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  1. When Production doesn’t rent your kit

    I see what your saying but I consider a wallet keys and cell phone personal items. And headphones and a harness tools of our trade. I feel like when talking about a computer that’s considering a keyboard and mouse personal items.
  2. When Production doesn’t rent your kit

    While I agree with you. If Production wants to save money by providing the kit (thanks VER...) then production needs to be responsible for providing the entire kit and accessories for said kit.
  3. When Production doesn’t rent your kit

    Lol, yes they provided headphones. I generally never work without providing my kit. But on this specific production figured if they want to be cheap I’ll let them. I told them that’s like them saying they’ll provide a TV and then expecting me to have the remote and batteries...
  4. Today I’m day playing on a show that refused to rent my kit. There was no coordintaion on gear so I just showed up with no gear. Production has a fully loaded 788 with CL8 and Lectros. Production seemed to think it was strange that I didn’t show up with a harness. I told them. You didn’t rent my kit, so I did t bring accessories. I generally dont don’t work without providing kit. But did for this just because. Out of curiosity how many other mixers bring accessories with them when Production doesn’t rent your kit?
  5. Show me your bag

    Here’s my Maxx Rig. With my new Audioroot BDS.
  6. Show me your bag

    I have a pair of modded 7506. Which have an 3.5mm jack. Its great to not have the cable attached to my headphones. The tiny rig rig is so small. I kinda want to go the earbud route. As the cans are about the same size as the rig.
  7. Show me your bag

    Here’s my Mini rig setup.
  8. Deva 24

    That’s awesome!
  9. Sound Devices Mix Pre 6 With Zax wireless

    I got my mini rig set up in the KTek KSTG Mix bag and a MixPre 6. How are people mounting/ storing the battery/BDS? I was planning on using the pouch for TXs, not nessicarly for battery/BDS storage.
  10. Deva 24

    Look at it on the other side. A manufacturer mentioning a feature that is unique to their product multiple times that is currently not available is in your words “baiting”. Also promoting and marketing a feature that years later still isn’t available ie remix on Nomad. I find it strange to make a flagship product that doesn’t take full advantage of its own companies proprietary features. I love Zaxcom but am just wanting a clear answer about a specific feature.
  11. Deva 24

    Glen talks about a Zaxnet and a Zaxnet TX multiple times in the video. The Deva is Zaxcom’s Flagship Product. Zaxnet is Zaxcoms unique protocol that all/most Zax users take advantage of on a daily basis. A feature which helps separate them from the competition. How am I missing the point? The remix feature has been advertised with Nomad for years... Still isn’t available...
  12. Deva 24

    I have heard those words before... still waiting for the remix feature on Nomad 12.
  13. Deva 24

    So just to confirm no Internal Zaxnet TX on the Deva 24?
  14. I have been using Ediload specifically using EDLs and EdiLoad to conform ProTools sessions. Everyone seems to be currently using Premiere which is an NLE that doesn’t have an option to “Subframe alignment to Broadcast Wav Start time.” ProTools places files on a sample level which can be up to 1 frame off with the guide track. Which can cause very minor sync issues and phasing with the guide track. This can obviously be fixed manually. But would love to have it batch corrected. Is there a way to batch correct this in ProTools?