution. Can I get that easily in any chemist
  4. Moleskin in Australia

    Thanks for looking Nate. Look forward to reading your reply.
  5. Moleskin in Australia

    Hi All, Seem to be having some trouble locating a regular supplier of Dr Scholles Moleskin here in Australia. Does anyone have any suggestions for a good regular supplier?
  6. Wireless blocks in Chicago

    Reigniting an old thread. I am going to be in Chicago mid september recording with a couple of wireless lavs. I will be at the Chicago Marriott Downtown Magnificent Mile. What are the available frequencies? Have they changed from what has been mentioned above. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi All, Any body got an idea on what frequencies are available in Papua New Guinea particularly round Port Moresby and the Southern Highlands. Are they affected by the Australian Digital Dividend? Any advice will be gladly appreciated.
  8. A Gift for the PAs (and you) - Moleskin

    @dfwaudio Thank you for posting that. I just got some moleskin today and was wondering how best to use it. I guess it is all about timing