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    I have been in the film industry since 1995 and have a multitude of production experiences ranging from film shorts, commercial, ENG/Reality TV, feature films and more. My expertise is in production sound as a sound mixer and boom operator.

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  1. Boom Stand

    That is rather cool. Makes me want to create one of those. Is a lot of that machined parts?
  2. Listen Tech LR-400 vs Comtek PR-216

    I have an LT 400 216 receiver for sale. I used to use them with Comtek. They are compatible. I still have one left for sale.
  3. I would love an excuse to travel to Charleston, NC. Get me out of Florida!!!
  4. DIY external bag cart battery

    Well, it's in the idea stages just right now. I got to get some cash first before I can build it. But I will get with you when I am closer. Thanks.
  5. DIY external bag cart battery

    Yes, and in the future, I am adding a few more things, possibly. I'd also like to be able to have a USB charge station and possibly have a way to power a video monitor and maybe my laptop. For now just what's in the bag. Of course, I will keep primarily bag powered. I'm thinking more along the lines of having a backup power in situations where I can't charge my bag batteries and I am on a cart. It does happen sometimes.
  6. DIY external bag cart battery

    Pretty sweet. Sounds heavier than I wanted but it looks like a quality build.
  7. I have been wanting to build an external battery to use with my Zaxcom bag rig consisting of a Nomad 10 and Zax wires (QrX200 and 2 TRX's) for days when I am not needing to carry the bag and I can use my small cart. I'd like to keep in a small pelican type case and I am thinking along the lines of making it so I can power to my BDS so it would be a fast switch over from my bag batteries. I've been doing my own research around and trying to figure out the right setup when it comes to voltage, watts, amps, etc. I am a complete amateur at this so please forgive my ignorance. Like I said I have done some research but I wanted to also get some advice from the great sound community we have here. I have also tried to seek out past posts on here but haven't really found quite what I am looking for. I did find this post that seemed promising. http://jwsoundgroup.net/index.php?/topic/9087-dc-pelican-battery/& Your vast and valuable knowledge is most appreciated. Thanks.
  8. Cheapo boom pole

  9. Cheapo boom pole

    Never thought an unsolicited testimonial would become the obsession of the year. Who knew?
  10. Cheapo boom pole

    Nope. My comment was a comment from this one from John Blankenship only Constantin said: Hopefully, that was the Chinese one!" Still, like most things, I carry backups for Justin. ...Justin Case." Then I commented from John: "I have 2 of the Walmart ones for years now. They're fantastic and I've never had one break on me. "
  11. Cheapo boom pole

    You'll have to go back in the thread. My comment long ago was not at all talking about that product. That's a whole different product and that's a more original design. That one is also incredible. My comment was simply a comment on someone else's comment about that one. Hard to explain but if you go back to my OP then you'll see why I commented. Mine was just a confirmation about the other boom holder.
  12. Cheapo boom pole

    No worries. I just don't even see a personal issue with purchasing things at Walmart. I know there is a political issue larger than I care to discuss because I don't disagree with them about the hatred of Walmart. I'm just not really boycotting them either. I shop there from time to time. In all honesty, I ran across the item one day while I was there buying materials to change my oil as I do a lot of my own car repair and maintenance and find Walmart a real bargain compared to auto retail stores. I can change my oil on my car for less than $20 sometimes and that's using synthetic. But I digress. I still don't see why anyone who can use an item bought somewhere else that can do the same job is considered bad. Yes, I know there is an inherent loyalty to the usual suspects but if you are providing a great service to your clients then I see no real harm. If it's a personal nerve hitting issue because it's Walmart, well for those with that issue, a simple solution is to pretend I said Stuckey's Grab N' Go instead. In reality, it doesn't matter as in the end you still have to provide, when it's all said and done, a bottom line quality product to your client. I personally don't care where or how anyone does it. No one person can control how, where and what people buy to do their job. All you can control is your own destiny. No apologies needed. This isn't my first rodeo.
  13. Cheapo boom pole

    I didn't think my one comment needed defending but apparently, it did. You weren't at all the culprit however, I'm only defensive because apparently, I must have been on the offense. Again, all I said was my boom caddy that I happen to get from the offensive place that being the mart Ala Wal has been good to me. Apparently, I committed a great sin that I didn't purposely pay double the amount and order form a so-called approved list. Well, that loss was my gain. Never took any insult nor am, I upset in any way. Yes, I love kind debate. I mean to each his or her own but if you can save a dollar here or there and not sacrifice quality I say why not? I think I made extremely clear I'm doing that albeit some on here have a different philosophy. That's cool too.
  14. Cheapo boom pole

    I agree john. I have no idea why anyone would be debating me. All I said was "I have 2 of the Walmart ones for years now. They're fantastic and I've never had one break on me.". Just a fact. I guess it needed to be demonized. Go figure. They think because I might buy one negligible item at a place outside the usual suspects that I must be buying nothing but cheap equipment promoting some sort of ulterior movement. 95% of the equipment I buy is Zaxcom, Sennheiser, Remote Audio, Inspired Energy, K-Tek boom poles and Stingray bag and harness, and many other items from many of the major pro-audio brands. Most via Gotham, Trew Audio, Pro-Sound, TAI Audio, and many more places. However, I got my Sennheiser MKH 416 on Craigslist because it was $600 and at the time they were still going for $1000. Sorry, I got a deal and it worked out for me. I got my Zaxcom wireless via another sound mixer right here on JWSound and not brand new via a company we all know. My Nomad was brand new from Gotham. My boom pole brand new via a company off of eBay. Many of my cables are specialty and purchased via many different places most likely because of best price although a few locally purchased at TAI Audio because they had to be made and I saved on shipping. I'm not at all or even close to the financial level as many on here so I find deals and bargains. I see many in our people have a problem with that...too bad. You don't pay my mortgage or my wife's enormous student loans. I know many in our field are successful and have the glorious liberties to buy equipment like they're buying M & M's. I can't. I don't have multiple packages but I am a 23 year sound mixer and well liked in my market. That's good enough for me. Not a rant by the way. However, apparently, this needed to be explained because of one small post letting people know my one purchase at Walmart was justified. Go figure. "I agree, let's forget Walmart, but you are still giving money to who knows where. Better buy from your trusted sound shop. Even at a slightly elevated cost. Then you also guarantee what you are paying for. Why settle for cheap knock offs? It's all fun and games until a boom falls on talent. But like you said, to each his own." Agreed. I own a K-Tek boom pole and 95% of my gear is all the brands' people here know and trust. I'm not promoting that. I don't know why or where people got that impression because I said that my 2 boom pole holders that happen to have purchased at Walmart (Mainly because it's 2 minutes from my house and under $10) and worked out well for several years now. I was lucky I know. I still don't get the debate.