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  1. I've had my cart for over a year. It comes with me on every gig when I don't need my Cart. The bag itself is amazing. I never use it as a cart though. I Only really for storage/transport. It's very nice to have everything in a single case and be able to set your boom down and strap it in is excellent. Also using the lid as a portable table makes life a little easier on set. My one complaint.... my bags feet have broken. They still work but are weakened. I looked into just ordering those parts and have had no luck... The orca rep told me to glue it... which isn't a very acceptable answer when the bag is less than a year old and is that expensive. But overall I'm a very happy customer and if I had to I would Replace mine if I had to.
  2. +1 for the Stingray bags!
  3. Every system is different. There is nothing wrong with using a high quality all in one machine. Nothing wrong with using external preamps and converters. Each has advantages and disadvantages which are fairly obvious... being size and flexability
  4. I use Powerpax. They are great and cheap
  5. Wow that's cool!
  6. I use my CL900 with my Maxx. I have my CL always rolling. I feed it a stereo Mix Track digitally. But also have used the analog connection (dualXLR to Ta5F.) I also feed it TC (BNC) for TC and Zaxnet commands... For the 235 Ull need whatever connection to camera (usually TA5F to dual XLRM) but I also have TA5F to dual 1/8th for Reds.... youll need a cable properly wired for either TC in or TC out of the 235 (I always use Out) but do have In cables wired just incase(1/8th male to BNC is pretty standard) Last but not least you'll need to power the 235... I use PTap... but if camera doesn't provide power they'll get an ERX for a mono feed + TC...
  7. Today I reformatted the card. Rolled all day and my Maxx never gave me any errors. I mirrored the card and when it came time to dump I found out that the wavs on the card were corrupted... So I used ZaxConvert... I will not use that card again... I'll try tomorrow with different media and see, hopefully it was just a card issue...
  8. I just sent Howy an email
  9. I'm using version 2.36 and have been using it for months with no issues. For the past 3 weeks I've been doing a reality series that I was rolling and mirroring 7 tracks for hours at a time 6 days a week and never had an issue... It was very strange.... I mirrored the file again. And while dumping the files I found that the file was corrupted. Thank god for my backup recordings...
  10. I'm on a job doing basic talking head interview setup. Have a newly formatted CF card in my Maxx and was rolling and mirroring... All the sudden I got warning beeps on my headphones and a blinking Rec light... I tried to stop rolling on the Maxx but had to power down. I saw it closed the MARF file on power up... I have my CL900 and TRXs rolling so I'm all good. But it's pretty strange I've never had this happen before... Very strange...Anyone else ever have this happen?
  11. I have both a 8060 and 8050. I'm interested in getting a long shotgun. I've had a couple recent situations where I felt like it would be beneficial. But I sorta question how much I'd actually use it. For those of you that own a long shotgun how often do you really use it vs a short shotgun? Anyone own both the 8060 and 8070? What's your experience?
  12. I'm currently on a show that is very run and gun. Sometimes we go from 1-8 wires very quickly. I have my stingray bag and am wanting a recommendation on a small run bag or something I can carry extra TX and other small items in. I generally used a backpack meant for camera but that'd be overkill on this one. Thanks
  13. Killer! Thanks
  14. Wanting to get some wind protection for my Sennheiser 8050. Anyone have any other ideas/advise on anything other than a Rycote WS1/WS2 or Ball Gag? Trying to go with something that takes up less space for travel...