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  1. Dang, I didn't make into most of the photos. I know I was there. The panoramic group shot I think has my shoulder and arm but I'm buried behind someone on the very left side of the image. Glad to have been able to finally make a RAMPS Party. It was a really rewarding experience meeting so many talented soundies. Thanks Jeff for your hospitality and taking the time to speaking with me.
  2. I RSVP'd a while ago and hopefully, you have it. I was less sure back then but I will be at the party for sure. It will be my first time meeting everyone but not my first time at NAB. The last one I attended was 2006. I look forward to meeting you Jeff as I've been a fan of you and your father's work for quite some time. Very excited.
  3. I'm in Orlando. Does it have to be a 633? I own a Zaxcom 10 and wireless and it's more than a comparable machine. Do you know the rate and if they are paying for travel?
  4. Just announced.... $1775 and they're taking pre-orders now And for more detailed explanation Glen has this to say....
  5. Well, that does make for a slight con to the product but in all honesty I don't always get requests to have both and/or I will be purchasing a separate TC device such as a Tentacle to deliver TC to camera. However, now I'm back to pondering a decision. Still a cool product.
  6. Yes. Kind of in a sense what I'm thinking. I think I might consider these more when I get closer to pulling the trigger.
  7. Just curious. Do you think this is a good replacement to getting TRXLA and LT's as an "all-in-one"? I know that it all depends on the situation and amount of work you do but if say you were trying to make a more efficient upgrade of gear and had a budget do you think this could be an interesting product to have as some transmitters for talent and maybe use one or two for IFB situations? I guess I am wondering how much pro vs. con is this product compared to the other transmitters and ERX's from Zaxcom. I apologize for the poorly worded question but I figured the worst I'll get is some funny comments. Thanks all of you.
  8. Not to sound like an idiot but wouldn't some gaff tape maybe help form accidents? Or is it really not that "accidental"?
  9. Would love to do a gig in Atlanta. I doubt there paying for travel.
  10. I did as well. QRX200 and ERX. I was on a commercial and my boom op colleague who also mixes in town brought his setup of Zax wireless. I just mentioned the ERX because of the above comment. I've always loved Zaxcom wireless but have had a hard time getting them because of price. Well worth the price but my market hasn't really been able to get the finances for a complete setup. I may be getting a Zax setup later this year. Long story but I was sold on the Nomad (I was considering getting a SD 644 originally) via colleagues in town, lighter than most of the other recorders and Neverclip. Have been going back and forth between selling the unit and getting a 633 and/or keeping it and going ahead and having Zax taking all my money. It is a freakin' nice set of wireless they made. Love remote gain and freq change all from the recording unit. What a great concept. Didn't have to touch talents transmitter at all. We even had a Zax TRX742 and everything work flawlessly. Except one caveat. I wasn't used to using Zaxnet on my recorder and was gaining up the wrong transmitter. Learning curve. Oops. My boom op was wondering why his mic was sounding louder and louder.
  11. Just used an ERX for the first time. I own a Nomad but I do not have any Zaxcom wireless and it blew me away that you could use a receiver with having to buy an additional transmitter. Merely sending from the recorder via Zaxnet. I mean I've read a lot of the literature but when you actually use it on a job, it really sinks in. Why would camera people be turning it off though?
  12. Just read the April 2016 issue of AC magazine. What a great write-up on both Vilmos Zsigmond and Haskell Wexler.
  13. Apparently as well I'm getting damn near decrepit because I didn't see the North Hollywood part of it.
  14. Thanks. My bad. I totally glossed over the phone number. I had my blinders on with the low rate. Thanks again.
  15. Sorry if I missed this but in what area is this job?