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  1. The Wandering Ear clips are great! I'm looking forward to trying out the ORCA pouches as well
  2. I am a Nomad user and am confused by this question...
  3. Anyone Have any other Ideas/Mods? I have 2 TRX 742s and both have been very well cared for but from Normal usage both have had to be repaired, because of the loose XLR connection. I know I saw a pic of a modified TRX742 with a locking XLR on here but I can't find the link though.
  4. I have a Maxx and a Nomad 12. But generally use the Maxx with a Camera Link for bag work. My Hops are QRX100IFBs. Wherever TC doesn't work on camera it's usually a couple of reasons. (I always have an extra ERX for TC and Scratch Audio just incase the camera can't power the QRX100IFB and helps Troubleshoot just incase) 1. The camera and the QRX100IFB TC frame rates don't match. 2. Broken/ or incorrectly wired Cable (QRX100IFB has to wired for In or Out.) 3. The cameras TC I/O is broken. 4. Both the CL900 and Maxx have to be set to the same and matching TC as the camera. Out of curiosity, can your Maxx read the TC from the RX200 (from the CL900)? Also, are you sure both the camera and the Maxx and CL900 were set to DF?
  5. I use my Maxx and a Soundfield SPS200. I've found that just routing a couple capsules L and a couple R works just fine.
  6. I am on a shoot with a Wooden Camera A Box (XLR) and B Box (BNC) to make the camera have more common Audio and TC connections. But Since the QRX100IFB only outputs Line lvl. I need a TA5F to Dual XLR Male with an online attenator. I can't find a link online to a stock cable. Can anyone help me out?
  7. I got a 8070 with the High Pass Filter. I'm looking into putting it in a Rycote WS8. But wandering what other options people are using. Thanks
  8. I've had the same issue once before. Did you power down/ power up your Maxx before recording the final file? My Maxx was fine and then was powered up after lunch. And all the files were recorded at a crazy wrong sample rate (obviously it sounded fine as while monitoring the recordings)... like 42k. But I had multiple backups as well (using my TRXs). I was going digitally out to my CL900 and it auto converted it to 48k. But was strange.... I talked with Howy at Zaxcom it just seemed like the Maxx clock just didn't boot up to the correct speed... I've used the machine with the same card since then and it's been fine
  9. I have been using whips with my Zaxcom Qrx100s and Mic Plexer 2 and want better range and am interested in getting some Dipole antennas ( any specific recommends?). I Know this has been covered before (I'm having a little trouble finding exactly what I'm looking for) but before I buy them just wanting to ask if anyone has any tips and or pictures of how they've had success and how they mount them to their harness or get them out of the bag as I mainly do bag work.
  10. Hey, I have a strange request. I need some footage of sound department. specifically examples showing how physically demanding the job is. Can anyone point me to a couple examples?
  11. Cool! Thanks!
  12. Can you upload a pic of your 8050? I wasn't aware that they had updated versions with the metal ring. (My 8060 has been updated and has a metal ring.) but both my 8050 and 8070 do not
  13. Send it in to Sennheiser. I had to send mine into Sennheiser and they swapped my 8060 for a new one.
  14. I use the 12cm super softie
  15. I have both a 8060 and 8050. I'm interested in getting a long shotgun. I've had a couple recent situations where I felt like it would be beneficial. But I sorta question how much I'd actually use it. For those of you that own a long shotgun how often do you really use it vs a short shotgun? Anyone own both the 8060 and 8070? What's your experience?
  16. I just picked up an 8070! I am excited to hear it!
  17. My K Tek Articulated pole is internally wired. Does make life easier for long interviews, when you don't have a boom cradle.
  18. I'm happy with my 8060 indoors but I generally use my 8050 indoors.
  19. I am interested in the OrCart. I am primarily looking for a large case to bring to shorter gigs instead of having multiple pelican cases etc... Anyone Use the OrCart?
  20. I love my 8060 I use it more often than any of the other mics I own. But still keep my 416 as well
  21. Will the new A/D converters be used in future TRX LA/LT versions?
  22. I have a Roland R4 Pro (4 Track Recorder with Timecode) and a couple audio technica wireless I'd sell you
  23. Awesome
  24. I just got 2 DPA 4098s with Zaxcom (Low DC) microdot connectors... I was doing extremely basic talking head interview on a sound stage so I put up my CMC641 plugged in to a TRX742 and just to be able to test a 4098 I bongo tied a TRX2.5 with the 4098. The Scheops sounded brilliant as always but the 4098 has a noise floor that in no way is acceptable... This is my first experience with a DPA product. Anyone else's have this issue, specifically with Zax TRX? I will upload a clip when I get a chance.