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  1. Send it in to Sennheiser. I had to send mine into Sennheiser and they swapped my 8060 for a new one.
  2. I use the 12cm super softie
  3. I just picked up an 8070! I am excited to hear it!
  4. My K Tek Articulated pole is internally wired. Does make life easier for long interviews, when you don't have a boom cradle.
  5. I'm happy with my 8060 indoors but I generally use my 8050 indoors.
  6. I love my 8060 I use it more often than any of the other mics I own. But still keep my 416 as well
  7. Will the new A/D converters be used in future TRX LA/LT versions?
  8. I have a Roland R4 Pro (4 Track Recorder with Timecode) and a couple audio technica wireless I'd sell you
  9. Awesome
  10. +1 I use use a Zaxcom Camera Link (CL900) system. I use QRX100IFB on camera But do use ERXs when I can't power a reciever off of camera. Works great!
  11. I sold my Cubs for the 4098s... I honestly wasn't a fan of the Cubs either... bummer
  12. I do intend to use these mics alittle more to see if I grow to appreciate them... Thanks
  13. You might be right. I was very excited to get the Mics, and I'm now a little turned off by them... Wondering ear have you used the 4098 with XLR? Are the results different?
  14. I see what your saying. I spoke with a DPA rep and he didn't seem to think there would be any issue... same with my Trew Audio Rep. Both recomended the Low DC Microdot connecter. I understand that the mic needs 5V but I have read about people using these mics with Zax TRX and no one seemed to be unhappy. I may trade in my Microdots for the XLR Adapters ( to use with TRX742) bc I don't see myself using them with the TRXs if those are the results... BAB414 If you want, PM me and I can give you a clip so you can hear. (I'm not sure if the one I uploaded is working)
  15. Have you tested a 4098 with XLR/phantom power vs a transmitter? If so, did that make a difference?