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  1. Sound Devices Mix Pre 6 With Zax wireless

    That’s awesome!! That’s what I’m looking at putting together!
  2. I purchased a Sound Devices Mix Pre 6. I am primarily and before the Mix Pre 6 have been exclusively a Zaxcom user. With the small foot print of the Mix Pre 6. Im thinking about putting together a very small minimal portable rig for small interview setups. I just want something I can carry in a backpack very easily. I was originally wanting to go without a BDS to avoid the weight and cables. And just have a bunch of rechargeable Lithium AAs. I was originally planning on having 2 or 3 Zaxcom RX200s as Receivers for their Internal battery power ability. But in order to have Zaxnet/Proper TC I need an IFB or Camera Link system. So overall it makes sence to have a BDS. So I’m leaning that way. Does anyone feed a Mix Pre 6 with Timecode using a Zaxcom IFB200/CL or even QRX with IFB? And does the Mix Pre 6 unbalanced output work fine feeding a Zaxcom IFB200/CL or even QRX with IFB?
  3. Defending your Work

    Just wanting to vent: I have a client who has reached out to me. Here is what their editor is saying/asking: “They are trying to get more audio separation from the CEO and interviewer but we only got one audio track from you and it is stereo instead of two isolated tracks.” I clearly explained that the stereo file I provided was a split mix containing 2 seperate channels “Channel 1 is a different mic and speaker than channel 2. Channel 2 is a different mic and speaker than channel 1” I explained it is a Split mix, and their editor didn’t use the proper audio (Original production sound Audio File) to edit…. I even confirmed this by having them send me an OMF and the orignal production sound file I recorded. (attached is a photo from ProTools) After telling their editor they have isolated channels. And not wanting to do post sound work for free. I got this response back. “We never had this issue before where there was such a bleed, in fact you can clearly hear both of them into each others tracks. Unfortunately this standard is unacceptable for us, we need to work with clear cut tracks with little to no “bleed”.” Here was my response: “I have troubleshooted your issue and provided plenty of explanation. If your unable to work with the files I have provided then my suggestion is to hire a post sound professional who can troubleshoot and address any issues you have.” Out of curiosity would anyone defended their work differently? Or done the post work for free to defend their work?
  4. Defending your Work

    Quick update. The Production company hired me for another job for the same client!
  5. Remoting Nomads Zaxnet Antenna

    Out of curiosity is anyone moving their Zaxnet Antenna to a more accessible location on their bag? I want to remote and mount the Zaxnet antenna on a bag in a more accessible place.
  6. AES Inputs on Mixer/Recorder

    I use Zaxcom gear almost exclusively. AES inputs are extremely important to me. More so than analog inputs. I’m wandering how many other mixers feel the same way? It wander how much smaller/lighter Zaxcom could make a Recorder without Preamps and with only AES inputs. I use a CL and barely ever even use my Analog outputs (except for HP monitoring of course). I use my RX200s for connectivity to cameras with Analog Inputs... Just curious if they could make a Streamlined product that could take full advantage of lightweight digital, and if anyone else thinks this is a good idea.
  7. AES Inputs on Mixer/Recorder

    While I agree with what your saying, I always have a backup Mixer/Recorder with me. So I’d prefer not to have extra weight and expense for something I don’t use.
  8. Zaxcom Bluetooth

    It would be great to have it in all Zaxcom Products. Not just Nomad, Sound Devices even includes it In the more affordable series
  9. Zaxcom Bluetooth

    I recently got a SD MixPre6 for Ambisonic Recordings.One very cool feature about the SD is the Bluetooth/Wingman connectivity. It would be great to see a Zaxcom Device that would have built in Bluetooth connectivity. Would have been cool if the CL3 had Bluetooth built in to be able to Receive Remote Control commands to a Mixer/Recorder from a smart phone. I am aware of the Bluetooth Zaxcom Dongle. Sound Devices was able to put this in their budget friendly line. With Zaxnet being so important to Zaxcom users why not make it useable with a smart phone without having a QRX with IFB? If Sound Devices can do it why cant Zax?
  10. AES Inputs on Mixer/Recorder

    I agree, but it would be great to have a modular or external Preamp A/D or D/A when if needed.
  11. Rycote Mic Protector case

    I would love to have a Backpack like case to carry my WS4, WS4 Extension, A&E Kit and WS3. Don’t need all 4 but would be nice to carry around 2 at a time.
  12. Zaxcom Bluetooth

    Could you build the Zaxnet Dongle Into say a Camera Link or Recorder/Mixer. So we could use Zaxmote without having to purchase a dongle? Or without having to have a QRX with IFB option? i had to drop my bag In a car yesterday on a reality show. Talent locked the picture Car ran inside for an hour and I had to leave my nomad Recording for an hour. It would be great to be able to cut/roll remotely with a smartphone It would be great to also be able to see metering. As that’s how I knew if talent was coming back to the vehicle. And I could’ve been able to start rolling again without having to bother talent once I saw signal on my smartphone
  13. Defending your Work

    They had both ISOs in the stereo poly file I gave them... They were even somehow confused that you could hear both speakers on each others mics. (They we’re sitting maybe 4- 5 feet from each other)
  14. Rycote Mic Protector case

    I wonder if Rycote will release a storage/transportation solution for the WS.
  15. Defending your Work

    Yup! Of course I asked! I was originally told single person interview, 2 camera shoot. I show up it’s a 3 Camera shoot and 2 people on screen...
  16. Defending your Work

    2 Cameras (A Cam, B Cam) had RX200s (Stereo Split Mixes) and 1 Camera (C Camera) had an ERX (Mono Mix) with TC jammed on all cameras. All of that was explained to them on set and after. (I wasn’t told it was a 3 Camera shoot until I showed up.) .....
  17. Zaxcom Automix with constant boom

    +1 I agree
  18. Zaxcom Automix with constant boom

    I generally try not to use automix but when I do I generally route all the Wires to one track with automix and have your boom routed post fader on another track.
  19. Defending your Work

    Lol, I’ve had that happen before too. Thanks everyone
  20. Defending your Work

    Exactly. I explained all of that and was told.... “We’ll definitely hire a professional next time.“ Oh well...
  21. Defending your Work

    In hindsight I could have split the file, but originally they claimed I did not give them isolated channels (Which the editor pointed out “was requested”). I originally wanted them to realize they had what they are asking for...and could take a moment to learn before sending out a chain email that I didn’t provide what was requested. And is pretty standard and intuitive in a 2 person interview setup. I told them they could “Use Premiere To Split the file.” and provided a link.
  22. Defending your Work

    It was an interview with a CEO of a huge company. 10 people on set had IFBs (director/producer/client) and were watching video village. Unless there is a technical issue (or it’s completely unusable) it’s up to the director/producer/client. The audio I provided is 100% professional and represents what happened in the interview and is completely useable in the edit. It was a 3 Camera shoot (2 singles and a wide) I’m just frustrated that they hire and employ an editor who doesn’t know how to properly implement audio and tried to throw me under the bus.
  23. Defending your Work

    It’s very obvious their editor doesn’t understand how to work with audio and is trying to throw someone under the bus due to their lack post sound knowledge/ post sound abilities.
  24. Defending your Work

    Yes! That’s exactly it! Here’s part of their original concern.... “The client is asking to remove some specific sounds the interviewer is making while the CEO is talking. Since both tracks appear to be mixed together we can’t fully solve the problem.” “We are in a bit of a time crunch for this, client is high profile and wants to see this done by today eod, tomorrow at the latest.” So my thought is if it’s a “high profile client” and the project is in need of a time crunch. They should offer to pay for work/expertise. Not expect a professional to work on it for free. Or play the blame game to get free work
  25. Zaxcom TRXCL3

    I don’t use the TRX743 in my bag. As I do use the CL900. But do own 2 TRX743. But I do have a FDP and would use it on the 743 if I used it in my bag. Both the Camera Link and the TRX 743 are 2 of my favorite pieces of Zax gear. I would just rather have another TRX743 in my kit rather than a wide band Camera Link. As the Wideband Camera Link accomplishes very little in terms of functionality and versitility that new products usually offer...