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  1. ...any rumors about one mini zaxcom like SD mix pre?

    I agree, It makes no sense to have a built in Transmitter and a IFB100/200. The option that made the most sence to me was a max with a CL900. So I could have both the UHF Stereo Transmitter and a Zaxnet Transmitter in 1 unit... It would make more sence to have the on board transmitter be a 2 channel reciever. But with all that said the Maxx and the Camera Link are a great combo.
  2. Lost / Stolen Gear

    Awesome! Glad to hear it turned out somewhat OK!
  3. ZMT3 & PowerRoll

    Yup, I had an TRX3.5LT and it was funky and wouldn't transmit... I sent it in three time under warranty and was told the TRXLT3.5 were having issues and were to be discontinued.
  4. Equipment wishes for 2017

    Zaxcom Maxx with a built in 2 channel receiver instead of transmitter. And 8 AES in
  5. Purchasing 2 mics for film: 8060 w/MZF 8000 & MKH-50?

    Rent both mics and do a couple projects and buy what you like...
  6. Purchasing 2 mics for film: 8060 w/MZF 8000 & MKH-50?

    Remember "better sounding" is objective! I love my 8060 but also love my 416.
  7. Purchasing 2 mics for film: 8060 w/MZF 8000 & MKH-50?

    It sounds like you should go with the 416 and a 50. They are industry standards and are obviously a solid choice.
  8. Which Rycote Zeppelin? Navigating the maze...

    The WS3 with conbox works well for the 8060 with MZF and XLR Module.
  9. Which Rycote Zeppelin? Navigating the maze...

    I have a whole bunch of Rycote WS kits. I have the WS4 (for CMIT5U), WS3(for SPS200 and 8060), WS8 (for 8070), a AE Kit (for M/S setup), and a baby ball gag (for SPS200 and CMC641). Generally I also use super softies for basic things. I have the WS kits for harsher more extreme conditions. They all get used but not as much as the Super Softies. Maybe start there
  10. Purchasing 2 mics for film: 8060 w/MZF 8000 & MKH-50?

    I have all the mics mentioned. I have an 8050 with mzf and an 8060 with a mzf. I use for reality/doc and commercial work and am very happy with the results. I use my Scheops when the shoot/enviroments are predictable and controlled ( generally narrative work). The Scheops (CMIT5u and CMC641) are def superior and more pleasureable to my ear. I started out with a 416. It's a great mic and in my opinion good to have around as a backup.
  11. Camera Hops

    Yeah for about 80% of jobs i just use an ERX for simple scratch/TC. Utilizing the QRX100IFBs when Stereo or higher quality audio to camera is needed/required.
  12. Camera Hops

    I use Zaxcom CL900 for my transmitter. And use QRX100IFBs for the receiver. Also have Zaxcom ERXs for when the camera can't provide power. I love having a single unit that tackles both TC and Audio to camera. Reds have been my greatest hassle to send a stereo mix to. They need a tiny little 4 pin mini lemo (which is very fragile) for TC and 1/8 inch in for audio. I have Wooden Camera A Box and B Boxes. Which then I can use a normal cable setup for (BNC for TC and XLR for Audio.) But the QRX100 only outputs line level and Reds only take Mic Level.... so that's where I'm at with reds. But an ERX on a camera spitting out TC and Audio (with the correct corresponding cable) is by far the easiest way for me to go.
  13. OR311 - For Zaxcom TRXLA transmitters

    The Wandering Ear clips are great! I'm looking forward to trying out the ORCA pouches as well
  14. Advice On Record & Playback Setup in Nomad 10

    I am a Nomad user and am confused by this question...