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  1. Hey all, just wanted to let you know my button-down lav mounts are now available at Pro Sound. You can get them in black or white for the COS-11, DPA 4060 series, or B6. http://www.pro-sound.com/p/SABEMICMOUNT.html I made these to deal with a really awful work shirt on a show I've been on this summer. Starchy, crackly and dense, it responded weakly to some of my favorite tricks but was still a pain. I had the idea to brute-force a solution that would give the mic some clearance and also create a dead space in the shirt, movement-wise. I tried a couple of different materials and this is the result. The mounts are very flexible, vibration-absorbent, and strong - they hold up to a lot of abuse. I use the COS-11 version every day on this show and it's been a lifesaver. It doesn't prevent truly awful things like arm-crossing, but normal movement is now totally acceptable in my case. I recommend using it vertically, between the shirt buttons near the solar plexus, so the mic is barely hidden. You can use 1/2" Topstick, or Joe's Sticky Stuff if you need extra isolation. The mic comes out at an angle because I like the way it sounds better than purely horizontal. Any questions please ask! Thanks, Abe
  2. The sound person's most loved . . or most hated . . burger place (had it in Japan - really good!)
  3. Found the burger chain for sound people

    Yeah they had a local beef burger when I was there, it was excellent. Also impressive how the food looked exactly like the advertisements.
  4. Sound Blankets vs Thick Blankets

    There's an old internet adage about feeding trolls . . I think Nietzsche actually said it first. Something about looking into the abyss.
  5. http://www.psypost.org/2016/09/researchers-find-evidence-hidden-hearing-loss-college-age-human-subjects-44892 I have definitely noticed this increase over time (difficulty picking out words in noisy rooms). Wonder if it's from blasting my headphones in noisy locations. (Probably.) Good to know it's being studied.
  6. Abetek Button-down Mounts now shipping

    You understood correctly! I was fooled by the little dot on the mic body, and DPA's note that the diaphragm runs "perpendicular to the cable". In three dimensions there are two solutions to that statement, and only one is true. This makes designing the mount a much simpler task. Thanks.
  7. Abetek Button-down Mounts now shipping

    Yep, I've been testing different solutions. The form factor of this mount is tricky for a side-address mic. Right now I'm testing a design where the mic faces front - this keeps the size roughly the same as the COS-11 mounts. The issue is then that you can't use tape front & center of the mount - you might as well bury the mic under a leather jacket. I'm also still working on the compromise between firmly holding the mic in place and acoustic transparency. Facing the grille of the mic to the side, the way the other mounts are designed, is bulky and unattractive so far. Thanks for asking. Would anyone be interested in beta testing the current solution (once I make a couple of revisions this weekend)? If so please PM me your address and I'll send you one.
  8. Old guys still rockin'

    This may not be entirely age-related. . .
  9. Abetek Button-down Mounts now shipping

    Thanks Peter! Peter's been kind enough to distribute the mounts in Australia on his own . . very nice guy.
  10. Abetek Button-down Mounts now shipping

    Pink Noise in the UK has become a dealer of these mounts as well. Many thanks guys! http://www.pinknoise-systems.co.uk/abetek-buttondown-lavalier-mount-mic-concealer.html
  11. Tiny antenna for Nomad?

    Thanks for the info Jose. Looking forward to it. Wonder what the price point will be.
  12. Tiny antenna for Nomad?

    Cool! It's an active amp, right? Hirose powered? Any range tests? I'm sure I'm not the only one who's been looking for something like this.
  13. Tiny antenna for Nomad?

    Can you post a link? Not finding much with searches.
  14. Moving to New York from Amsterdam

    That's convenient, I'm just a bit south of there (Kensington). There are a wealth of cafes and bars in the area. Let me know when you're around, it won't be hard to pick a place.
  15. Camera Hop Hell

    Macs and Windows have a similar process by which developers pay to make those warnings go away. Ostensibly the OS architect audits the software as well. It's not always practical for a small group to go through that process. I believe if you go to your Security settings you'll find a box to check that says something like "let unauthorized software run roughshod over my system". Unless you want to use your IFB transmitter as your primary recorder, you won't have to convert anything. If you do, you'll need a laptop with Zaxconvert on it. Oh, and the Glenn who wrote you was Glenn Sanders, CEO of Zaxcom.
  16. Camera Hop Hell

    To me, sound quality is comparable, as long as you don't hit the limiters. It's the frequency scanning and RFI protection that you lose out on. (Although I believe Larry Sanders can be found here saying that the UCR100 is about on par with a G2/G3, rejection-wise.) 9Vs are great. Don't hate.
  17. Camera Hop Hell

    No prob!
  18. Camera Hop Hell

    I have a Nomad so it's integrated, but yeah, it's been great for me. The range isn't amazing in a bag, but for doc stuff like you're describing, same room type of gig, it's been very reliable. I have erx2s but I think the fancy new screen is the only difference from 2 to 3.
  19. Camera Hop Hell

    They actually beat Lectro to wideband. The QRX200 /TRXLA2 on do about 100 MHz each. Great system. They have been coming out with a lot of stuff lately, but it's almost all backward compatible. The IFB100/200 would give you Zaxnet, which is what would get you to the ERXs. 2.4G system - not perfect but it's been great for me. There are almost always holes and you can scan with any android phone.
  20. Camera Hop Hell

    Ah yes re:SRs. Makes sense. Another path is a Zaxcom IFB transmitter and ERX receivers. I assume you don't have a Nomad/Maxx, otherwise you'd just need the ERXs. That's not going to be that expensive, and it's the cheapest setup to expand. Plus, timecode. I love my ERXs for hops.
  21. Camera Hop Hell

    Where do you do most of your work? Outside of major cities I've had good luck with G2/G3. In NYC where I do most of my work it's a crap shoot and I've long ago sold mine. Maybe I'm misreading your wording but you'd only need one SR receiver for your two TX. The SR series receives two channels. If you only need the one channel, you could try LMb/LR, or even any newer transmitter and an IFB receiver.
  22. Moving to New York from Amsterdam

    Welcome Dennis! I'd be happy to. Pm me your email. Where will you be living?
  23. Sound report importance

    I do the Nomad sound report, but also put as much data into the filename and metadata as I can. On doc stuff, beyond creating a dated folder, usually I have latitude on filenames, so I'll call them WILD-JESSE_T01, or OFFICE, whatever. Boom tracks are BOOM1-MKH50 in the metadata. Lavs are MIA-ZAX-COS11. I've never heard whether anybody has noticed this, but I've also never heard that my files are missing, so. .no news is good news?
  24. Text entry problem

    Working for me now, thanks!
  25. Portabrace ATV633

    Kind of disappointed, was hoping for a Portabrace all-terrain vehicle.