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  1. KGraham045

    AATON Cantar Mini VS. Sonosax SX-R4+

    Why don’t you rent each? And test drive them?
  2. I do a TRX 743 Transmitter on bottom of the pole with a KTek Right Angle Adapter
  3. KGraham045

    Show me your bag

    No balanced outputs, only 1 set of outputs eaten up by IFB. Cant use Inputs 5&6 bc It’s 5&6 or TC input.... I liked the Idea, but in reality it’s too simple lol. Not enough Routing options. The K Tek bag just needs a bit more space. Like a space for a battery, BDS and a couple small accessories.
  4. KGraham045

    Show me your bag

    I got a Mix Pre 6 rig to use as a small “tiny rig” While I like certain aspects of the rig (mainly weight) I find it a bit limiting in its feature set... same with the KTek Mixpro bag. While I like the rig and bag, it’s a bit too minimal
  5. KGraham045

    Zaxcom RX4900 Power input

    I’m looking to power a RX4900 off of my cart. What type of power connector does the RX4900 require?
  6. KGraham045

    Zax RX4900 modulations

  7. KGraham045

    Zax RX4900 modulations

    Can Zax RX4900 receive XR modulation?
  8. KGraham045

    Sound Devices Mix Pre 6 With Zax wireless

    I agree, I use the Mix Pre 6 the same way.
  9. KGraham045

    Sound Devices Mix Pre 6 With Zax wireless

    I used the new firmware last week. Seem to be pretty solid. Are used 10 of the 20 added DB on the output. The only thing that was kind of strange I could not get the file transfer Feature to work. I had to manually pull the card to dump media. But that’s not a huge deal
  10. KGraham045

    Rechargeable battery management on location

    I agree, I use powerpax battery caddy’s and if they have the + side facing up then they are ready to go. If they are - facing up then they are dead.
  11. I use the Orca OR Cart for larger productions where I don’t quite know what gear is needed.And the CineBags Revolution BackPack CB25B for gigs that are more simple/prepared.
  12. KGraham045

    Ambient ACD 301RF

    Looking into the Ambient ACD 301RF. Wanting to hear others thoughts. Thanks!
  13. KGraham045

    Smart Slate Preference

    I’ve never been asked. But since we all have metadata. It’d be nice to display it.
  14. KGraham045

    Smart Slate Preference

    I’m looking into getting a new smartslate. I had a TS3 for years. Interested in the Getting something more compact. But as a Zaxcom user. I’ve been waiting for a Zaxnet Slate, so I’m kind of interested in getting a smart slate that can read meta data. Im wandering what others experiences/ preferences are. Thanks!
  15. KGraham045

    Zaxcom Slate

    Any update on a Zaxcom Slate? I’m interested in getting a small compact smart slate solution. It would be great to have a Zaxnet intergrated solution... I’ve heard rumors for year and wandering what’s the hold up. Even a Bluetooth enabled device that could display Zaxnet information would be killer and fairly simple. And maybe you could slide it in and out of a brace/Mount to attach sticks.