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  1. I use the Orca OR Cart for larger productions where I don’t quite know what gear is needed.And the CineBags Revolution BackPack CB25B for gigs that are more simple/prepared.
  2. KGraham045

    Ambient ACD 301RF

    Looking into the Ambient ACD 301RF. Wanting to hear others thoughts. Thanks!
  3. KGraham045

    Smart Slate Preference

    I’m looking into getting a new smartslate. I had a TS3 for years. Interested in the Getting something more compact. But as a Zaxcom user. I’ve been waiting for a Zaxnet Slate, so I’m kind of interested in getting a smart slate that can read meta data. Im wandering what others experiences/ preferences are. Thanks!
  4. KGraham045

    Smart Slate Preference

    I’ve never been asked. But since we all have metadata. It’d be nice to display it.
  5. KGraham045

    Zaxcom Slate

    Any update on a Zaxcom Slate? I’m interested in getting a small compact smart slate solution. It would be great to have a Zaxnet intergrated solution... I’ve heard rumors for year and wandering what’s the hold up. Even a Bluetooth enabled device that could display Zaxnet information would be killer and fairly simple. And maybe you could slide it in and out of a brace/Mount to attach sticks.
  6. KGraham045

    Nomad resets timecode, date, time, etc. on power down

    I weirdly have the same issue
  7. While I agree and I absoultely cover scenes with the least amount of sources I can. I can’t tell you how many times when an AD sends talent to me to be wired without even asking me. And they just assume everyone needs to be wired. The main question I get asked about my kit is “How many Lavs do you have?” It’s crazy, but inexperienced poorly planned productions sees wiring talent as a quick process that allows them to do whatever they want without preparation or consideration of camera placement, light placement or even coverage... etc...
  8. KGraham045

    Powering SD Mixpre 6 from Hi Q 48 WH

    I’ve tried having the Mix Pre 6 off, QRXs off, Micplexer off. Nothing seems to remedy the situation. Anyone able to power a MicPlexer 1 off of a Remote Audio 48wh Hi Q battery? The 98wh Hi Q battery powers it fine But the 48wh keeps tripping my Remote Audio BDS V4U. (I’ve swapped all cables, and have narrowed it down to the Micplexer 1) I’m trying to narrow down my troubleshooting to my specific unit (I bought the Micplexer 1 used) Thanks!
  9. KGraham045

    Powering SD Mixpre 6 from Hi Q 48 WH

    I have a Mix Pre 6 Rig with a MX Powersled. With 2 Zax QRX100 (1 QIFB) and Mic Plexer 1. All powered by a Remote Audio Hi Q 48wh battery using a Remote Audio BDSv4u. Sometimes the 48wh battery powers all of them fine. Sometimes the BDS shuts down on power up. And will be able to power up within a couple minutes. Anyone have experience with this, or an easy way to remedy the problem without using the 98wh batteries?
  10. But Producers always ask to wire everyone and they are the ones paying the bills... More often than not it feels like a producer would rather have another wire than another boom.... and if you say anything regarding boom placement their response is “aren’t they wired?”
  11. KGraham045

    L.A. Soundies: Mileage "zone" question

    That’s funny, I just had a job send me a deal memo with 30 mile radius crap... anything to save $15. I Guess...
  12. KGraham045

    Zaxcom TRXCL3

    I haven’t Tried to Mod. Just seen it in posts.
  13. KGraham045

    Zaxcom TRXCL3

    I agree that you could bongo tie an NP1 for power. My thought is that a new updated product should do more than just be wide band if it costs 2k+. And it seems it’s positioned at the customer base that already owns a Camera Link system. Especially when even with the 600mhz auction they don’t want to reblock Camera Links... but they basically release the same product... Anyways thats another reason I was saying I’d prefer another 743 over a CL3 for the price b/c of the 743s versatility over a CL3 at the price.
  14. KGraham045

    Zaxcom TRXCL3

    I keep TRX900AA for the modular ability to have a stereo Line level Transmitter. It’d be cool to be able to pull the CL out of my bag, pop in some batteries and select either analog or digital and plug in to a board. Rather than have a TRX900, Stereo Analog adapter, Stereo Digital adapter. Etc...
  15. KGraham045

    Zaxcom TRXCL3

    Honestly, it’s be great to be Battery Powered... so I could take a Mix from a console at an event and send it to my bag... and Maybe Stereo UHF IFB... maybe Bluetooth functionality like the Wingman app...
  16. KGraham045

    Zaxcom TRXCL3

    Depends on what your wanting to do. Are you talking about QRX235 with IFB option? Vs an RX200?? QRX235 Cons Needs External Power Only Covers 1 block Pros Has IFB Can do 4 channels from 2 TX. RX200 Cons No IFB Can do 2 Channels from 1 TX Pros Can be Internally Powered Covers Blk 20-26
  17. KGraham045

    MKH 8000 series Finish

    I own quite a few 8000 series mics. My Sennheiser 8000 Series finish is starting to peel. Just wandering if anyone has had any luck combating it. Thanks
  18. Depends on what you route to the outputs....
  19. KGraham045

    MKH 8000 series Finish

    I use Sennheiser MKH8000 series on my general day to day work. I take very good care of my mics. I’ve had this MkH8060 for 2 years. Nothing out of the oridinary has happened. I take the mic in and out of my Rycote Mount But am always careful not to dent or chip the paint . The paint just started to chip. I’m trying to combat it, but obviously if it starts it’s going to progress. No cleaner or anything
  20. KGraham045

    MKH 8000 series Finish

    I got this response “Thank you for contacting the Service Department. Unfortunately, there is no warranty for the finish or paint on a product. We do not paint or do cosmetic work for microphones. I apologize for the inconvenience. “
  21. KGraham045

    Stereo Mix - scripted series

    I have been asked to do this before. It’s basically a post fader sum of the radios or post fader sum of the boom(s). All good if they are going to remix it anyway makes your job easier. Just give them what they want...lol
  22. KGraham045

    SONY MDR-7506

    I had the jack installed on my 7506s. I love it. It’s nice to keep the cable with my bag but be able to store the headphones spereatly. Plus, it allows for versatility with any length or any cable.
  23. KGraham045

    Withholding Audio Files

    Out of curiosity, how many mixer have withheld audio files from Production in order for a wrong to be corrected? For instance, Im on a shoot. For which I was solidly booked for 5 days for over a week in advance. Production calls wiithin less than 24 hours to cancel the first day by saying they sent out an email and had my email address incorrect. (But had a text message with my correct email written out) I talk with the local cam op, and he tells me they have him the same excuse. ( but had emailed him previously.) Production then decides to cancel the B Cam, PA etc for the last day of the shoot through an email at lunch the day prior... But sends out a call sheet to the entire crew (including the crew that was canceled on) with listed calltimes for the entire crew but me. I emailed the line producer and got a call sheet back with me on it and the other crew removed. Anyone had any success with the threat of withholding audio? It’s the only leverage I have.
  24. KGraham045

    Withholding Audio Files

    They did tell the other crew that they were not going to pay them for todays cancelation. Which I’m assuming means they are planning not to pay me for the cancelation from earlier this week.
  25. KGraham045

    Molle Radio Pouch for QRX/Micplexer

    I picked up 2 of these. They snugly will fit a QRX100. https://www.foxoutdoor.com/ItemDetails.aspx?win=&cid=1&ccid=3&cscid=1470