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  1. Imac for Protools 10 OR 12 and a 5.1 system?

    I would go with the fastest CPU you can afford... which I believe the faster CPUs are in the larger 27 inch
  2. OT: Best all-round DI box?

    My fav but not cheap is the Avalon u5. Its Killer
  3. Imac for Protools 10 OR 12 and a 5.1 system?

    I’m using a 27 inch I Mac 3.8Ghz with 64 GB of Ram. I’m running HD12 with Thunderbolt Native Hub and an Omni/ HDi/o and C24 with a 5.1 system. it was frustrating having to buy a USBC hub for Thunderbolt. But it works Feel free to ask me a specific question.
  4. Oade Brothers Audio upgrades

    Anyone familiar with Oade Brothers Audio? I have an Edirol R4Pro and am interested in potientally upgrading the mic pres in the unit for the specific purpose of ambisonics recording. Has anyone done an upgrade? https://www.oade.com/index.html
  5. 2.4 GHz amp in bag

    Lol I know what your saying but Comteks sound terriable. And aren’t as useful as ERX.
  6. 2.4 GHz amp in bag

    I don’t plan on using the Amp unless it’s needed. Zaxnet features are amazing but the range leaves something to be desired.
  7. 2.4 GHz amp in bag

    I recently got a 2.4 GHz amp for Zaxnet. But when powering my amp. My QRX200 (connected to my Micplexer 2 with whips) scans show up as very crowded when I pull power to the amp the scans clear up. Anyone else use a 2.4Ghz amp and have any advise/recommendations?
  8. WTB 4 Channel Recorder for Tetrahedral Mic

    I’ve been looking at the Mix Pre 6 as an option. Also been contemplating a 744.
  9. I’m interested in finding a professional small footprint 4 Channel Recorder with 4 nice pres and timecode. Specifically for use with a SPS200. I would like something with nice quiet preamps. Any recommendations?
  10. Bag Cart

    I was recently injured earlier this year in a car accident (broke both legs, right wrist, sternum and ribs) and am trying to take it easy. I’m trying to build a relatively small foot print colapseable bag cart to not have to have my bag strapped to me all day. Yeaterday I was on a job (not using my gear) in a statium and the client had me carry around a fully loaded bag with a crappy Pertol Harness (664/CL-6 in an orca) with 4 411s and 2 Hops just to boom (unusable audio due to music from the statium.) I asked nicely why I can’t just go hardlined to camera (we had a wireless Hop and I gaurentee thatd be what they’d use). But he wanted the wav files???? Ok.... If if I was using my kit I could have easy accomplished this with a Boom, TRX743 RX200 on Camera and ERX for me to monitor. Or this could of been accomplished with a Boom and an H4N on my belt. For complete simplicity... I really like the simplicity and stability of this cart. But would love it if it would collapse. Lol Just wanted to see if anyone had any ideas.

    Is the 175mm windjammer. Work for a WS4?
  12. K-Tek BOOMBOX Treat Yo'self

    Anyone else using this?
  13. Looking Into Buying Zaxcom IFB

    I have an all Zaxcom rig (both Nomad 12 and Maxx, IFB200 and CL900) and do agree that the Zaxnet range is less than desirable without an 2.4ghz amp.
  14. Sony MDR 7506 coiled cable

    How do you keep your coiled cable headphones from becoming a tangled mess?
  15. Zaxnet Slate

    Anyone do any Mods or have any info of the long rumored Zaxnet slate? I have a TS3 and would love to put a ERX inside so it has Zaxnet jam ability. Thanks