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  1. Squareboy

    Solder question - XLRM/3.5mm

    This page is very cool, thank's for the info
  2. Squareboy

    Online electronics course or book

    Thank's for the topic, a lot of great stuff to read
  3. Squareboy

    New Sanken Mic Clips

    I'm not whining Mike I was more wondering if I hate enough my sanken clip, to buy this and a sennheiser bar. For all my cos-11 it will cost me a little more than a 100$, for me this money can be better invest now, no matter how much I love the seenheiser system for turning the lav position
  4. Squareboy

    New Sanken Mic Clips

    like the idea, but 20 $, and you still have to buy the sennheiser bar I don't know
  5. Squareboy

    New Rode blimp

    That's a nice Hack, I'd love to see this before a sell mine
  6. Squareboy

    What earpiece to use when you can't hide a neckloop?

    +1 for Sean ONeil and Constantin. As a relatively new mixer in the industry, I use this site for answering most of my question and a place to discover new stuff when I drinking my coffee, If a never had do deal whit this problem of using a phonaks earpiece, this new thread come on top of the equipment board this morning a let me grab some new knowledge on the subject. I knew phonaks exist but if a can get experience on people who have been works whit it, that's better. for me, there's no dumb question, as long as it can serve someone else knowledge my two cent Antoine And please remember that the new upcoming mixer are often the one who buy you're old stuff
  7. Squareboy

    Maxx vs 633

    does the Maxx have two card (sd or compact) to record, like the nomad. I see in the manual mirror card, but I don't see a place in the picture, with the battery ? thank's
  8. Squareboy

    ucr 201 firmware

    thank's for the answer Larry. I have no problem Senator, just want to have answer about firmware upgrade. Antoine
  9. Squareboy

    ucr 201 firmware

    i was wondering what change occur with firmware update, i have two ucr201, one whit 1.1 version and another with 3.something. and if it worth the money to pay for upgrading the firmware, any change in audio quality or reception range. thank's
  10. Squareboy

    ucr 201 firmware

    I try to find what is the last firmware update for the lectrosonics ucr201 receiver and does lectro still upgrading the 201 didn't find any firmware information on their site thank's Antoine
  11. my mixpre is from 2002: 050602203004 and still work great !!!
  12. Squareboy

    Oscar Sound Tech-lavs Re-visited.

    thank's berniebeaudry
  13. Squareboy

    Yamaha LS9 to HD-P2 to SD664?

    Howiecreate is right on this, you should listen carefully the live mix getting out the ls9 and maybe try to be there for the soundcheck. has a retire live soundman, depending on a loud instrument are on stage, what you will listen out of a LS9 will not be as what you hear live. Sometime when the bass player came whit is 8x10 inch cab, you don't need bass in you're mix, cause is all ready too much in the room,I seen that before So pulling a mic, taking signal of the Ls9 and making you're own mix on the 664, can be a good choice .
  14. Squareboy

    Oscar Sound Tech-lavs Re-visited.

    does someone try to fit a TL-40 in a sanken rubber mount (rm-11) ? a like to use those to fix my sanken under fabric, and interesting to know if a TL-40 will fit inside
  15. Squareboy

    Oscar Sound Tech-lavs Re-visited.

    so interesting the read everything in this post, I will try a TL-40 and will do the Janggling keys test between my lectro 201 and my g3 Thank